Discussion Points Central Region Conclave by S0U2D663


									Draft Document
 Should CSR be linked ONLY to the core business of the
Response- every CPSE has specific capacity/ focus area so it is
  better if CSR is related to the core competency but the focus
  should be beyond that and not only limited to core
 Why activities related to staff benefits do not come under
Response-CSR is beyond charitable and philanthropic activities
  carried out by CPSEs. The focus of CSR should be on outreach
  and community development. The benefits provided for
  employees cannot be included under CSR.
 CSR should be insulated from audit and central vigilance
Response- If CSR is in adherence to DPE guidelines and
  meticulously documented, CPSEs should not hesitate from
 Can CSR projects be identified by the CSR committee of the
 Response- CSR projects should be based on the outcome of the
  baseline studies carried out by external agency and not
 Who will assess the expenditure on CSR projects undertaken
  by CPSEs?
Response- Funding of the projects will be decided by the board
  and the CSR committee. NCSR Hub is a facilitator and can
  help CPSEs get in touch with implementing agencies which
  will help them in the finer details
 CPSEs face challenges while dealing with NGOs. Need is felt
  to sensitize the NGOs on the DPE guidelines by CPSEs
Response- the need for sensitization of NGOs is recognized by
  the NCSR Hub and ongoing efforts are made. However, given
  the magnitude of number of NGOs in India it is not feasible
  to offer training to all . The Hub is therefore sensitizing the
  NGOs as and how they are empanelled with Hub.
 Promoting interaction within CPSEs and other stakeholders
Response- The Hub is in process of creating space for Blog on
  the website which will enhance and promote interaction on
  wide range of issues concerning all stakeholders. This will be
  a platform for debate and discussion on CSR.
 Can activities undertaken by the CPSEs to cover the damage
  caused due to its operations be included under CSR
Response- The approach towards CSR should be responsive,
  responsible and sustainable. The activities undertaken to
  cover up the damage can not be included under the purview
  of CSR.
 What is the need to have external agencies/NGOS to
  implement CSR activities when the CPSEs have the capacity
  and expertise to undertake it themselves?
Response- Philanthropic or charitable activities can be
  undertaken by the CPSEs themselves. However, not all the
  CPSEs have the expertise or resources to undertake project
  based CSR activities especially when they are long term-
  medium term. Also, when the task force is assigning marks to
  the CPSEs they will see if it is in adherence with the DPE
 What does contracted agency imply in the DPE guidelines?
Response- In case of infrastructural setup undertaken by CPSEs
  it has to be handed over to a contractor which is done by a
  tendering process. Such agencies refer to those carrying out
  the civil work for implementation of projects.

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