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					1) Protect American Manufacturing and Jobs. Restore the exclusive authority of
Congress to "...regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several
States, and with the Indian Tribes..." as provided under Article 1 Section 8 of the US
Constitution. Impose tariffs or even import quotas if necessary on Chinese and other
nations who engage in unfair trade practices such as (but not limited to) industrial
espionage, currency manipulation, dumping products below cost, blatant disregard for
patents, etc. Withdraw from GATT and the WTO and immediately. Remove the
President's Fast Track Trade Authority and ask Congress to evaluate all trade
agreements on an individual basis to determine whether they create as many or more
American jobs than they destroy. If they are found to result in a net loss of jobs, repeal
them immediately. If they are job neutral or positive then keep them in place. Trade
agreements should be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

2) Balance the Budget. Quantitative Easing amounts to printing money we don't have
and risks hyperinflation. Printing money didn't work for the Weimar Republic and it
won't work for us either. Close the tax loopholes, trim the spending and if necessary
raise taxes as needed. Everything is on the table to get the job done. Include Defense
spending as well as social programs looking for cost savings and reductions in
mission scope, number of military bases, number of troops deployed where practical,
but don't sacrifice the safety of our nation or the health or morale of our troops to do

3) Save Social Security I'm partial to the plan put forth by Thaddeus McCotter - HR
2889, but am certainly open to other proposals.

4) Save Medicare -- No answers here just yet, but both major parties are lying their
butts off on healthcare reform according to

5) Exploit the Ocean's Resources in an Environmentally Friendly Manner -- 71%
of the planet's surface is covered with water. If the distribution of resources on the
planet comes anywhere near a normal distribution, we are missing a huge opportunity
by concentrating our limited resources on exploring other planets huge distances away
while virtually ignoring what lies only a few miles beneath the sea. Developing
robotics to mine the sea floor, harvest food, exploit geothermal energy, etc. in an
environmentally responsible manner would vastly enrich our nation. Develop a
complete system of effective oceanic robotics to exploit all oceanic resources within
10 years.

6) Put America First Nationalism is a virtue, not a sin. Before spending money
overseas ask what is in it for the United States of America. If the answer is it's merely
a nice thing to do, then examine whether there might be some equally virtuous use of
the money or resources at home before committing it to another nation. People may be
equal in the sight of God, but in the eyes of the United States the life of an American
soldier or sailor comes before the life of an enemy be they a combatant or a civilian.

7) Make the Minimum Wage a Living Wage For Working Adults -- People who
are willing to work full time should NOT fall below the poverty level. Allowing the
minimum wage to be set so low that a full time worker falls below the poverty level is
nothing more than a subtle form of corporate welfare. Explore the possibility of a
lower minimum wage for teenagers in order to help them get that all important first

8) Establish American Energy Independence -- Develop as many American energy
resources as practical. Weigh any enviromental regulations necessary considering the
impact on BOTH the environment and jobs.

9) Require all Proposed Federal Regulations to Be Analyzed in Terms of
Economic as Well As Environmental Impact --Clean air and water is important, but
so are jobs.

10) Reform AFDC -- The American Family is crumbling and causing a multitude of
social problems for this country. Bearing children should NOT be a cottage industry.
Boys growing up without a father figure find the transition to responsible manhood
much more challenging and are more likely to become criminals or engage in other
anti-social activity. While our nation shoukl be compassionate towards women who
have a child out of wedlock, we shouldn't be stupid about it. Norplant implants or
similar forms of birth control should be offered free of charge to those receiving
benefits if they desire them. However in no case should the government offer any
more money for any future births. We must demand some degree of personal
responsibility on the part of all Americans.

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