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									               Steppin’ Out Dance Company
               Dance Companies Handbook

As a dancer and member of a SODC Competitive Dance Company, it is
important to live up to the responsibilities given to you as a company member. It
is a privilege to represent the studio as a Company member. This handbook is a
guideline to help you fulfill your responsibilities for yourself, your Company and
your studio.

The first step to becoming a successful Company dancer is making a
commitment to all of your classes, practices, and performances. Strong
technique is a key ingredient to success. Technique class is required for all Jazz
companies. The technique class is designed to strengthen the girls’ ability and
make them stronger dancers without reviewing proper technique during
Company class. Ballet, the core of all dances, will work on strengthening the
dancer and building a proper turn out. Ballet is required for all Lyrical
companies. Pointe is another ballet class that is offered that will help to improve
ankle strength, and continue to develop ballet skills. Students are eligible for
Pointe class based on dance ability and when a teacher determines they are
ready for this class. Please refer to the schedule for when these classes are

In addition to dance technique, the following expectations for all Company
members have been set to help ensure a successful year:

    Attend every class possible!
    If absent, please call the studio, do not text the teacher. It is your
      responsibility to catch up on any missed choreography by getting with a
      fellow Company member or scheduling a private with the teacher outside
      of class.
    In the event that your technique falls noticeably behind the rest of your
      team, you may be taken out of dances and/or asked to re-audition for
      the company.
    Arrive to class on time! Dancers arriving late miss time to stretch and risk
    The 2 weeks prior to competition – attendance is mandatory. Serious
      illness or school functions with a note are the only exceptions and the
      SODC office must be contacted.

Class Expectation:
    No talking in class
    No chewing gum, eating or cell phones
    Bring a water bottle – leave it in the office and pick it up after class.
    Corrections come only from the teacher unless dancers are asked to do
       peer critiques. It is very important that students accept constructive
    Only company members are allowed to wear company attire
    Cover-up / company attire must be worn going in and out of the studio
Positive Attitude:

        Respect your teacher – Listen to every correction given, whether it is
         directed to you or another dancer. A correction is an honor that shows
         you how much the teacher cares about your progress as a dancer.
        Respect all Company members – It is not expected that everyone on the
         company be best friends, however a team must be confident with one
         another. A good group can play off of each other on stage. Never let
         personal feelings get in the way of the strength of your team.

Production Information:

        Production is an optional routine for members of Mini, Junior, Senior, and
         Elite Company dancers.
        Production Class is weekly on Friday evenings, 5:30 – 6:30.
        Production Class tuition is $5.00 a month.
        **For dancers who are members of drill teams and who cannot attend
         during football season – you must attend classes during the summer. You
         will be excused during football season but must attend when you do not
         have a scheduled game and return when football season is over.
        Production is the opening of Recital and the Competition Showcase and
         will possibly be a competition dance as well this year
        If you are going to do production, you must sign up for in the office and
         commit to this class.
        Production will require the purchase of 1 costume.


     See Tuition and Fees Schedule for tuition for Company Members

   1 costume for each Company class they are in.
   Elite Modern will have 2 costumes.
   Production is completely separate costume
   1 costume for each of the other classes they are enrolled in.
   Technique classes, Ballet III and Ballet IV will not perform in Recital
   The cost of each costume is $65.00 for children sizes and $70.00 for adult
   All costumes need to be paid IN FULL by November 20.
   Costumes for Fall and Christmas performances will be the Companies
     performance wear and warm-ups that will be ordered in August.

Other fees:
    A $20.00 accessory fee will be due from all Company members in January
       11. This money is used for some of the extra things needed such as
       hairpieces, costume additions, props, makeup, etc. for competitions.
      February 7th - $40.00 recital fee per dancer is due from all parents to help
       pay for programs, auditorium rental, etc. This fee helps us avoid having to
       sell tickets for recital.
      Competition fees run anywhere from $30.00-$40.00 PER dance, PER
            o These fees are usually due around the end of February or
                beginning of March, depending when the competition dates fall.
                When we find out these times and fees, we will quickly pass on this
                information to you.
            o We will be scheduling fundraisers to help as much as possible with
                fees and costs.
      Solos and duets are completely separate and run anywhere from $60.00
       up to $90.00 per dance per competition.
            o If you are planning on performing a duet or solo, private lessons
                need to be scheduled with Casey in the office. Private lessons run
                $25.00 for 30 minutes or $50.00 for an hour lesson and there must be
                2 privates per month per solo.

Class Attire:
    Company members are expected to set an example by following all dress
       code requirements
    Class dance attire will STRICTLY be enforced
    A uniform look is needed in class for the observation and corrections
       needed for the visual impact of the choreography
    Appropriate dance clothes are needed to check leg and arm positions
       and posture
    Company Class Attire Chart

   Class                Clothing                    Shoes                   Hair
     All                                   Tap - black split sole     Hair pulled back
                  Plain, dark dance
    Jazz                                          tap shoes             out of face
               clothes: leotard, sports
  Modern                                   Jazz - tan slip-on split     Bangs back
               tops, black fitted shorts
    Tap                                        sole jazz shoes        *NO headband
Companies:                                 Modern - foot undies         *NO jewelry
   Lyrical                                  Lyrical – foot undies
                  Black leotard, pink
 Company                                   Ballet – pink canvas       Hair securely in
                  tights, black fitted
Ballet Class                                     ballet shoes              a bun
Pointe Class                               Pointe – Pointe shoes
                                            Tan split-sole slip on
 Technique     Dance attire – no pants                                Hair pulled back
                                            jazz shoes or dance
  HipHop         or baggy clothes                                       out of face

      All Company members are expected to wear proper dance attire when
       in other classes.
      NO socks to be worn in ANY class! Proper shoes should be worn to class.
Other Company Information:

Recital and Competition Showcase:
    There are 2 shows at the end of the year a recital for all non competition
       dance classes and a Competition showcase for all competition dances.
    Production and competition group dances will perform at both the
       Recital and Showcase performances.

Competitions and Performance:
   Remember when you perform you are showing everyone the results of
    your hard work and are representing SODC
   Wear SODC Company attire – as a cover up and for when finished
   Make sure you have all costumes and pieces, make-up and hair supplies,
    and other necessary items
   Leave the dressing room cleaned up
   Remember to be respectful to dancers on stage – wait until they are
    finished to enter or leave the auditorium.
   Never speak negatively about any other dancers or groups present
   Be respectful of everyone present: teachers, staff, and parents
   Make sure to arrive promptly at any performance at least one hour prior to
    performance time and for competitions at least two hours before
    scheduled dance time.

Company Member Dismissal:
In the event that a Company dancer has not lived up to the expectations and
standards set, SODC has the right to dismiss the dancer from the Company. The
following steps will be followed:
       1. A conference will be set up with the dancer, their parents and the
           teacher. The dancer will be placed on probation and the areas
           needing correcting identified.
       2. For behavior not corrected, the dancer will be dismissed from the
       3. No refund for any expenses paid will be given to a dismissed Company

All company dancers are encouraged to attend the optional conventions we
will be attending this year.
      Fall of Fame – November 4.
           o Dancers - $125 Observers - $10 - Due October 1
      The Beat – January 12 -13 @ Downtown Sheraton
           o Dancers - $195 – 220 – 1 parent free per child – Due December 13
      Tremaine – March 2 – 3 @ Hyatt Regency
           o Fees pending – Due February 1
Additional Company Events:
   Six Flag Performance – in September.
   Companies perform and work at a booth at Pumpkinfest October 20th
   We perform at Christmas in the Park, the first weekend in December.
   Companies Christmas Party is scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 9th. The cost is
       $20.00 per dancer. Food, fun, etc at a location and time to be
   We perform in a show for Black History Month in February at Eastfield. This is
       an optional performance. Dancers will sign up for this performance in
       November. Performance wear will be worn.
   Additional events may be scheduled as the year goes on. Details for all
       events will be made available in the office and through the SODC

                        For Our Company Parents

Being on a competitive team is an honor. It requires dedication and putting the
team first when there are time conflicts. Our teachers are highly qualified and
experienced. They will always do what is in the best interest of the Company.
They will not show favoritism and will treat all students the same way. You need
to recognize that dancers will develop at their own individual rate. Do not
compare them to other dancers; accept and encourage them for who they are.

Success depends on the support from the dancers’ parents and families.
Showing respect for and cooperation with the other parents, along with other
dancers and staff, makes an important and positive impression on children.

You are a role model for how your dancer should interact with others. There may
be times when you do not agree with the teacher’s decision. However, you
should show respect and support that decision. If you ever have questions
about your child’s dance education, please do not talk with other parents first.
This is how misinformation and hurt feelings get started. Leave a message with
the office for the teacher to get back in touch with you to schedule an
appointment or discuss the matter in private. We ask that you leave a message
so you do not delay or disrupt instruction of classes.

Please stay involved and informed! We are only as successful as our foundation
– our parents.
Sign and return the Company Acknowledgement Page. Keep the rest of the Handbook
to refer to as the year goes on.

                     Company Acknowledgement Page

For the Parent:

I acknowledge that I have received and read the Dance Company Handbook.

I am aware of the requirements, costs, and expectations for being a member of
a Dance Company at Steppin’ Out Dance Company.

Parent’s Signature


For the Dancer:

I acknowledge that I have received and read the Dance Company Handbook.

I am aware that I am a member of a competitive dance company and my
dedication affects all the members.

I will strive to work my hardest in class each week so I will become a better

I pledge to abide by the rules and expectations

Dancer’s Signature


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