exercises DHTML by S0U2D663



1. Develop a page with an image which should animate if you move the mouse
   over the page
2. Design a personal page with details about your family, your interests, hobbies,
   bio-data etc. {Use CSS to design the web pages}
3. Develop a website about a trip to any hill station you like. Some of the pages
   could be: -
   3.1 A welcome page with links to the other pages
   3.2 A page about the other friends who accompanied you, your journey to the
   hill station and the lodge you booked in
   3.3 A brief history of the hill station
   3.4 Brief note on the tourist places you visited in the hill station
   3.5 A note on the people of the hill station
   3.6 Your return journey to your place
   3.7 Use linked cascading style sheet to maintain consistency in all the related
   web pages
4. Prepare a website about your institution with details about its course,
   placement, facilities, library facilitie, staff profile etc. {Apply a standard style
   through linked style sheets and wish the user with Good Morning/ Good
   Afternoon/ Good Evening based on the browser time}
5. Write a script to find whether the user has entered any text {in a text field of a
   form}, if not display an alert message to fill in the text field
6. Validate the age entered in a text field. The age should be between 10-45
7. Design a newspaper with multiple columns and apply dynamism to the
   headings. {Like making it bolder when the mouse is moved over} Place
   animated sports GIFs in the sports column. Place an animated thermometer
   GIF near the climate column and so on.

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