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									                    Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church
Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time                                                September 23, 2012
           2205 West Market Street ▪ Greensboro, NC 27403 ▪ (336) 274-6520 ▪

Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time                                             September 23, 2012

                                                                                          Parish Office
                                                                                 Office Hours: Mon - Fri, 8am - 4pm;
                                                                                  Closed at 12pm on THURSDAYS
                                                                   Phone: (336) 274-6520
                                                                   Fax Number: (336) 274-7326
                                                                   E-Mail Address:
                                                                   Church Office Address: 201 South Chapman Street
                                                                                             Greensboro, NC 27403
                                                                   Catholic Social Services (336) 274-5577
                                                                   Hispanic Ministries (336) 273-2343
                                                                        Rev. Mr. Enedino Aquino, Permanent Deacon

                                                                             Our Lady of Grace School Office
                                                                   Mr. Kurt Telford, Principal
                                                                   Phone: (336) 275-1522
                                                                   Fax: (336) 279-8824
                                                                   E-Mail Address:
                                                                   School Address: 2205 West Market Street
                                                                                     Greensboro, NC 27403

                                                                                      Schedule of Services
                                                                   Weekend Mass Schedule
                                                                   Saturday: 5:00pm
                                                                   Sunday: 7:00am, 8:30am, 10:00am, 11:30am,
                                                                           1:30pm (Extraordinary Form) 4:00pm (Spanish) & 7:00pm
                                                                   Holy Days of Obligation: 6:00pm (Vigil), 7:00am, 12Noon, 6:00pm
                   Mission Statement
  In the Eucharist we receive the true Christ—the foundation of    Daily Mass
  our Church. With Christ in us, we form, nurture, and promote     Monday - Friday: 7:00am, 8:45am; Saturday: 8:00am
 love, respect for human dignity, Christian values and teachings
 within our family, parish, and community through worship and      Confession
                              service.                             Saturday: 3:00pm - 4:45pm
                                                                   Wednesday: 7:30am (following 7:00am Mass)
                                                                   Thursday: 5:00pm - 6:00pm or by appointment
                Rev. Fr. Eric Kowalski, Pastor                     Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
          Rev. Fr. Christopher Davis, Parochial Vicar
                                                                   Thursday: 9:15am - 6:00pm
                    Permanent Deacons                              Friday: 7:30am - 8:30am
                    Rev. Mr. Tony Pynes                            Benediction: 1st Sat. of each month following the 8:00am Mass
                  Rev. Mr. Tim Rohan, retired
                  Rev. Mr. Paul Teich, retired                     Recitation of the Holy Rosary
                     Rev. Mr. Jim Toner                            Saturday after the 8:00am Mass. (Except 1st Sat. of each month when
                                                                   the rosary is prayed at 7:30am before Mass.)
         Rev. Mr. Enedino Aquino, Hispanic Ministries
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church                                                                                            Greensboro, NC
         Parish Staff Contact Information
         Phone (336) 274-6520 Fax (336) 274-7326
CLERGY                                                                     Marriage: Couples please contact one of our priests if you wish
Pastor                                                                     to schedule a wedding date at the parish—a minimum of 6
                                                                           months preparation is required.
Rev. Fr. Eric Kowalski,, ext. 314
Parochial Vicar, Director of Liturgy                                       Baptism: Parents should attend a Baptismal Preparation Class
Rev. Fr. Christopher Davis,, ext. 313                (held the first Sunday of each month at 1:00pm in the school
Permanent Deacons                                                          library). Baptisms are held on Saturdays. Please contact Jean
Dcn. Tony Pynes,, ext. 345                            Wilson (ext. 322 or in the office for
Dcn. Tim Rohan (ret.), Call the church office.                             more information.
Dcn. Paul Teich (ret.),, 202-4428
Dcn. Jim Toner,, 298-7789                                 Anointing of the Sick: If you or a loved one are seriously ill or
                                                                           facing surgery, please contact the church office to arrange to
                                                                           receive the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.
Director of Religious Education                                            Communion for the Sick & Homebound: Please contact the
Jim McCullough,, ext. 335                        church office if you have a stay in the hospital or will be
Assistant to the Director of Religious Education                           homebound. We would be happy to make arrangements for
MaryAnn DiPaola,, ext. 333                          you to receive Communion if you are unable to attend Mass.
Preschool Religious Education Coordinator/VBS
Lisa Balzano,, ext. 321                             First Communion, Confirmation, Religious Vocations:
                                                                           Please call the church office for information.
Director of Liturgy
Rev. Fr. Christopher Davis,, ext. 313                General Information
Founding Director, OLG Schola Cantorum                                     Contact the church office at for the following:
Brian Marble,, ext. 337                                   •   Verbal announcements at Mass
Assistant to the Director of Liturgy                                            •   Scheduling information/fundraiser before or after Mass
Andrew O’Connor,, ext. 330                               •   Reserving a meeting space
                                                                                •            submissions—
                                                                                    Bulletin submissions—Submissions may be sent to
ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF                                                       The submission deadline is
Parish Records                                                                      two Fridays prior to the publishing weekend.
Jean Wilson,, ext. 322
Secretary/Communications Coordinator                                       Parking: The church has two parking areas—a small lot on
                                                                           Chapman Street and a larger lot on Tremont Drive. Please
Melissa Miller,, ext. 317                            observe all city parking regulations when parking on the street.
Rita Eberle,, ext. 310                               Bulletin Boards: To place a church related advertisement on
Maintenance Supervisor                                                     either of the two church bulletin boards, please submit
Jeff Smith,, ext. 311                                 materials to the church office for the pastor’s approval.
Accountant                                                                 Posters/flyers placed without prior approval, may be removed.
Danny Byerly,, ext. 316

                    To become a member of Our Lady of Grace, please complete one of our
                    registration forms located at the entrances of the church, on our parish website         MAIL TO:
                    (, or complete the form below and we will            OLG Registration
                    mail you one. Welcome to the parish!                                                     Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church

                    Place this form in the offering basket or mail to the church office at:                  201 S. Chapman St.
                                                                                                             Greensboro, NC 27403
                    Address:                                                                                  How can we help?
                                                                                                              Please call the parish office at
                    City:                                       State:_______ Zip: ____________               274-6520 ext. 310, if you have
                    Phone:_________________ E-Mail:                                                           any questions.

                        I would like to join Our Lady of Grace. Please send me a registration form.
                        I would like information about becoming Catholic.
Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time                                                                        September 23, 2012

Mass Intentions                    September 24—September 30 Pray for the Sick (listed alphabetically)
                                                                          Victoria Abel, Michael Acurio, Diane Adams, Roy Allard,
SAT—September 22                 8:00 AM    Communion Service             Angela Amato, Fletcher Barnette, Judith Barnette, Robert
                                 5:00 PM    Priest’s Intention            Bixby, Jackie Bobbit, Linda Boggs, Fred Brown, Nino
                                                                          Bucarelli, Lea Campbell, Ted Carey, Clara Ceballos, Linda
SUN—September 23                 7:00 AM    Frank Mazzocchi†  †           Cheney, Bea Clark, Jessie Clark, Bob Connolly, Diane Cook,
                                 8:30 AM    J.D. Fraley†
                                                       †                  Christina Dawn Cox, David Crolla, Ginger Crotts, Joe Deleon,
                                10:00 AM    Joseph & Matthew Paul Vezzi   Enrique Delgado, Sue DeSanto, Dan Di Gregorio, Alesa
                                            & Josephine Marchese† †       Dillon, Patricia Doran, Tom Dourgarian, Dee Dee Ezekiel, Vic
                                11:30 AM    OLG Parishioners              Euliss, Bob Fiore, Julia Fusco, Kenneth Gordon, Stacey Gray,
                                  1:30 PM   Dixie Karen Guzman† †         Frank Hanson, Elaine Harris, Lois Haslam, Ted Hawley,
                        (SPANISH) 4:00 PM   Priest’s Intention            Ashley Herde, Betty Hunt, Sally John, Shane Kasey, Doris
                                  7:00 PM   Joan Regan†  †                Kauder, Frank Kauder, Jacob Keepes, Renee Kelly, Liliana
                                                                          Bucarelli Kennedy, Liam Killeen, Evelyn Knox, Jane Kodack,
MON—September 24                 7:00 AM    George Stratton†
                                                                          Erin Krementz, Colin Kanyuk, Dan & Marie LaBianca, Gloria
                                 8:45 AM    Joan Flynn                    Lawrence, Joseph Leahy, Angela Lebreau, Philip Legnetti,
TUES—September 25                7:00 AM    Jill Boschini                 Kastey Lofano, Rob Lord, Jennifer Maldonado, Brian Marble,
                                                                          Rachel Martin, Reginald Martin, Rudy Martin, Sharon Martin,
                                 8:45 AM    Rose Pixley
                                                                          James MacDonald, Francis McCormack, Jeane McFillin,
WED—September 26                 7:00 AM    Betty Purdy††                 James McGinnis, Com. Scott McGinnis, Dan McKelvey, Lisa
                                 8:45 AM    Special Intentions            McMaster, Rose McPherson, Len & Max Maceli, Martha
THURS—September 27               7:00 AM    Marguerita Koncul†
                                                             †            Miller, Nando Miriachi, Betty Mitchell, Linda Molan, Steven
                                 8:45 AM    Joan Regan††                  Molen, Kanani & Jerry Mullins, B. James Murphy, Kathleen
                                                                          Murphy, P. B. Murphy, Fred Myers, Lisa O’Brien, Phil Owens,
FRI—September 28                 7:00 AM    Pat & Tony Pupello            Ed Pachasa, Gail Patterson, Judy Patton, Nelson Payawal,
                                 8:45 AM    Kate Boschini                 Deana Powell, Giacomo Puccio, Helen Pynes, David Quintis,
SAT—September 29                 8:00 AM    Priest’s Intention            Zachary Reavis, Sherry Reekes, John Rohan, G. Thomas
                                                                          Ross, Emma Rutherford, Walt Sabal, Nancy Saksa, Edward
                                 5:00 PM    Christopher Cleary††          Brian Sarti, Bryce Scallan, Craig Scallan, Carolyn Schultz,
SUN—September 30                  7:00 AM   Thomas Cribbin†  †            Elizabeth Sickelbaugh, Khloe Siemierling, Elizabeth
                                  8:30 AM   John O’Brien, Sr.             Siemierling, Elizabeth Snelbaker, Worth Squires, Sheila
                                10:00 AM    Francisco Restrepo††          Steele, Joseph Stevenson, Grady Strickland, Vicki Strickland,
                                11:30 AM    Joseph Zahran†  †             Maria & Sylvia Szumilus, Julie Tamborino, Heather Tedder,
                                  1:30 PM   Dixie Karen Guzman† †         Deacon Paul Teich, Sr. Elizabeth Tyson, Matthew Waterman,
                                                                          Christie Webb, Ancil Weekley, John Weems, Neil Welch,
                        (SPANISH) 4:00 PM   Priest’s Intention
                                                                          Chris Westmoreland, Bill Williams, Belinda Wilson, Sharon
                                  7:00 PM   OLG Parishioners              Wintermate, Gerry Lou Wray, Robert Wray, James Wright,
             Eternal rest grant unto all the faithful departed,           Sofie Zuluaga
            O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them…              *Names appear for two weeks unless continuation is
                   Frances S. Carr, mother of Jon Carr                    requested.
        Donald Shaughnessy husband of Joanna Shaughnessy
       Christopher Robert Cleary son of Patricia and Frank Cleary
                            Cleary,                                       Pray for Those in Military Service
                         Elizabeth Jane Halstead                          Remember in your prayers the men and women in the active military
                Kathleen Ann Cegles sister of Bill Cegles
                               Cegles,                                    and their families. Your fellow parishioners are grateful for your
                                                                          support in prayer until their loved ones’ safe return.
 Scripture Readings
                                                                          SP4 Sam Kiceina, Private Will Stoddart, CDR James
September 24 Prv 3:27-34; Ps 15:2-4ab, 5; Lk 8:16-18                      Polickoski, PFC Nicholas Longphre, SPC Thomas Berti, SPC
September 25 Prv 21:1-6, 10-13; Ps 119:1, 27, 30, 34-35, 44; Lk 8:19-21   Jason Cook, PFC Brandon Bridge, Andrew Dial, PO1 James
September 26 Weekday Sts. Cosmas & Damian, Martyrs                        Andrew Ellis, Maj James R. Schmid, SGT Zackaria Harris,
               Prv 30:5-9; Ps 119:29, 72, 89, 101, 104, 163; Lk           PFC Kimberly Walton, LTJG Garland Wilson, CM2 Steven
September 27 St. Vincent de Paul, Priest                                  Walton, SPC4 Adrian M. Welch, Cpl James Austin, Lt John
               Eccl 1:2-11; Ps 90:3-6, 12-14, 17bc; Lk 9:7-9              Roath, E-3 PFC Cody B. Brown, PO3 Jesse M. Brown, Maj
September 28 St. Wenceslaus, Martyr; St. Lawence Ruiz                     Timothy P. Popek, CPO Glen Thomas, Lt Col Rick Moor, SFC
             & Companions, Martyrs                                        Frank Luedtke, Pvt Colin Butts, SPC Wayne Hopper, SSG
               Eccl 3:1-11; Ps 144:1b, 2abc, 3-4; Lk 9:18-22              Steven Bixby, SFC Chris Brooks, SSgt David A. Weekley, Pvt
                                                                          Crystal Martinez-Butts, SPC Elliot F. Chodkowski, Cpl
September 29 St. Michael, Gabriel & Raphael, Archangels
                                                                          Jonathan Hill, Sgt Maj Corbin’s Unit, CAPT Justin Vaughan,
               Dn 7:9-10, 13-14 or Rv 12:7-12a; Ps 138:1-5; Jn 1:47-51
                                                                          Maj Christopher McCarthy, SSgt Travis Hawley, PFC Chris
September 30 Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time                         Kirwan, USMC, Sgt Maj Bill Stoddart, PFC Matthew
               Nm 11:25-19; Ps 19:8, 10, 12-14; Jas 5:1-6;                Sarnocinski, PFC Conway Prior, E-4 Robert Bauer
               Mk 9:38-43, 45, 47-48
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church                                                                           Greensboro, NC

                    This Week at OLG                                           Special Announcements
CAF = Cafeteria; CR = Choir Room; CH = Church; LIB = Library;
LS = Lower School; MS = Middle School; OLC = Our Lady’s Cottage;   New Bulletin Editor Rita Eberle, our new parish receptionist
SJH = St. Joseph’s House; SR = Science Room                        will be editing the bulletin going forward. Please submit
                                                                   notices in writing to Rita by the Friday two weekends (or 10
Sunday, September 23                                               days) before publication date. Email submissions are
                                                                   preferred at Thank you!
DONUT SUNDAY—following 8:30, 10 & 11:30 am Masses, CAF
Stewardship Ministry Fair—following 8:30, 10 & 11:30 am
Masses, GYM                                                        CHANGE IN WEEKEND MASS SCHEDULE— Effective the
                                                                   weekend of September 15 and 16 the weekend Mass
10:20 AM Religious Education classes, MS/LS
                                                                   schedule is as follows:
10:20 AM Adult Formation Program, LIB/SJH-d                        Sat.: 5pm
10:20 AM Nursery (w/ Adult Formation Program), LS                               8:              11:30am,
                                                                   Sun.: 7am, 8:30am, 1Oam, 11:30am,
2:00 PM      Baptismal Preparation Class (Spanish), CAF                   1:30pm (Extraordinary Form Traditional Latin Mass)
2:45 PM      Spanish Faith Formation, LS/MS                               4pm (SPANISH)
3:00 PM      Action through Faith (Spanish), SJH                          7pm
3:00 PM      Young Adults (Spanish), SR                            Thank you for your patience during this period of transition.
3:00 PM      Girl Scout Troop, LIB
6:00 PM      Boy Scout Troop, CAF/GYM/LIB/SR
                                                                   Chant Choir    Our Lady of Grace is pleased to announce the
                                                                   formation of a new Chant Choir (Schola) under the direction
Monday, September 24                                               of Brian Marble. The OLG Chant Schola will serve at Masses
7:00 PM      School Board Mtg., LIB                                in the Extraordinary Form on Sundays at 1:30pm and for
Tuesday, September 25                                              holydays and special occasions. No ability to read music is
9:15 AM      Divine Mercy Cenacle, CR                              required, all training and recordings for practice will be
7:00 PM      RCIA, LIB                                             provided. Fluency in Latin is also not required. Attendance at
Wednesday, September 26                                            weekly rehearsals will be essential. All singers of high school
                                                                   age and up are welcome, a brief audition with the Director is
Confession (following 7AM Mass), CH
                                                                   requested. Contact Brian Marble at
6:30 PM      Walking with Purpose., CAF/LIB                        for more information or to arrange an audition.
7:45 PM      Rosary, SJH-d
Thursday, September 27—Church office closes at 12pm                Stewardship Opportunity? If you have a background in
9:15 AM      Adoration (until 6:00PM), CH                          accounting, business or banking (or are just plain good with
5:00 PM      Confession/Adoration, CH                              numbers) and would like to help with the weekly offertory
7:45 PM      Flames of Fire Charismatic Prayer Group, SJH-d        count, please email your name and contact information to
                                                                   Father Kowalski at: The commitment
Friday, September 28
                                                                   on time is once a week on Monday mornings from
7:30-8:30 AM Adoration, CH                                         approximately 7am to 9am. We are looking to have enough
10:00 AM Craft Group, SJH                                          volunteers so as to set up two teams which would then
Saturday, September 29                                             alternate months.
7:30 AM      Rosary, CH
10:00 AM RCIA (repeat class), LIB                                  Please be sure to turn off cell phones            before Mass
12:00 PM Retrouvaille, LIB                                         begins so as not to disturb others.
3-4:45 PM Confession, CH
5:45 PM      Spanish Faith Formation, LS/MS                        Parents with small children, who may become restless or
                                                                   noisy—for your convenience, the vestibule located at the
                                                                   Chapman Street entrance is outfitted so that you can see and
                                                                   hear Mass without disturbing those around you as you
                                                                   comfort your child. Thanks for your cooperation.

Parish Support
Week of September 16, 2012
Actual Collection                                    $17,760                     Why Attend 7am Daily Mass?
Offertory Goal                                       $20,648               This day. This day begin again with Christ.
Surplus/(Loss) for Week of 09/16/12                 ($ 2,888)                               He calls!
Year-to-Date for Fiscal Year 2012/2013
Actual Collection                                   $239,355
Offertory Goal                                      $251,496
Surplus/(Loss) for FY 2012/2013                     ($ 12,141)
Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time                                                              September 23, 2012

From the Pastor’s Desk                                         From the Director of Liturgy
“Laudetur Jesus Christus!” (Praised be Jesus Christ!)          Pax et Bonum! Merry Christmas!

I would like to begin this week with a word of thanks to       Before you think I have lost my mind stay with me a mo-
John Englar. In the second of two Stewardship talks leading    ment. We have come to the final part of the introductory
up to this weekend’s Stewardship Sunday, John spoke            rites of the Mass, a special hymn dedicated to Our Lord Je-
about what Stewardship has meant to him in his faith           sus. This hymn is not an ordinary hymn, it is one of the old-
journey. I think his remarks where thoughtful and timely       est that we use in the Roman Church and it happens to be a
and worth reflecting upon as we each consider our level of     Christmas carol. We know it as the Gloria, "Glory to God in
commitment to stewardship of our time, talent, and             the highest, and on earth peace to people of good will."
treasure. Thank you, John, and well done!
                                                               This hymn was a compilation of scripture and poetry. The
There are many blessings associated with being a pastor,       scripture comes from St. Luke's Gospel, the poetry comes
none more so than when you get to brag on members of           from St. Ambrose. St. Ambrose was the bishop of Milan in
your parish family. This week’s message begins with me         the late 300's early 400's. One of the many things St. Am-
bragging, so please bear with me.                              brose was famous for is his ability to write hymns and the
                                                               development of the Mass. St. Ambrose wrote a hymn for
Last Friday morning I was privileged to concelebrate the       Christmas that combined the angelic hosts greeting the
Mass of the Holy Spirit for the opening of the academic        shepherds in the fields while they were keeping watch, and a
year at Bishop McGuinness High School. Msgr. West was          poem of praise to Jesus. This hymn was an instant hit. It
the principal celebrant. I was glad to see six of my brother   became so popular so fast that the people did not want to
priests also in attendance. During the Mass, Monsignor         stop singing it. As a result the Gloria became a regular part
commissioned a number of students who will serve in “peer      of the Mass, not just during the Christmas season, but all
ministry” during this school year. While the term “peer        year long.
ministry” may sound like a leftover from the 1960’s, the
concept of students ministering to other students is           When we sing this hymn we remember that Christmas is not
certainly nothing new.                                         just a single day, but an entire season. We also remember
                                                               that Christmas is not just a season, but an integral part of
What particularly impressed me about the young men and         our Christian theology--the Incarnation. Christmas is cele-
women who stepped forward to be commissioned is first of       brated each and every Mass when we sing the Gloria. So
all the fact that they stepped forward. For many young         instead of thinking when we sing the Gloria, here we go again
people, high school is marked by an intense desire to fade     singing the same song, remember that this is the song of the
into the background and not stand out for any reason,          Angles! The Gloria is the hymn that announces to the world
much less stand out in a role of service and witness to        that Jesus Christ is Lord!
fellow students. And yet, fear of stepping forward did not
stop approximately twenty students from doing so in a          Let us pray well,
gymnasium packed with faculty, students, clergy and            Fr. Christopher J. Davis
parents. Two things about my experience that day made
me very proud. The first was the way these students
conducted themselves during Mass. Granted, there were a
few nervous giggles (which is to be expected); there was,       Celebrate Stewardship
however, no attitude of “showing off” or “look how good I
am”. Theirs was a simple declaration of their willingness to
                                                                Donut Sunday, today, September 23
serve as evidenced by their stepping forward in the
presence of their families and friends. What also made me       Location: School Cafeteria
proud was that several of those students who were               Date:     September 23
commissioned that day are active members of our parish          Time:     Following the 7am, 8:30am,
family. They are: Sebastian Lucek, Mary Rose Stepnowski                   10am and 11:30am Masses
and Kable Young.
                                                                We continue our Stewardship Effort. Where stewardship
On behalf of our parish family, I congratulate them and         has been implemented, it has changed the lives of both
commend them on their acceptance of their commission. I         givers and receivers. This weekend is Celebrating
ask you, my parish family, to keep them daily in your           Stewardship weekend. Please come by the OLG gym and
prayers. May God bless them and keep them safe each             discover the many ways in our parish where OLG
day!                                                            parishioners have committed their time and talent to better
                                                                our community. See how our parish has helped make a
Oremus pro invicem!                                             positive difference in the community in which we live, work
                                                                and raise our families.

                                                                       Everything we have is a gift from GOD
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church                                                                        Greensboro, NC

                                                         Parish News
All Souls Novena
We are pleased to announce an All Souls novena of Masses
on the following dates and times:
Fri:     November 2 - 6pm - Mass in the Extraordinary Form
Sat:     November 3 - 8am
Sun:     November 4 - 10am
Mon:     November 5 - 7am
Thurs:   November 8 - 8:45am
Fri:     November 9 - 7am                                          Come and see what Walking with Purpose is all
Sat:     November 10 - 5pm                                         about.    Join us for our Connect Coffee on
Sun:     November 11 - 7am                                         September 26, (See times below) for a
Mon:     November 12 - 7am                                         reflection on “Four Steps to Walk With
                                                                   Purpose”. This is not a walking club for the
For registered parishioners, envelopes are available in your       body but a Bible Scripture Study for the
envelope packets to submit with the names you would like to        soul.
have remembered. Please turn them in to the office by
Friday, October 26. Envelopes will be placed on the altar for      All women of the parish and especially moms
the month of November. The customary stipend for a                 with young children are welcome. Childcare is
novena of Masses is between $20 and $50.                           always provided at our morning sessions.
                                                                   We hope you will join us at one of the following
Van Driver Needed        Looking for an opportunity to volun-      opportunities as we begin our new year:
teer? We need van drivers to help with our transportation
ministry. We provide a ride to the 11:30am Mass for those                  Mornings beginning Wednesday,
parishioners who have no other way to get to church. Van               September 26 9:45a.m. -11:15a.m. St. Paul
drivers must be at least 21 or older and have a valid North
                                                                                the Apostle Life Center.
Carolina drivers license. At present you would be expected
to drive about once or twice every three months. If you are              Wednesday morning childcare provided!
interested, contact Skip Essma at (336) 688-7063 or sess- for more information. This is a very re-                  Evenings beginning Wednesday,
warding ministry and a wonderful way to serve the Lord and                  September 26 6:30 -8:00p.m.
each other.                                                                Our Lady of Grace School Cafeteria.

Help Wanted     Sewers and Embroiderers are desperately                    Contact Patty Disney 336-382-2558,
needed for the baptismal bibs as our supply has dwindled. A           
minimal amount of sewing and embroidery is required but                       or Sue Perez 336-908-0881,
you do need good skills. If you can help, contact Barbara
Small at 336-540-9574.                                                 Learn more at

                                                                         Come Join Cub Scouts!
                        Blessing of Pets                                        Attention parents with boys in
                                                                                       1st—5th Grade!
                             in celebration of the
                              Feast of St. Francis                Registration for the 2012-2013 Cub Scouts Pack 111 here
                                                                    at OLG is now underway. The pack is chartered to the
                            Thursday, October 4                                   church and all are welcome.
                                 6:00pm                                     Meetings are usually held on Mondays.
                                                                             We have many fun activities planned
     Father Eric Kowalski and Deacon Tim Rohan will                                  for the coming year.
      bless our pets on Thursday, October 4. All are
     welcome. Please gather on the Chapman Street                  For more information, visit or email Corbin
     lawn near the St. Francis statue. For the safety                         Rusch at,
      and comfort of all, including our animals, pets                             or call at 336.420.1523.
            must be on leashes or in carriers.
Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time                                                         September 23, 2012

         2012 Fall Festival                                             Friday FamilyPICNIC
       Benefiting Our Lady of Grace                                            Friday, October 5
                                                                   Dinner at 6pm - 8pm Music at 7pm - 10pm
                                                                  Menu: Pulled Pork, Mac & Cheese, Corn, Rolls,
            Church and School                                                Apple Cobbler and Tea
                                                                   Adults: $8.00    Children under 12: $6.00
   Friday, October 5, afternoon and evening                              Children 5 and under are free.
 Saturday, October 6, morning, noon and night!                            Cash bar with beer and wine.
                                                                  Celebrating OLG's school 60th year!
  Fun for all ages, games, raffle, food, beverages,
                  and much more!
                                                                  All HomemadeITALIAN DINNER
   Reminder...Have you sent in your 50/50 Raffle                             Saturday, October 6
        tickets? You have to play to win!                                     5pm - 8pm Cafeteria
     Drawing held Saturday Night October 6.                                      Adults: $11.00
                                                                         Children: (12 and under) $5.00
                                                                Adult Menu: Antipasto, Penne Rigate Pomodoro,

           Please Volunteer                                     Meatballs, Sausage, Seasonal Vegetables, Garlic
                                                                      Bread, Assorted Desserts, Beverages
                                                                   12 year old and under Children's Menu:
      We need all hands on deck!                                       Salad, Pizza, Dessert and Beverage
                                                               **Gluten-Free and Vegetarian dinners available on
         Contact the church office TODAY at                                      Saturday night!
       274-6520 or
            Or see the notices below for                      Tickets for both dinners are available at church office
                                                               or school office. Advanced ticket purchases greatly
            specific ways you can help.                                appreciated! Buy your tickets today!

  Silent Auction Items Needed for the Fall Festival
  If you have an item you would like to donate to the Fall
  Festival Silent Auction, please drop it by the church
  office. We are looking for new items, antiques,
  vacation spots and gift certificates for services or
  merchandise. If you have any questions or have a large
  item to donate, contact Jeannie Hall at 282-1616 or        PRE-ORDER YOUR FALL MUMS!
                                                             Available for pick-up at the FALL FESTIVAL in the
  Bake Sale                                                  Pumpkin Patch.
  Join us at the bake sale… Delicious treats will be         10" Mums Various Colors:
  featured at our Fall Festival Bake Shoppe—cakes,           Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple;
  cupcakes, cookies brownies muffins and other sweets        $12.00 each or 2 for $20.
  galore. Donations of these items will be welcomed          Checks payable to Our Lady of Grace.
  starting Thursday, October 4 at the church office and in
  the gym at the Bake table all day Friday and Saturday.     Questions? Contact Darlene Silknitter
  We are also planning to have cake walks during             ( or 855-5342)
  Saturday. If you can spare some time and can help
  with 1-2 hour shifts at the sale, call Pat & Lawrene at    **Pre-Orders are due by Friday, September 21
                                                             Submit orders to the church office. Mums can also be
                                                             purchased at the Fall Festival - (limited quantities and
  Games! Games! Games! Volunteers needed who                 colors available).
  have had Protecting God’s Children that would be
  willing to volunteer for 30 minute shifts to supervise     NAME: _____________________________________
  children’s activities.     The volunteer would be
  responsible to keep control of the activity and take       PHONE: __________________________________
  tickets for a minimum of 30 minutes. Contact Melanie
  Gonzalez at to sign up!                     QTY: ______________ Total: $ ____________________
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church                                                                              Greensboro, NC

                                                                     Is our Lord calling you     to share the faith with our children
              Parish Life Commission                                 and young people? We invite you to consider this life-
                                                                     proclaiming service. Call Jim McCullough at 274-6520 x335
                                                                     or email him at to explore the
Young at Heart      will not meet in September. In October, we
will begin a new format. Watch the bulletin for details.             New CDs!      One of our new CDs this week: “Logical, Biblical
                                                                     reasons to be and stay Catholic!” is one testimony to this
Women’s Club Retreat          See the beauty of Fall in Stoneville   great talk by Patrick Madrid. (Great reasons to consider
and share in a day retreat at the Francis Springs Prayer             becoming Catholic, too, of course.) Head of the Envoy
Center with the Women’s Club, Thursday, October 18. Fr.              Institute at our own Belmont Abbey College, Madrid is bright,
Louie Canino is our retreat speaker and we will also have            engaging, convincing—give this CD a try.
Mass, Rosary and a celebration. Arrive at the Center at
9:30am and bring $20 to cover the cost of coffee, tea and            All new titles, great talks by great Catholic speakers. Pick up
lunch. A carpool will leave from St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church       a couple to listen to and share with friends and family. Great
parking lot on Tremont Street at 9:00am. Sign-up sheet for           for listening in the car on commute or during a break at work!
this and other events will be available at our September             2 kiosks—back of the church and at the Tremont/school
meeting. Hope to see you there.                                      entrance.

Attractions Books are HERE!      Our annual Women’s Club
Fundraiser—ATTRACTIONS BOOKS—are for sale in the church
office for $25 and ready to be used now. Check should be                         Are you an adult Catholic
made out to the OLG Women’s Club. Call Women’s Club                            who has never been Confirmed?
member Louise Kemp at 294-2986 or stop by the church
office to purchase yours.                                                    Call Jim McCullough at 274-6520 ext. 335
                                                                             or email him at
Comfort Committee        Do you have a passion for taking care                 for information about adult preparation
of others? If so, the Comfort Committee needs you. Please                                 of the sacrament.
contact Lisa Hazlett at or 632-1697.

Co-Op Nursery will be transitioning to 10:20am to be
available for the Adult Faith Formation sessions. Please see
the “Education & Formation Commission” section of the
bulletin for more details about these sessions. For questions            Education & Formation Commission
about the Co-Op Nursery, contact Mary Kay Auer at 286-                                John Endredy, Chairperson,
7619.                                                                     or 449-3656

Meals for Moms & Dads          Here is an opportunity to reach
out to your church family by providing a meal to those
welcoming a new baby. Please contact Shannon Engels at
                                                                                  Come One, Come All!
316-0083 or Mary Kay Auer at 286-7619, if you'd like to sign                 An Exciting Series for Adults is Beginning
up for this ministry and/or you know of someone at OLG who           This year the Education & Formation Commission is present-
is expecting.                                                        ing two faith formation series for adults. The adult faith for-
                                                                     mation meetings will be held on Sundays from 10:20am to
                                                                     11:20am coinciding with the youth CCD schedule. Nursery
                                                                     care for children ages 1-2 will be provided on a co-op basis
                Religious Education                                  during the series.
       Director of Religious Education, Jim McCullough
       274-6520 ext. 335,                  Series 1: Catholicism—22 Sessions—Filmed in 50 loca-
                                                                     tions throughout 15 countries and previously aired on PBS,
                                                                     the Catholicism DVD series illustrates what Catholics be-
Are You Considering Becoming Catholic?                   Is God      lieve and why, while being immersed in the art, architec-
Inviting You Into A Closer Relationship?                             ture, literature, beliefs, and practices of the Catholic tradi-
                                                                     tion. Sessions will consist of an episode portion followed by
Don’t Delay!! RCIA, the Rite of Christian Initiation of              discussion using discussion materials from the producer.
Adults, has just begun. YOU are invited, but we need                 See
to hear from you ASAP. For more information get in
touch with Jim McCullough at 274--6520 x335 or email                 Series 2: Catholic Courses         – 3 courses, 8 sessions
him at                                    each, with ½ hour DVD episode and ½ hour discussion
                                                                     using materials from the lecturers and producer. The cours-
Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time                                                                     September 23, 2012

es are The Hidden Meaning of The Lord of the Rings Jo-
                                                 Rings,               Women’s Emergency Shelter          Last winter OLG members,
seph Pearce; Catholicism: The First 500 Years Fr. David               community churches and the YWCA worked together in
Meconi, S.J.; Seven Myths about the Catholic Church & Sci-            fellowship to run the Women’s Emergency Shelter. As many
ence Benjamin Wiker, Ph.D. For information on the courses,
ence,                                                                 of you may know, the old YWCA building has been sold. The
see                                          YWCA is committed to finding a new space to continue the
                                                                      shelter efforts once again between December 1st and April
                                                                      1st. In order for the YWCA to know if they have the
3 Part Lecture Series—Hit by a Runaway Train                          commitments necessary to continue this ministry, our church
In October 1962, Blessed Pope John XXIII assembled Vatican            needs to respond to them by early October. This is a time
Council II. In the U.S., seminaries were full, nuns were in hab-      and talent commitment. Can you commit to this ministry?
its, Catholics rarely missed Mass (which was always in Latin),        Please email Melanie Gonzalez at no later
didn't eat meat on Fridays, and thought of priests as similar to                        2012.
                                                                      than October 4, 2012 Mark your emails “Women’s Shelter”
Father Chuck O'Malley (who? hint: Bing Crosby). Fifty years           in the subject line. Once again, many thanks to all who have
later, we wonder: What hit us? On October 4, 11, and 18 in            worked so diligently to help those in need in our community.
the OLG cafeteria, from 7:00-8:30pm, we will explore the tur-         May God continue to bless you!
bulence--the social tsunami--that changed (or did it?) our faith,
our families, our country, and the Church. This series is not
an attack on Vatican II; it is not an appeal to roll the clock
back; it is not a political rally. It is a study of Church teaching                   School Happenings
in very troubled times--and of how that teaching has
been ridiculed and restored, denied and defended, hated and
loved. Presenter: Deacon James H. Toner of OLG. Deacon
Toner holds a Ph.D. from Notre Dame and a master's from
William & Mary. He has taught at numerous colleges includ-                    OLG School
ing Auburn, the U.S. Air Force Academy, Notre Dame, and Holy              All Star Book Fair
Apostles Seminary in Connecticut. Please join us!
                                                                         Every Reader is a Star—OLG School
                                                                                            All Star Book Fair
                                                                            Thursday, October 11 – Wednesday, October 17
                                                                                Hours on Thursday, October 11th through
                                                                             Tuesday, October 16th from 8:00 AM-4:00 PM
                                                                          Wednesday, October 17th from 8:00am to 10:00am
      Community Outreach Commission
                                                                                            Donuts for Dads
                                                                                Tuesday, October 16 from 7:15- 8:00 AM
                                                                          Bring Dad to school early for coffee, donuts, and juice,
Urban Ministry Food Collection at Harris Teeter will take                        then browse our huge selection of titles!
place on Saturday, September 29 from 10:00am - 6:00pm.
OLG has been assigned to the Harris Teeter store at 4640                                      FAMILY EVENT
West Market Street (near CiCis Pizza). Customers purchase                                   Friday, October 12
extra items while shopping and donate them to Urban                          Parents, children, teachers, and all parishioners
Ministries when exiting the store. Volunteers are needed to                     are welcome. We have books for all ages.
work 2-hour shifts outside the store collecting food. If you
would like to help or need more information, please contact                                  GRANDPARENTS
Genie Petrangeli at 545-5802 or                           Start your Christmas shopping and
                                                                                     raise funds for our school library.
Furniture Needed The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is in
urgent need of usable furniture to be given to families in                   The OLG Book Fair is the school library’s biggest
need. This includes kitchen sets, appliances, living room and                fundraiser, so please bring out the whole family
bedroom furniture including box springs and mattresses.                               and help make it a success!
Please call 210-3745 to arrange for pick up. Verification
letters of your donations will be provided.
                                                                      OLG Panther Athletic Club invites you...
                                                                      The Fifth Annual "Fore our Future" Golf
                                                                      Tournament will be held on Saturday, October 20,
                                                                      2012 starting at 9:30am.—
                                                                      Register your foursome online today.
                                                                      VIC Card Reminder—#1033            Harris Teeter shoppers,
                                                                      remember to re-link your VIC card to OLG school with the
                                                                      code #1033. Cards must be re-linked at the beginning of
                                                                      every school year beginning August 1. Re-link TODAY!
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church                                                                          Greensboro, NC

                Respect Life News                                                  Community News

                                                                Head Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse Coach Bishop McGuinness has
                                                                an opening for a head varsity boys’ lacrosse coach for the spring
                         This fall, our community is uniting    season. This is a paid stipend position. Please contact Jeff
                         with hundreds of other cities          Stoller at for more information or to apply.
                         around the world for the largest
                         and longest pro-life mobilization in   Knights of Columbus Council Luncheon Would you like a
                         history: The 40 Days For Life          nice lunch at a reasonable cost? You can by coming to a
                         campaign. Believers throughout         luncheon sponsored by the Knights of Columbus Council #939
                         our community are invited to join      on Wednesday, October 3, 2012 located on Horsepen Creek
                         together for 40 days of fervent        Road near St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church. Doors open at
                         prayer, fasting and peaceful vigil     12:00pm with lunch served at 12:30pm. The menu includes
                         for an end to abortion at an           baked chicken, rice with gravy, rolls, beverage and desert. Beer
                         abortion facility “A Woman’s Choice    and wine will also be available. The cost is only $5.00 per
                         of NC”, 201 Pomona Drive. If you       person. Proceeds go to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.
have a desire to stand “for those who can not speak for         Contact Pat Kirwan at 541-5582 (C) or 292-2776 (H) by
themselves”. Learn more at:           September 26 for a numbers estimate.
Greensboro. 40 Days for Life is held from September 26 to
November 4—become a part the vigil. Click on Vigil
            4—                                                  Donate your car to Catholic Social Services Want to
Schedule to register. Hours available from 7am to 7pm.          support charitable outreach offered by the Church? Donate your
For additional information, please reach out to Leslie Marsh    used car, boat, or other vehicle to support outreach by Catholic
(336) 471-5571 or                     Social Services. Call toll free 855-930-GIVE (4483). Donating is
                                                                easy and our neighbors in need benefit!

Public Square Rosary Crusade           Join the 2012 Public     Seasons of Hope Grief Ministry meets for six weeks on Sunday
Square Rosary Crusade on the 95th anniversary of The            afternoons September 30th through November 4th. Anyone
Miracle of the Sun at Fatima. This Public Square Rosary,        who is mourning the loss of a loved one is encouraged to attend
sponsored by America Needs Fatima, will be one of over          and bring a guest. Please join us and be comforted at Kloster
8,000 rallies to take place all across the United States on     Center from 1:45 to 4:00 pm. To register please call St. Pius X
that day. We will offer reparation for the sins and offenses    Parish office 336-272-4681. Registration deadline is Monday,
committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Join us in      September 24.
praying for our nation on Saturday, October 13, 2012 after
the 8 AM Mass. The local Public Square Rosary Rally will        Religious Liberty & the HHS Mandate St. Pius X will host a
take place on Our Lady of Grace Market Street Lawn around
                                                                lecture on Religious Liberty and the HHS Mandate on Saturday,
the statue of Our Holy Mother. There is also a rally on
                                                                October 6th at 7:00pm. Dr Grattan Brown, a professor at
October 13, at St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church at noon
                                                                Belmont Abbey College, will deliver a lecture entitled, “Natural
(arrive at 11:30am). Please contact Meg Foppe at 336-510-
                                                                Law Foundations of Religious Liberty and the HHS Mandate. A
4218 or Antionette Cerrito at 336-852-0714 for more
                                                                reception will precede the event starting at 6:00pm at St. Pius X
                                                                Catholic Church located at 2210 North Elm Street in
                                                                Greensboro. This is an important topic not just to Catholics but
LIFE CHAIN, October 7, 2:30—3:30pm                              to all Americans who cherish religious liberty. Dr. Brown is a
                                                                former researcher in religion and public policy at the American
Join us again this year for a time of peaceful, prayerful,
public witness against abortion. We will gather along           Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC and former professor at
                                                                St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia. This free event
Battleground Avenue on October 7. For more information
                                                                is open to the public.
reach out to Dianne McClamroch at (336) 288-5517 or
                                                                The International Civil Rights Center & Museum will host
                                                                the Human Rights Watch Traveling Film Festival on September
Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat       There is hope and healing       28th (The Invisible War), September 29th (Call Me Kuchu) and
following abortion. Rachel’s Vineyard is a retreat weekend,     September 30th (Putin’s Kiss). For information contact Lolita
open to men and women beginning their healing journey.          Watkins at 336-274-9199 x231.
For more information, contact Carla at 828-342-4655 or
their web-site at The next retreat is      Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians
October 26-28, 2012 sponsored by Catholic Social Services       We will meet at 7:00 PM on October 4, 2012 at St. Paul the
Respect Life Program, diocese of Charlotte.                     Apostle, Room 3 & 4, 2715 Horse Pen Creek, Greensboro, NC.
                                                                A speaker from Greensboro Historical Society will be speaking
                                                                about “Pioneer Women in Guilford County” who made a
                                                                contribution to forming our county. Please join us this evening.
                                                                For further information, please contact Mary Lisk at 852-5014.

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