COLLEGE: Woodland Community College by O1taKo9


									COLLEGE:              Woodland Community College
Name:                 Julie Brown
Title:                Professor, Chemistry Department
Conference:           JSPAC Conference
Location:             Sacramento, California
Dates:                December 2 – 3, 2009

Session 1 – Recruiting and Retaining Women in Technology

This project was NSF funded and incorporated by 8 California community colleges.

Retention strategies included:

Basic skills learning up front.

Demonstrate or model lab activities before doing them.

Learning in Modules.

Personal encouragement and female role models.

Putting females in leadership roles.

These strategies saw the average retention of females increase to 90% over the course of 2

Session II – California Math and Science Partnership

This was a formula Federal grant authorized by No Child Left Behind. This program focused on
the effects of long-term, in-depth professional development for teachers to enhance the quality
and expertise of math and science teachers. Some results included higher enrollment for
advanced math courses as the study progressed.

Session III – Accelerated Careers & Training

This was an informative presentation on ACT and how it works at Modesto Junior College. This
program brings special populations to the college and gets them jobs within 1 year. There is a
specific process they follow including:

Orientation, Intake, Assessment, Interview, Preparation Phase, Pathway and Employment

This program has been very successful and they are seeking funding to keep it going for their

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