Checklist2012 by kfaheem115


									                     CHECK LIST-Masters Admission 2012

Roll No.                                        Name:

   1.   CNIC (Attested Copy)                               Yes/No       Page No.1

   2.   PG Admission Fee Challan (NUST Copy affixed        Yes/No       Page No.2

        with bank stamp)

   3.   Check List                                         Yes/No       Page No.3

   4.   Willingness Certificate                            Yes/No       Page No.4

                                                                        Page No.5
   5.   SSC/Equivalent Certificate (Attested Copy)         Yes/No

                                                                        Page No.6
   6.   HSSC/Equivalent Certificate (Attested Copy)        Yes/No

                                                                        Page No.7,7a
   7.   Terminal Degree (Bachelors/Masters) (Copy          Yes/No

        attested by HEC)

                                                                        Page No.8,8a
   8.   Complete Transcript/DMC (Copy attested by          Yes/No

        Controller of Examination of Issuing Institute)

                                                                        Page No.9
   9.   GAT Score Card (Attested Copy)                     Yes/No

                                                          Signature: _______________

                                                            Date: ____________________

        Note: The documents are required to be kept in the same sequence as given above
and page no be mentioned on the documents starting from 1.  

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