IABC Southern Region Board Retreat notes by scRKqmi


									IABC Southern Region Board Retreat
Aug. 19-20

Attendees: Elena Mappus, Tammie Epps, Cloreth Green, Crystal Thompson, Lesley
Kriewald, Diane Chase, Paul Ladd, Suzanne Salvo

Chip Bush – travel grants
    Recipients MUST attend the board meeting to get the grant
    Only 2 requests for more than $400
    Paul and Cloreth have not submitted requests
    A few chapters had more than one request, but not every chapter is
          o 16 of 25 chapters
          o Two chapters – S. Carolina and Houston representatives are on region
              board, not representing chapter
          o Elena: Make sure South Carolina has a chapter representative
          o Tammie: Follow up with chapters who didn’t reply. CSDs should make
              personal contact with the chapter presidents
          o Audraine: Orlando chapter having trouble and can’t attend even with
    Pat Jackson asked for $831 because she’s retired; we decided to table this for
      now because if we do it for one, we have to do it for everyone
          o Will other CSDs attend?
    NC Triangle – Dave McDonald? Did he mean to apply for a grant or a
      scholarship to the conference?
    Tammie to speak with Paul Lindsley from Nashville about the ABC chair
      position and attending board meeting
    First Coast – Silver Quill chapter – asked for $600 to split six ways
          o Suzanne: Have CSD clear it up. We’ll grant the request but only
              because of Silver Quill
          o Audraine: At least one attendee needs to go to board meeting
          o Chip: $400 travel grant, plus $200 for SQ workers to attend (gift)
    Atlanta chapter: What about president Lawson Cox to attend? Request from
      Anne to attend is a scholarship request so we have to deny that based on the
      rules. But we can give a grant for Lawson and the chapter can do with it what
      it wants.
          o Chip will ask Lawson what he wants to do and who will represent
              Atlanta at the board meeting.
    Grant approvals announced Aug. 26 but they will not get the check unless
      they attend the meeting. Chip will notify recipients.
    Online application is sustainable and works well. Can also be used for
      scholarship application.
Paul moved to approve all $400 requests except for Anne from Atlanta and Pat
Jackson’s extra. Also moved to give extra $200 to First Coast. Suzanne
Tammie Epps – scholarships
    6 requests from 6 chapters; covers cost of conference registration
         o Paul Lindsley, Nashville
         o Susan McDowell, First Coast
         o JoAnn McCracken-Redding, Atlanta
         o Cynthia Price, Topeka
         o Diana Rogers Jaeger, Central Oklahoma
         o Emily Carlton, Brazos Valley
    Budgeted for two but could do more
    Suzanne: What will best benefit the chapter and region?
    Elena: Consider Paul from Nashville, discard Atlanta as they just had a
     scholarship recently
    Eliminate First Coast – healthy chapter
    Recommend Cynthia Price from Topeka
    Eliminate Diane Rogers Jaeger
    Keep Emily Carlton
Suzanne moved to award Emily, Cynthia and Paul. Tammie seconded.

Elena Mappus – scholarships for board members
    Needed: Paul, Diane, Cloreth, Tammie
    Suzanne: Include CSDs?
          o Elena: Good opportunity for CSDs to build relationships with the
             chapters they represent. Is there a CSD travel budget?
          o Tammie: Need to push for chapters to attend LI.
          o Suzanne to ask CSDs who will (or wants to) attend conference.
                   Heather SM John – new job but would like to attend
                   Audraine – yes, if she can get financial assistance from region
                   Pat Jackson – retired, needs money
                   David Kistle – cannot attend
                   Bonnie Caver – have to arrive late and miss some of the
                   Maximum of four could attend
          o Crystal – if we offer this, CSDs still need to attend LI
Tammie moved that we provide all executive board members who need it
scholarships to attend. Diane seconded. Approved. Add $1,600 in scholarships.
Tammie also moved to pay for CSDs to attend 2011 Southern Region
Conference in New Orleans. Suzanne seconded. Approved. Suzanne moved to
increase CSD grants to attend LI from $800 to $2,400. Courtney seconded.
      Notes: Elena – make sure CSDs know what’s expected of them. Stipulate
something for them to do – a special session to meet with their chapter
representatives, network with chapters, etc.

Courtney Sutherby – conference update
    Sponsorships les than $14,000; hoping for $20,000
          o Chapters supporting conference in a big way. Sponsor logos on site
              and emails once the check has been received.
      Need 200 attendees to make money (maybe fewer)
      Committee meets every other week
      Registration “closes” Sept. 16
          o Cloreth: board members should personally promote the conference to
              their home chapters; the region does promote to chapters
          o Lesley: chapters usually have a “friends of” list that conference email
              could be sent to. Also, get with First Coast and send conference note to
              all Silver Quill entrants
          o Courtney will make a PDF and Elena will push it out to chapter leaders
              to push on to “chapter friends”

IABC Foundation – all
Pursuant to discussion during the July 2011 conference call
Suzanne moved to remove the budget item for the foundation from the 2011
budget. Diane seconded. Retain line item, though. Approved.

Saturday discussion
    Use Xchange site to share documents
         o Lesley and Crystal to set this up. Add CSDs and grants chair

Diane Chase – growth and development update
    New chapter, approximately 50 possible members
          o South Florida (Miami area)
    Geographically big area
          o SIGs to engage smaller groups of members
          o Webinars/professional development program
    Suzanne: Talk to David Kistle, CSD on the ground in the area. Also what are
      we as a region willing to do for this chapter? What’s in it for us as a region?
      We have a large number of chapters; can we take on a new chapter that
      might need a lot of care and feeding?
    Diane: It takes time and effort to engage people without being face to face.
      How much will International help and when does the new chapter become
      our responsibility?
    Crystal: Would rather help (financially) existing, struggling chapters. It’s
      international’s job to start new chapters
    Suzanne: International will contribute a “flexible” amount of money to start
    Tammie: Southern Region needs to show support. David Kistle is a CSD in the
      area and can help Diane help the chapter get organized. Tammie is concerned
      that no one from the chapter-to-be went to LI last year
    Diane: LI is in Miami this year so use that as a litmus test to gauge their
      commitment. Gretchen Hoover also says International will pay for the
      potential chapter leaders to attend LI.
Suzanne – chapter relations update
    Presentation -- tool for CSDs to orientate new boards (25 chapters)
    Needs to be updated
          o Remove district information
          o Include the rest of the regions worldwide
          o Kentucky – Heritage region?
          o Fix Arkansas
          o Want to see where chapters are in Southern Region
          o One map that includes Caribbean chapters – overall Southern Region
          o One Decatur map showing all regions
          o Once SoReg map
                 For those states who are divided, show only those SoReg
                 SoReg map with all chapter names
          o No stars on map for region leaders
    Lesley: One scholarship recipient – Emily Carlton from Brazos Valley – is a
      graphic designer. Perhaps she would be sol thrilled with her scholarship that
      she’d agree to help update the presentation?
    Presentation should show value of region, region benefits, etc.
          o Include grants amount?
          o No more traveling circus
          o 2012 conference and Silver Quill chapters

Crystal Thompson – communications update
    Elena and Crystal talked about surveying chapter leaders about the region to
      determine how chapters need help
          o Start by finding out International’s scheduled surveys
          o Suzanne: Can we add on survey question to one of International’s
            surveys? Would International be interested in regional surveys?
            International may already have questions we want to ask
          o Tammie: Would we be limited any way? Ask chapters if and how they
            have been supported by the region.
          o Survey going to chapter presidents
                 Diane: perhaps offer presidents chance to collaborate with
                   their boards on their responses.
                 Cloreth: Or send to all chapter leaders.
                 Suzanne: Do they know their CSD?

Paul Ladd – budget discussion
    Need to close the existing Bank of America account and open a new one
    If anyone plans to stay on the Southern Region board for a few years, they
      should go ahead and be put on the signature card.
    Crystal: We need to balance the budge for accountability. Spend down the
      investment account and separate the reports.
         o Tammie: Say we’re planning to spend additional X amount
          o Cyrstal: Need a separate assets report
    Income – 2011
          o $12,000 region dues rebate
          o Silver Quill seed money from Brazos Valley repaid separately?
                 Tammie: Paul, please clarify this.
    Elena: What is the cost of bringing the International chair or vice chair to the
      Southern Region Conference?
    Cloreth: Budget executive travel even if we don’t use it; change “Executive
      committee travel” to “chair travel”
    Traveling circus didn’t come out of reserves, it was spending down the
      checking account
    “Leader development” is board meeting speaker expenses; add this to the
      notes column
    Travel funds – did we spend these?
    Southern Region scholarships – awarded six last year
    This year’s seed money is $7,000 for the conference
          o How much for Silver Quill?
    Need to commit money for the LI reception
    International Web charges and bank charges?
    No foundation donation this year; retain line item
Crystal suggested we consult with an accountant on how to budget.

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