What was Victorian Education Like - Walks On The Wilde Side by 4KdI1P


									                  What was Victorian Education Like?
1) What are the names of the 3 children you meet at the Blackgate, and
   where do they live?

2) What is the name of the school children from the Blackgate attend?

3) How old did you have to be to leave school in Industrial Britain?

4) What do the children do at the start of the day?

5) What did pupils do during “scripture” lessons?

6) What happened to pupils who couldn’t answer questions?

7) Why might “arithmetic” lessons be more difficult that modern maths

8) Which part of the modern school day is the same as “Recreation”?

9) What did pupils do during “dictation” lessons?
10) What was special about “Needlework and Science”?

11) How does this give us a better idea about the views people had in
    Victorian Britain?

12) What happened during “Transcription” lessons?

13) Give a brief explanation of what you think it would be like to attend a
    Victorian School.

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