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                  Unfair Advantage Subscription Order Form
The CSI Data Retrieval Service provides data to individual investors, market professionals and commercial accounts
through three different subscription services. Use this form for "Personal and Private Use" and "Professional Edition"
accounts, which use CSI's Unfair Advantage® (UA) software for data retrieval. (Commercial subscribers who will be
using FTP data transfers should contact the CSI Corporate Accounts Department for individualized pricing.)
A. Account Type - The first step in beginning your CSI subscription is to decide which type of account you will use.
Please select your desired account type from the two choices below:
   Personal and Private Use - A "Personal and Private Use" subscription allows you to use UA to process up to 59 futures
    or options markets, and/or an unlimited quantity of stocks, indexes and funds daily. Although you may view any of the
    800+ futures (120+ options) markets supplied, there will be an extra charge if cumulative use through your UA
    portfolio, MarketScanner™ and API exceeds 59 per day. All markets except options are provided with up to ten years
    of historical data. One year of historical data is accessible for options. Additional historical data is available for a fee
    as indicated on the order form (see reverse). This type of account meets the needs of most individual investors. No
    sharing, networking or business use is permitted, as indicated in the CSI License Agreement.
   Professional Edition - CSI offers a Professional Edition of Unfair Advantage that includes unlimited market
    coverage in both scope and historical depth, except options history, which is limited to one year. This subscription is
    suitable for extensive personal research, business purposes and/or usage by multiple parties. Website presentation
    and redistribution of data are not permitted with this account type. (See the CSI License Agreement for details.)
B. License Fee - Every subscriber must pay a one-time License Fee, which is based on the account type and Market
Categories updated. If multiple Market Categories are chosen, the License Fees are cumulative. Please check the desired
Market Categories and enter the appropriate License Fee for each at right. Enter your Total License Fee below.
            Market Categories                   Personal and Private Use            Professional Edition                One-Time
            Check all that Apply                                                                                      License Fee(s)
  North American Futures                                  $60                             $290
  Foreign Futures                                         $99                             $450
  World Futures (U.S.+Foreign)                           $135                             $590
  U.S. Stocks & Indices                                   $40                             $190
  Non-U.S. Stocks & Non-U.S. Indices                      $60                             $290
  World Options                                          $175                             $750
  Mutual Funds                                            $40                             $190
  Budget Market Mix                                       $50                              NA
  All Market Categories                                   NA                             $1,490
 Total License Fee                                                                                                $
 ## The Budget Market Mix includes all contracts of 15 futures markets and 50 stocks or indices of your choice.

C. Service Prepayment - When opening an account, a prepayment is required for either your first month of service at
the month-by-month rate or for a full year of service at the annual rate, which provides a 20% discount. Select all the
Market Categories that apply (same as above) and enter the corresponding rate. Enter your Total Service Prepayment below.
                                                    Personal & Private Use                 Professional Edition              Enter Your
                                                Month-By-                             Month-By-                               Service
                 Offerings                                         Annual Rate                             Annual Rate        Payment
                                                Month Rate                            Month Rate
  North American Futures                       $32.62/mo            $313/yr           $326/mo              $3,132/yr
  Foreign Futures                              $37.50/mo            $360/yr           $375/mo              $3,600/yr
  World Futures (U.S.+Foreign)                 $56.25/mo            $540/yr           $562/mo              $5,400/yr
  U.S. Stocks & Indices                        $21.37/mo            $205/yr           $214/mo              $2,052/yr
  Non-U.S. Stocks & Non-U.S. Indices           $25.00/mo            $240/yr           $250/mo              $2,400/yr
  World Options                                $49.50/mo            $475/yr           $495/mo              $4,752/yr
  Mutual Funds                                 $14.62/mo            $140/yr           $146/mo              $1,404/yr
  Budget Market Mix                            $30.00/mo            $288/yr              N/A                  N/A
  All Market Categories                           N/A                N/A              1,263/mo            $12,132/yr
 Total Service Prepayment                                                                                                   $
 # To qualify for monthly invoicing, these categories must be combined with at least one other category.
Unfair Advantage Subscription Form (page 2)

D. Extended Market Coverage & Exchange Fees - If more than 59 futures or options markets are processed by
Personal and Private Use accounts on any given day, extra monthly fees apply. Check your desired Market Categories and
then enter the quantity of markets in excess of 59 you will update. Multiply that times the number of months you are
paying for initially (1 or 12). Enter the totals. Exchange fees may apply to either the "Professional Edition" or "Personal &
Private Use" accounts. See below for details (subject to change based on exchange requirements).
               Market Categories                            (A)                     (B)                 (C)          Total cost of extra
             (Select all that Apply)                   Cost per extra             Markets           1 month or      markets & exch. fees
                                                      market (over 59)            over 59           12 months?          (A x B x C)
  North American Futures                                   $1/mo
  Foreign Futures                                          $1/mo
  World Futures (U.S.+Foreign)                             $1/mo
  World Options                                            $10/mo
  Exchange Fee for accessing LME data
 before 12:15 a.m. (London Time) on the day                   N/A                   N/A              ____ X $5
 after posting by the exchange.
 Total Extended Service Prepayment & Exchange Fees:                                                                 $
E. Extra History Charges - If extra history is required (beyond ten years of futures, indices, stocks and funds for
Personal & Private Use accounts, or one year of options history for either type of account), check the desired category or
categories and enter the number of years desired. Calculate the costs and enter your Total Extra History Charges below.
                Market Categories                                                                                           Cost of Extra
            Check all desired categories.                      History Cost                 Enter the Number of
                                                                                           Years of Extra History              History
  This option applies only to Personal and Private               Per Year                                               (cost per year x years
    Use subscribers, except for World Options                                                     Desired
                                                                                                                              of history)
  North American Futures                                        $10/year
  Foreign Futures                                               $10/year
  World Futures (U.S.+Foreign)                                  $20/year
  U.S. Stocks & Indices                                         $20/year
  Non-U.S. Stocks & Non-U.S. Indices                            $30/year
  World Options (Personal & Private)                          $200/year
  World Options (Professional Edition)                       $1,000/year
  Mutual Funds                                                  $10/year
  Budget Market Mix                                             $20/year
 Total Extra History Charges                                                                                            $
F. Enter Shipping Charges (first class domestic - free; Int'l Air Mail - $15; Courier - call CSI) _________________
G. Enter Total Charges (Add totals from B through F, above) .......................................... _________________
Extra service charges (C &D) are imposed when downloading occurs from more than one computer per day. Any account that is regularly
accessed by a second computer will be billed a 20% surcharge. Successive 40% surcharges will apply for each additional computer making
regular updates. Multiple downloads from the same computer are detected and permitted. Prices subject to change without notice.

                                                      Customer Information
Name_________________________________________Company Name _____________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip _____________________________________________________________________________________
E-mail Address__________________________________Phone______________________Fax ____________________
Check;      MC/VISA/AMEX/Discover Card #_____________________________________________Exp. _________
Signature ________________________________________________________________________________________
                   Mail or Fax to: CSI - 200 W. Palmetto Park Rd., Boca Raton, FL 33432 USA;
                   Fax: 561.392.7761; E-mail:; Phone: 561.392.8663
  For more information, please see the CSI website at or call 800-274-4727. Phone orders welcome!
                                    CSI and Unfair Advantage are Registered Trademarks of Commodity Systems, Inc.

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