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									                                          David Andrew Burton
                                          14 Arundel Gardens
                                                 S71 4FQ
                                          Mob: 07999 249 162
                                  E-mail: david-burton@hotmail.co.uk
                                    Website: www.daveburton.co.uk
                           Linked-In: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/davidburton2
                           I currently have a full and clean UK drivers licence

Personal Profile

I have experience in a broad range of IT support and development ranging from IT support and fault
diagnostics to advanced programming in Javascript, JQuery, HTML and CSS for web development as
well as back end programming languages SQL, PHP.

I have developed a broad range of mentoring and customer service skills from my IT support, coaching
at university and professional experience. I have developed excellent communication skills in my
professional and academic career as well as the ability to work as part of a team.

Work History

Jan 2012 - April 2012          Benjamin Baxter & Company                IT Support Technician
I set up a network, upgraded and maintained the current PCs, as well as setting up new machines and
providing general IT support. I designed and implemented a website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and
PHP. This involved working in a high-pressure environment in a small business where fast responses
and solutions were imperative. This has given me the ability to work under pressure and to tight
deadlines as well as helping me to develop excellent diagnostic skills.

Oct 2009 – July 2010               Nottingham Trent University            Student Ambassador
Running two mentoring sessions per week to help first year students with any problems settling into
university life. Taking part in first year ‘Personal & Professional Development’ seminars, to give first
year students a student’s perspective of various topics.

July 2010 – July 2010           Adecco                               Market Researcher
Ran a survey in a team of 3 to compare the different types of transport used by people entering the
‘Barnsley Bowl’ bowling alley, this helped to improve my communication skills.

Jan 2008 - May 2008           Hampsons Garden Centre Café             Kitchen Assistant
Dealing with customers while clearing tables, this developed excellent customer care skills.

Education and Training
2008 – 2011            Nottingham Trent University
BSc (Hons) Information & Communication Technology

I completed my degree in Information Communication Technology which included the following
modules in which I gained professional competencies:

Systems Analysis & Design                                Interface Technology & Design
Computer Programming                                     Rich Media Technology
Computer Technology                                      Wireless & Mobile Communications
Audio Visual Science & Multimedia                        Pervasive Computing
Personal & Professional Development                      Image Processing & Advanced Display
Networking                                               Technologies
Communications Technology                                3D Modelling
Understanding the IT Industry                            Virtual Reality
Year 1
Systems Analysis & Design                                              Classification: 1st
    Learnt the theory behind the computer systems life cycle.
    Learnt various systems development methodologies.
    Constructed a database using SQL.
    Drew Data Flow Diagrams and entity relationship diagrams.
    Learnt how to normalise data to 3rd normal form.
    Worked in a team to analyse a company’s current system and design a new computerised
Computer Programming                                                   Classification: 1st
    Created programs using JavaScript and Perl.
Audio Visual Science & Multimedia                                      Classification: 1st
    Used Adobe Photoshop to edit photographs and Adobe Flash to create animations.
    Created a website using HTML and CSS.
Personal & Professional Development                                    Classification: 1st
    Developed presentation and report writing skills.

Year 2
Interface Technology & Design                                              Classification: 2:1
    Designed an interface.
Personal Development 2                                                     Classification: 1st
    Worked as part of a team to produce a website

Year 3
Wireless & Mobile Communications                                     Classification: 2:2
    Learnt the principles of wireless communication.
    Developed a program using Java.
Pervasive Computing                                                  Classification: 2:1
    Used C# to create two programs which communicated using Bluetooth.
    Developed an android application with Bluetooth connectivity.

2006 – 2008 Barnsley College                         2001 – 2006 Priory School
A-Levels                                             GCSE
ICT         C                                        B in Maths, Science and ICT
Computing   D                                        C in English, French and Electronics
Electronics D


Prof. Paul Evans,                                 Mr Benjamin Baxter,
School of Computing and Informatics,              Benjamin Baxter & Company,
Nottingham Trent University,                      14 Rishworth Street,
Clifton Lane,                                     Wakefield,
Clifton,                                          Yorkshire,
Nottingham,                                       WF1 3BY,
NG11 8NS,                                         Phone: 01924 566152,
E-mail: paul.evans@ntu.ac.uk                      E-mail: enquiries@benjaminbaxterandco.com

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