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Souvenir Card IPR Kiosk Software


									G – Ticketing – Travel Agency – New Services:
- Airport Arrivals Identification (Voucher Barcode or Passport
  Scanning) and Welcome message.
- Video Call Center
- City Card 1,3,7 Days,
- Travel Prepaid Card,
- Souvenir & Album Card,
- Room Hotel Identification Card,
                 Zlatan Karabegović B.S.M.E.


G – Ticketing:

City eCard (System for Self-Service Issuing Prepaid cards and Payment on
Mobile Phone) is protected by the Croatian Copyright Agency - Intellectual
Property Center as well as copyright and intellectual property of Zlatan
Karabegovic B.S.M.E.

The main objective of innovation:

Guests of the city enable Self-Service issuing card from 00-24 hours,
which can be used for:

- enter to hotel room (RFID),
- use it as a ticket for public transport (RFID),
- use it as a ticket to visit several sites of cultural and historical sights of
  the city with the discount (QR),
- paying service restaurants , cafes etc. with agreed discounts(IC,
- and Souvenir Card (USB Memories).

In case that Guests do not spend the amount that is paid, it can be picked
up at ATM (IC,PIN) or spend anywhere in the world on EFT POS
G – Ticketing:

G – Ticketing – Kiosk - Cards:

                                  City Card - RFID Ticket:

                                      Prepaid Card:

                                 USB Souvenir & Album Card
G – Ticketing – Kiosk - Cards:

                                  City Card - RFID Ticket:

                                      Prepaid Card:

                                 USB Souvenir & Album Card
G –Software – Identification with Voucher or Passport
G –Software – Identification with Passport
G –Software – Welcome Message

                                Welcome Message:

                                - Information about Airport,
                                - Transfer Airport – Hotel,
                                - About Hotel,
                                - About City,
                                -About Country,
                                - All are on Tourist Language,
                                - A4 size, duble printing,
                                - Advertising.

                                - Navigation Tourist on Tourist
                                - Better organisation Arrivals.
G – Ticketing – Kiosk - Cards:

                                 Travel Agency tickets for:
                                 -public transportation,
                                 -visiting cultural-historical monuments and
                                  excursions can sold as part of their

                                 Guests upon arrival at the airport scanning
                                 and Voucher with bar code on kiosk
                                 scanner and take tickets.

                                 - % from City Card,
                                 - Better service Tourist,
G –Software – Call Center:

                             Call Center 00-24:

                             - Video Skype Call


                             - Taxi Call!
G –Software – G-Souvenir Card:

                                 G-Souvenir Card:
                                 USB Memories Souvenir & Album
                                 All what Tourist have visited and
                                 seen can bring on a USB
                                 Memories Souvenir Card
                                 All personal Photo, Video can
                                 save on Album.

                                 - % from G-Souvenir Card,
                                 - Better service Tourist,
G –Software – G-Souvenir Card - Europa City:
G –Software – Prepaid Card:

                              Travel Agency Prepaid Card can sold as
                              part of their packages. Guests upon arrival
                              at the airport scann vouchers with bar code
                              on kiosk scanner and take Prepid Card for
                              Payment in Partners program discont.

                              - % from Payment in Partner Program,
                              - Better service and discont for Tourist in
                                Partner program,
Software – City information – Partners Program Navigation – Internet:
Software – City information – Partners Program Navigation - Mobile:
Software – Payment with Prepaid Cards – IprWebPos -Restaurantes:
About Autor:

               Karabegović Zlatan, General Manager:

               1980. Bachelor of Science degree in aerospace engineering,
                     Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, The Belgrade
               1981. Assistant Professor in the design using CAD/CAM Control
                     Data Corporation, Military Technical University "Ivan
                     Gošnjak", The University of Zagreb
               1985. Elmeh Pipić, private company for metal processing
                     production, head of designe and the manufacture,
               1987. Founded a private company IPR Software & Hardware,
               1990. Elected as one of the top 10 managers of the former Yugoslavia,
               1994. Development and implementation of systems for the production
                     of pharmaceutical drugs in Belupo,
               1996. Visiting and training in the United States through USAID to
                     design and develop Web software,
               1999. Development and implementation of a system for selling drugs
                     over the Internet - B2B Wholesalers to Pharmacies,
               2000. Info kiosk in Pharmacies,
               2003. Info kiosk in Shopping Centres - Price Checker,
               2005. Info Kiosk in Banks,
               2007. Info Kiosk in Ticketing,
               2010. Info kiosk in Telecom - Multimedia Public Phone,
               2012. Info Kiosk Card Issuer.
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