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					  a Nurses’ Uniform Department,and wecon-               It must also come home to trained nurses that
  sider that the courtly Mr. Thomas, of Messrs.         they have no means of dissociating themselves
  Debe‘nham and Freebody, would have acquitted          fromwomenwho disgrace their calling, or of
  himself inthis connection with more general           removing them from its ranks.          A better
  satisfaction to the nurses. He would, at least,       proof of the need for nursing reforms, and for
  have been able tosuggest to certain Matrons           the legislation forwhich the most thoughtful
  the adoption of a more      becoming       style of   members of the Nursing profession are pleading,
  uniform for the nursing staff I t is not every        could scarcely be given than is afforded by the
  Matron, or even Chairman, who has a nice              history of I‘ Nurse Brandish.” When engaged
  taste, even in sleeves.                               as a barmaid, she became the unhappy mother
     But,joking apart.       W e are not surprised      of’an illegitimate child ; she was then, by the
  that the Hon. Secretary of the Prince ofWales’        mistaken kindness of some philanthropic lady,
  Fund does not consider it expedient t? make           sent, for a few weeks, to a Lying-In Hospital for
  public the names of the gentlemen who are             training, and emerged at the end of this period
  serving on the Committee,” now that the very          a quasi-trained nurse. It is at least certain
  “ formal ” and superficial manner in which this       that she donned the uniform supposed to be the
  so-called “ investigation ” is being conducted        distinctive mark of professional nurses, and
  has leaked out. The suggestion to        hold    an   undertook nursing work. It is also certain
  zn carvterci inquiry into the conduct of our public   that she subsequently became engaged to be
  hospitals, supported by public subscriptions, was     married to the widower of one of her patients,
  unwise; it has given the public the impression        and this, without acquainting him with her
  that there is something to hide, which must not       past history-thus not    hesitating to deceive
  be discussed in thelight of day. Now that             andbring      disgrace on an honourable man.
  this so-called investigation has been reduced to      Having been exonerated on the capital charge,
  a farce, ‘it will arouse still further distrust in
                                                  the   “ Nurse Brandish ” left the dock, presumably
  minds of those sections of the public who pay         as she entered it, (thereby showing her wisdom
  for and who use the hospitals.                        and her knowledge of human nature) in nursing
     Our hospitals are doing a splendid national        uniform, free to undertake once more the duties
  worlz, but they ,are not quite perfect. Such          of a trained nurse, without let or hindrake; the .
  reforms as are needed      in    their management     nursing profession having no power to remove
  will be sooner and more satisfactorily effected       her from their ranks, nor to protect themselves
  by a straightforward and conscientious course         or the publicfrom association with a woman
  of procedure thanbythese anti-British mys-            proved to be devoid of moral rectitude.
  terious manceuvres, initiated by     mischievous
   meddlers on the     Prince of Wales Hospital             THE NEED O F NURSING SISTERS.
  Fund.                                                   A CORRESPONDENT of the Civil Military GaBette,
                                                        Lahore, writes to that Journal emphasising the
                 NURSE BRANDISH.”                       need of Nursing        in
                                                                         Sisters        Mian Mir. He
     THE trial . of   Nurse Brandish ” for the          states that he counted eighty-one beds in the
  murder of her illegitimate child is now con-          Station, andtwenty-nine inIthe Section Military
  cluded, and although she has been exonerated          Hospital, The cases included heat apoplexy,
  by the jury upon‘the capital charge, in spite of      enteric, dysentery, and sun fever, all of them,
  the fact that the sunming-up of the Judge was         as our readers will recognise, being cases in
  strongly against her, yet the lessons to be learnt    which skilled nursing frequently means the
  by trained nurses are plain. The fact that this       difference of life and     to
                                                                               death        the patient.
  woman appeared in the dock in nursing uniform         There was, however, no nursing for these sick
  -a garb which should be the badge of an honour-       men except the kindly but untrained ministra-
  able profession-has caused widespread indig-          tions of their comrades in arms. The writer,
  nation; and, there is no doubt that in the future,    with the experience of three hot seasons, states
  either the uniform of the trained nurse will          that this is a fair hot weather average. It is
  haveto be protected, or. its use willbe dis-          therefore evident that thire is urgent need that
. carded by many who     have, up to thepresent         these hospitals should be supplied with fully
  time, beell proud to wear it. The fact that           trained nurses. The sooner the better for the
   Mrs. Manning was hanged in a black satin             credit of all who are responsible for the well
  rendered it taboo for a quarter of a century.         being of Tommy Atkins in Mian Mir.
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