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AP English - Download as DOC by O1taKo9


									                                                                       AP English 12
  Month                  Content                   Performance Standards Addressed                Skills for Student Achievement                  Assessment

Sept           A-S Literature and Culture                                                        Identify elements of the epic            Quiz
Weeks              Beowulf                        A.12.1 Effective reading strategies             Compare/contrast modern heroes           Research and write a
1,2.3                                             A.12.2 Critically analyze literature             with those of the past.                   paper.
                                                  A.12.3 Discuss and understand human
                                                  A.12.4 Acquire information
                                                  C.12.2 Listen, discuss and comprehend

Week 4 &        Research: Sources, note           F. 12.1 Conduct research and inquiry            Identify reputable sources            + Check form and
5           taking, documentation                 E.12.1 Use computers to acquire                 Use correct MLA documentation         documentation on papers as
                                                  knowledge                                       Write thesis statement, take notes,   well as content using
                                                  B.12.1 Create writing to communicate             outline.                              appropriate rubric
                                                  with different audiences for a variety of
Weeks       Medieval Literature and Culture       A.12.1 Effective reading strategies             Document the cultural, linguistic        Check notes
6,7, & 8      Chaucer-Canterbury Tales            A.12.2 Critically analyze literature             and literary advances of western         Write a satire.
              Malory-Arthurian Legend             A. 12.3 Discuss and understand human             man.                                     Write a short story
                                                         experience                               Recognize and be able to write           Tests
                                                  A. 12.4 Acquire information                      satire.
                                                  C. 12.2 Listen, discuss and comprehend          Be able to write a short story

Weeks 9,       English Renaissance-              A.12.1 Effective reading strategies             Analyze Shakespearean                    Oral review of play
10, 11          Shakespeare                       A.12.2 Critically analyze literature             language: poetic devices,                Written reviews of
               Macbeth or Hamlet                 A.12.3 Discuss and understand human              figurative vs. literal language,          selections
               Play of choice                          experience                                 imagery, structure, etc.                 Tests
               Sonnets                           C.12.2 Listen, discuss, comprehend              Understand the cultural influences       Discussion
               The essay (Bacon,                 F.12.1 Conduct research and inquiry              on the literature of the time and
                Addison,Johnson,etc.)                                                              the impact on social values
                                                                                                  Interpret key themes and see the
                                                                                                   relationship between then and
Weeks 11, Romantic Age: Wordsworth, Blake,        A.12.1 Effective reading strategies             Compare and contrast poetic              Oral and written reviews
12,, 13, 14 Shelley, Keats, etc.                  A.12.2 Critically analyze literature             structures                               Research projects
            Victorian Age: Tennyson,              A.12.3. Discuss and understand human            Recognize and analyze figurative         Tests
            Brownings, Hardy, Housman, plus             experience.                                language and symbolism in prose          Discussion
            introduction to the novel (Dickens,   A.12.4 Acquire information                       and poetry                               Timed writings
            Hardy,Austen,,,,,)                    C.12.1 Prepare and deliver formal oral          Interpret themes and apply to
                                                        presentation                               everyday life then and now.
                                                D.12.2 Recognize adaptations of                Demonstrate knowledge of the
                                                      language to various cultural and          elements of the novel.
                                                      social situations                        Research historical context of
                                                                                                literary selections
Weeks 15, Modern novel to be announced          A.12.1Effective reading strategies             Demonstrate an understanding of          Discussion
15, 17, 18 Twentieth Century essays, short      A.12.2Critically6 analyze literature            modern literary techniques and           Tests
           stories, poetry by such writers as   A.12.3 Discuss and understand human             forms                                    Formal and informal essay
           Eliot, Yeats, Auden, WWI&!!          experience                                     See the connections between the           responses
           Poets,Huxley, Joyce,                 A.12.4 Acquire information                      literature they are reading and the      Timed writings
           Woolf,Lawrence, etc.                 B.l2.1 Create writing to communicate            life they are living
                                                with different audiences for a variety of      Recognize the themes and issues
                                                purposes.                                       of the period(s)
                                                F.12.1 Conduct research and inquiry
                                                                                               Be able to write a well-organized
                                                                                                response/reaction to what has
                                                                                                been read and studied

Week 19     Research paper                      F.12.1 Conduct research and inquiry         , Be able to write an expository              Formal essay
            Review                              E.12.1 Use computers to aquire               paper using MLA style                        Formal research paper
                                                      knowledge                                  Be able to analyze a piece of
                                                B.12.1 Create writing to communicate        literature
                                                      with different audiences for a
                                                      variety of purposes


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