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					   QA MYP Interdisciplinary Planning Teams 2011-2012
IPT6                       Meets in Gary Holston’s room, English C1-41
        Arabic A                                Fadwa Sakr
          Arts                                 Allana Beaton
       English A                               Gary Holston
      Humanities                              Maryanne Ross
Islamic/Cultural Studies             Mohammed Adly, Samira El Morabit
        Libraries                     Aisha Hamad Al Shahwani Al Hajri
     Mathematics                                 Nigel Smith
   Modern Languages                           Imanol Echeverria
   Physical Education                           Sarah Wade
        Sciences                                    Neelam
      Technology                                  Jonas Redja
        Support                               Eliza and Merideth

IPT 7                  Meets in B2-39 , Sue Hitchman, Sciences
        Arabic A                               Naela Jabor
          Arts                              Mandy Hollingshead
       English A                              Allison Holsten
      Humanities                             Lindsey Kaufield
Islamic/Cultural Studies                      Yasser Ibrahim
        Libraries                  Shabana Mansoor and Fatima Al Marzouqi
     Mathematics                                  Iesa Welsh
   Modern Languages                             Miguel Varela
   Physical Education                         Jeanette Turriago
        Sciences                                Sue Hitchman
     PSE and C&S                              Lorelei Loveridge
      Technology                                Mark LeSurf
        Support                               Mick and Steve P

IPT 8      Meets in C1-19 Heather Schwaberow, Humanities
        Arabic A                              Othman Al Omar
          Arts                                   Billy Ball
       English A                              Aaron Alcodray
      Humanities                            Heather Schwaberow
Islamic/Cultural Studies                       Lubna Samha
        Libraries                              Amal Hamam
     Mathematics                                 Robb Kitcher
   Modern Languages                            Ann-Marie Anie
   Physical Education                           Julio Salazar
        Sciences                               Rebecca Hennard
      Technology                               Colin Mitchell
        Support                       Kay Mitchell and Lorelei Loveridge
IPT 9     Meets in Andreas Christodoulou’s room, Technology 1st floor
(across from Noushad’s office/copy room)
        Arabic A                         Mahmoud Fahmi
          Arts                  Anne-Louise McIlroy and Jane Barnett
       English A                            Lee Hedrick
      Humanities                               Tom
Islamic/Cultural Studies                    Muna Khair
        Libraries                        Sudha Konnanath
     Mathematics             Raka Singhal (Ext), Jeanne-Mari Neefs (Standard)
   Modern Languages                    Dr. Freddy Chauchaugua
   Physical Education                      Steve Humphrey
        Sciences                                   Lisa
      Technology                               Andreas
        Support                            Sozanne Zagmout

IPT 10            Meets in C1-15 Patrick Sweeney, Humanities
        Arabic A                          Rola Abou Ramadan
          Arts                               Claire Rimmer
       English A                             Wayne Symes
      Humanities                           Todd, Pat Hounsell
Islamic/Cultural Studies                    Mokhtar Badri
        Libraries                          Susanne Fletcher
     Mathematics                Zeina Jawad (Ext), Arfan Hanif (Standard)
   Modern Languages                           Hiam Najem
   Physical Education                 Claire Coull and Chris Wade
        Sciences                             Steven Barrett
      Technology                             Patrick McKie
        Support                              Kathy Swords

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