Logic Model Template Questions to Answer by scRKqmi


									                Tool 2-A: Logic Model Template—Questions to Answer

                     Assumptions                                        Short-Term                       Longer-Term
 For Whom        (Theory of Change)              Strategies/Activities   Outcomes                          Outcomes
Who              Why are you doing               What supports and     What                              What
(described       this? Why does the              opportunities are     outcomes                          outcomes
as               program/                        needed to get young would you                           would you
specifically     organization exist              people to             expect to see                     expect to see
as is            in this local area?             participate in a      during the                        beyond the
possible) do     Why does change                 thriving summer       summer if                         summer if
you hope to      need to happen?                 meals program?        your                              the outreach
help             What are the                    What mix of specific outreach was                       was
through the      social, political and           outreach activities   successful                        successful
outreach?        economic                        will be needed to     (e.g., number                     (e.g., young
                 conditions or                   achieve the desired   of                                people will
                 environmental                   outcomes? (All core participants                        be coming
                 factors that make               activities need to be in the                            back as long
                 you want to do it?              listed.)              program,                          as need
                 What identified                                       number who                        exists,
                 needs or assets led                                   participated                      participants
                 you to address the                                    on a regular                      will be
                 issue? What                                           basis)?                           healthier and
                 assumptions guide                                                                       more
                 your work? What                                                                         engaged in
                 do you know, think                                                                      their
                 and believe about                                                                       schooling)?
                 why you do what
                 you do?

               This tool is part of the Summer Meals Evaluation Toolkit created by Share Our Strength.
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