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									                                           Cranford Soccer Club

                                            Financial Aid Policy

Subject to the availability of funds, Cranford Soccer Club (CSC) shall offer financial aid for CSC
registration fees to those members that demonstrate a need or financial hardship. The decision to make
any award, the amount thereof, and the beneficiaries shall be made on a defined set of decision factors,
which are consistently applied under the circumstances. Notwithstanding the forgoing, all award
decisions are made at the sole discretion of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors and the
Treasurer and Registrar of the CSC. The application information will be kept confidential.

Applications - Completed applications (with supporting documentation) for financial aid may be mailed
to Cranford Soccer Club, Attn. Financial Assistance, PO Box 903, Cranford, NJ 07016. Applications may
also be emailed to Jason Quinones, Registrar – Cranford Soccer Club, JPAQuinones@gmailcom.
Incomplete applications may result in disqualification.

Award decisions for Recreational and Inter-county players will be made on a rolling basis as the
applications are received with the deadline for submission 6 weeks prior to the start of the Fall and
Spring seasons.

Eligibility - Qualification is primarily based on verified family income or verification of current
enrollment in the “Free and / or Reduced School Lunch” program or “NJ Family Care / Medicaid
Program”. Other factors such as unemployment or other financial hardships may also be considered by
the Financial Assistance Committee.

Requests for financial assistance shall not be granted for consecutive seasons / years. Additional
eligibility requirements include:

      You must be a resident of Cranford or have a child attending a Cranford school

      First-time travel players are not eligible for financial assistance

Amount of Aid Award - The Board of Directors shall determine the amount of the financial aid available
for a season; however, there is no obligation to award all/any of the award pool. Based on the amount
of the award pool and the amount of requests for financial aid, awards will be made on a sliding scale
based on verified family income. The maximum amount of the award to an individual shall not exceed:
for Recreational players 100% of the CSC registration fee; for Inter-county 100% of the registration fee
per season; Travel 50% of the registration fee per season. To clarify the travel program fees, any fees
not charged directly by the CSC are not included in the calculation for financial assistance. Those fees
include, but are not limited to, training fees not already covered through the CSC, winter training,
summer training, uniforms, etc.

Families of applicants receiving the aid awards may be requested to provide up to 4 hours volunteer
service to CSC each season. Those applicants that do not fulfill this requirement for a season may be
ineligible for future aid awards.
Application Process - Applications for financial aid are available online and must be completed and
returned to CSC by the above indicated deadlines. A signed copy of the most recent Federal tax return
on Form 1040 (or applicable form) for both parents of the applicant (supporting schedules and
attachments are not required unless requested) must be filed with the financial aid application.

In lieu of sending Federal tax returns, you can send verification that you currently are enrolled in the
“Free and / or Reduced School Lunch” program or the “NJ Family Care / Medicaid Program”.

Applicants must register the player in the CSC registration system each season on a timely basis. All CSC
registration fees must be paid in full (by aid award or otherwise) on a timely basis for the player to be
eligible to play for or train with their CSC team. Annual awards may be credited in equal amounts at the
beginning of each season subject to applicant's re-registration and confirmation of continuing need in
the spring season.

Applications will be evaluated by Board of Directors Executive Committee, which includes the President,
Executive Vice President, VP of Travel, VP of Intercounty and VP of Rec. In addition, the Treasurer and
Registrar will also be part of the evaluation committee. Requests will be treated confidentially.
Notification of aid awards shall be sent via email to each applicant.

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