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									                                 Steuben County Emergency Services ID Request Form
   Original Application         Change Request (enter required information and only info that has changed. * indicates
required fields.)

*Last Name:                                      *First Name:                Middle Initial:
*Organization:                                   Date of Application:                 Hire Date:
 City:                                           State:                      Zip:
 Sex:                                            Height:                     Weight:
 Race:                                           Hair:                       Eyes:
 Dr. License:                                    Birth:                      Blood Type:
 Medical Alerts:
 Emergency Contact:                              Phone:

Primary Phone:                                   (C, H, W, P)
Other Phone:
Expiration Date:                                 (3 yrs from date or EMT/Para date)

ICS Level:

Fire Block:              Exterior Firefighter
EMS Block:               Non EMS
Law Enforcement:         Non Law Enforcement
Special Certifications: None

Note, if updating Classifications, please update all 4 classifications.
For firefighters, enter TIMS (Training ID #)
For EMS, enter certification number:

Rank: Firefighter                                Expiration Date:          (for elected officers)

Check All that Apply:
   FF Essentials of Firemanship                  EF                       Rapid Intervention Team                      RIT
   FF Firefighter 1                              FF1                      Rope Rescue Technician                       RRT
   FF Firefighter 2                              FF2                      Safety Officer                               SO
   FF Firefighter Basic                          FFB                      Swiftwater/Flood Rescue Technician           SFRT
   FF Firefighter Intermediate                   FFI                      Trench Rescue Technician                     TRT
   FF Firefighter Advanced                       FFA                      Vehicle Extrication                          VEHX
   FF Firefighter Scene Support                  FSS                      Wilderness Search & Rescue Tech              WSRT
   Confined Space Awareness                      CSA                      Weapons of Mass Destruction Aware            WMDA
   Confined Space Rescue Technician              CSRT                     EMS Certified First Responder                CFR
   Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator                FADO                     EMS Driver (Emergency Vehicle)               EVO
   Fire Officer 1                                FOI                      EMT Basic                                    EMT
   Fire Officer 2                                FOII                     EMT Intermediate                             EMTI
   Fire Officer 3                                FOIII                    EMT Critical Care                            EMTCC
   Fire Police                                   FP                       EMT Paramedic                                EMTP
   HazMat Awareness                              HMA                      ICS100 Introduction                          ICS100
   HazMat Operations                             HMO                      ICS200 Incident Command System               ICS200
   HazMat Technician                             HAZT                     ICS300 Intermediate                          ICS300
   HazMat Specialist                             HAZS                     ICS400 Advanced                              ICS 400
   High Angle Rescue                             HAR                      ICS Incident Commander Qualified             IC
   Ice Rescue                                    IR                       Industrial Fire Brigade                      IFB
   Low Angle Rescue                              LAR

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