QUESTIONS                                  COMMENTS

1. How do you think the system            It could provide baseline information, which could be
would be of use or benefit to you or       interrelated with our company Environmental
your work?                                 Management System.
                                          It will assist to measure ambient emissions in the
                                           Bellville South area.
                                          Yes
                                          Hopefully DAPPS would lead to a situation where
                                           people will benefit from improved health.
                                          Improve planning (in future air quality plans would be
                                           drafted). Assist with compliance monitoring and
                                           enforcement state of environment. Assist in decision-
                                           making (authorizations e.g. EIAs)
                                          It would benefit in understanding local air pollution
                                           problems better by enabling the real display of air
                                           pollution as well as predicting future episodes
                                           Validate air quality data
                                          Me: Improved quality of life
                                           Work: More tools to undertake projects in air quality
                                          We are dealing with Community Organisations, other are
                                           involve to Environment Justice and we need to inform
                                           [public about] what is happening around their areas
2. How would you use the system?          We are also a member of Bellville South Environmental
                                           Forum (BELSEF) – this information will be very
                                           valuable to all members.
                                          To monitor ambient emissions in the Bellville South
                                          To validate Air Quality data.
                                          Presently we would use the system for the benefit of the
                                           residents in our area and to bring pressure to bear on the
                                           guilty parties.
                                          As a decision – support tool in planning, policy-making
                                           (legislation), target and standard setting predict
                                           cumulative impacts.
                                          Hopefully as a desktop tool to predict air pollution both
                                           for personal information and for communication to
                                           others. Implement stricter controls where necessary - to
                                           validate Air Quality data.
                                          Would like to investigate the benefits of new vehicle and
                                           fuel technologies using two scenario function.
                                          Use it as information in the notice board of our center
                                           and how they use it to input to the system.
3. Which pollutant sources would           Nox, SOx, VOC’s (Ozone)
you like to be included                     PM10 (Soiling index)
                                           SOx, NOx, SO2 particulate matter.
                                           All NO, NO2, O3, CO, SO2, VOC’s
                                           ?
                                           Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)
                                            NOx, SOx, PM, ozone, CO2
                                           Industrial, Vehicular, Domestic, other eg. Tyre burning
                                           PM10, PM2.5, PM1, PMO.1, SO2, NO, NO2, VOC’s,
                                            CO, O3
                                           Fires, lead
4. How would you like the                  Available via Internet.
information communicated?                  Electronically
                                           Radio/Internet
                                           ?
                                           Website (electronically) – scientifically in a popular
                                            format – radio, television, newspapers
                                           Internet, newspaper, radio, television
                                           Spreadsheet database, internet site
                                           Through paper and radios that include community media.
                                            If you could build a dynamic scientific machine e.g.
                                            ATM that people can use.
5. How you like information                In relation to acceptable levels i.e. WHO, DEAT
displayed? Concentrations?                 Concentration, health indicators and historical data
Averaging periods? Health                   averaging periods will be useful.
Indicators? Historical Data?               Indicators to state if peak or average
                                           All of the above with a preference for health indicators.
                                           All data graphically represented,
                                            Averaging periods – daily
                                            Health indicators – asthma. Other allergies (hay fever,
                                           Health indicators – API
                                            Graphs and Tables
                                           Concentrations, historical data certainly including diurnal
                                            averages, peak and minimum values. Comparisons
                                            against health standards in the database will definitely be
                                           All of the above.
6. Do you have data that might be          Yes, emission data i.e. boilers is available to the public.
of use to the Project? (For example,       Domestic fuel through FFS
traffic data, domestic fuel use data,       Industrial fuel through FFS
road networks, demographic data            Yes (Validated Air Quality data)
(population distribution etc.), and        Civic Ass of Bellville has medical records of residents in
backyard burning?)                          the area taken over a period of time, which might be an
                                            indicator for the Bellville South area.
                                           Road networks – approach DAWC Dept. of Transport –
                                            can provide you with contact people
                             South African National Roads Agency
                            Industrial emission inventory
                            Mobile source emission factors, disaggregated vehicle
                             population data, literature on established inventory
7. Any other comments?      Suggest that this project is run in close association with
                             BELSEF. BELSEF is looking at funding an air
                             monitoring station, which could be located in the
                             Bellville South area. The two initiatives should be
                             aligned to compliment one another.
                            Good idea.
                            We believe that ultimately government levels for
                             pollution must be adjusted to be more people orientated.
                             Present standards in third world countries are all big
                             business orientated.
                            See it as a very useful tool. Many benefits, but noting the
                            Good idea.
                            European mobile source emission factors should be
                             applied with great caution. Our vehicles are on average
                             beyond the useful life of the vehicle as determined in

3 October 2002

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