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					                                                               Wing Sure Start Children’s Centre
                                                                       16th April 2012 – 27th July 2012

         Monday                        Tuesday                       Wednesday                           Thursday                           Friday                            Saturday
    Ladybirds Toddler                                                  Stay and Play                 Baby Health Clinic           Stewkley Toddler Group              NEW!      Wing-Men
         Group                    Sessions and events in                9:30 – 11.00                With your Health Visitor               10.30-12.00                         10.00-11.30
      10:00 – 11:30                  the community.                     Every Week                       10.00-11.00                At Stewkley Village Hall           Last Saturday of each month
      Wing Scout Hut                   Look out for                                                                              Children’s Centre staff attend on          28th April, 26th May,
                                  information and flyers                                                                              3rd Friday of the month                30th June, 28th July
            NEW!                                                                                                                                                       For Dad’s and male carers to
        Peeps for 2’s                                                                                                                         NEW!                    enjoy a range of activities with
(Parents Early Education           Post Natal Group                                                                                       Baby Cafe                   children 0-5 years, with sport
        Partnership)                    10.30-12.00                                                                                       9.30-10.30                  and games, outdoor activities
        10:00 – 11:15             9 weeks starting 9th June.                                                                     Drop in breastfeeding support                   and more.
  16th, 23rd, 30th April, 14th,    (By invitation from the                                                                          by trained centre staff.
      21st and 28th May              health team only)                 Look out for                                                Supported by local health           Wing Children’s Centre
                                                                    Child Safety Week                 Bumps and Babes                        team.
 Please phone for more                                                                                    10:00 – 11:30
                                                                                                                                                                         Overstone School
        information.                                             at Stay and Play on June                                                                                 Church Street
                                  Look out for us at local           20th for activities            For expectant parents and                 NEW!
  BOOKING ESSENTIAL                                                                                                                                                           Wing
                                   mobile libraries and            promoting safety for              babies up to 12 months.      Ready, Steady, Explore
                                                                                                     Supporting play, learning                                                  LB
                                  toddler groups in your                  families                                               Outdoor play and experiences
                                                                                                        and development.                                                       Beds
                                   area, where we can                                                                                  10:00 – 11:00
                                                                                                                                                                             LU7 0NY
                                    provide up to date
                                                                                                                                          Twin’s Club                      01296 681163
                                      timetables and
                                        information.                                                                                      10:00 – 11:30
                                                                                                                                  At Ivinghoe Children’s Centre
            NEW!                   Childminding Group                 Stepping Stones                  Staff training and        NEW! Book Start
   The Toddler Years                    1.15-2.45                        1:30 – 3:00                     development              Rhyme Time Challenge                  Wing Children’s Centre
       1:30 – 3:00                   Fortnightly group             At Stewkley Village Hall                                            2:00 – 3:00                    provides support and services
    6 week programme               Supported by the local        25th April, 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd                                         At Wing Library              for families with children 0-5
   At Drayton Parslow               NCMA Coordinator                    and 30th May                                             Starts on 13th April for 10 weeks.      years in the area of Wing,
      Greenacre Hall                                            A group for children aged 3-4                                                                           Stewkley, Wingrave, Great
                                                                years, preparing to move on                                              Baby Massage                   Brickhill and the villages in
  23rd, 30th April, 14th, 21st,          Tiny Toes                        to school.                  Paediatric First Aid                 2:00 – 3:00                            between.
     28th May, 11th June                12:00 – 2:00                                                        12.45-2.45              Starts on 20th April for 5
                                  At Waddesdon Children’s                                            Please phone to book a                   weeks.                    It will be necessary to give
                                          Centre                                                    place for yourself and the    Please speak to your Health            these families priority to
                                     No session 5th June                                                      crèche.             Visitor or staff at the centre.        sessions when spaces are
                                                                                                             17th May               BOOKING ESSENTIAL                              limited.

                                                           For more information or to book onto a programme please contact:
                                                                                     Wing Children’s Centre:
                                                                          Sarah (Family Support Worker): 07960317815,
                                                     Tash (Play Leader): 07983046478                  Lauren (Play Leader): 07725205862
                                                        Wing Sure Start Children’s Centre
                                                                  16th April 2012 – 27th July 2012

           Baby Health Clinic                                                    How we can help                                                       PEEPS for Two’s
Come along to see Health Visitors for advice        The Children’s Centre can support you to help your child to reach those                (Parents Early Education Partnership)
  and baby weighing in the comfort of the                                                                                                        Fun and focused activities with
            children’s centre.
                                                                    important milestones and their full potential.                           new ideas and understanding of things to
                                                                                        ****                                                  do with your child to encourage their
                                                   Experienced and qualified children’s centre staff can also offer family                                development.
            Bumps and Babes                        support in the home such as routines, encouraging positive behaviour and                 Suitable for children aged 24-36 months.
Drop-in group for expectant and new parents        support with building relationships.
     with babies up to 12 months old.                                                   ****
  Fun and play that promotes babies early                                                                                                              The Toddler Years
       development and social skills.
                                                    With your child, you will meet other families; make friends and socialise in
                                                                                                                                           A great opportunity to get information and
                                                                         a safe and stimulating environment.                              some specialist advice on topics that include:
                                                                                        ****                                              Play and development, behaviour and sharing,
                                                       The children’s centre works with other professionals to ensure you                  routines, sleep, child safety and oral health.
                 Stay and Play                                                                                                              And have fun with games and activities for
 Activities, crafts and messy play for 0-5 year
                                                        receive support and information on a range of subjects and issues.
                                                                                        ****                                                           your toddler as well!
              olds and their carers.
 Aimed at providing parents/carers with the         Staff at the children’s centre support breast feeding, healthy lifestyles and
opportunity to learn about and promote their                     children’s learning and development through play.
    children’s development through play.                                                                                                                Stepping Stones
                                                                                                                                            Help your child prepare for a smooth and
                                                                                                                                                    happy move on to school.
                                                                                                                                               Suitable for children ages 3-4 years.
                                                       NCMA Childminder’s Group                               Baby Café                         Activities to build on social skills,
              Baby Massage                           A group for childminders to drop-in and     Drop-in breastfeeding support with a
             5 week programme.                                                                                                               confidence, and personal independence.
                                                     talk to your local NCMA Coordinator.         trained member of the centre staff.
  Can help to gain a better understanding of        Meet and socialise with other childminders   With additional support available from
       your baby and to read their cues.                       from the local area.                      the local health team.
  Promotes bonding and secure attachment.                                                                                                       Book Start Rhyme Challenge
        through quality time together.                                                                                                         Children aged 0-5 and their families.
   Can help to lower stress hormones and                          Tiny Toes                          Ready, Steady, Explore                10 week programme designed to encourage
 improve levels of relaxing hormones; and to        A social group for parents who are under           Explore nature close up!               enjoyment of rhymes and early poetry,
          relieve symptoms of colic.                25 to come and join in fun activities with      Outdoor activities and play in all       Promotes language and literacy with the
Please speak to a member of staff about places       their children and meet other parents.                   weather.                      benefits of learning and sharing together.
                   available.                                     Includes lunch

                                                        For more information or to book onto a programme please contact:
                                                                                  Wing Children’s Centre:
                                                                       Sarah (Family Support Worker): 07960317815,
                                                  Tash (Play Leader): 07983046478                  Lauren (Play Leader): 07725205862

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