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                   Gloucestershire Constabulary

                      TRUST Steering Group
           Minutes of Meeting – Tuesday 13th June 2006

Present:    ACC Matthews                  Chair
            A Det Supt Drummond           PSD
            Supt Paul Collins             Contact Centre
            C/I Roger Clayton             rep Supt Nigel Avron Forest & Gloucester
            C/I Bridget Woodhall          C&G Div/PWSA
            C/I Priddy                    Staff Development Unit
            C/Insp Powell-Chandler        Business Change
            D/I Sue Bradshaw              SCIS
            Raj Patel                     Diversity & Equality Manager
            Insp LaPorte                  Operational Services
            Insp Erik Sherwood            (rep C/I Paul Riddick Cheltenham & Tewks)
            Insp Andy Stone               (rep Vicki Meek Criminal Justice Department)
            PS Mohamed                    Federation
            PS Gardiner                   Diversity Unit
            PC Wright                     Diversity Unit
            Robin Agascar                 IAG
            Kim Carter                    Personnel Services
            Jane Baker                    Planning & Review
            Graham Ramsay                 Organisational Development
            Paul Chandler                 P&R
            Anne Williams                 (rep Supt Foster-Turner P&R)

1.   Apologies:
            C/I Paul Riddick              Cheltenham & Tewkesbury
            Supt Nigel Avron              Forest & Gloucester
            Supt Neil Mantle              Community Partnership
            Andy Karadia                  GBPA
            Isobel Greaves                UNISON
            A/Insp Brian Clifford         SDU
            Peter Seville                 Career Development

2.   Minutes of the Last Meeting:
     The minutes of 13th June meeting were agreed as correct.

3.   Matters Arising:

     ACC             ACC to arrange meeting to draw up terms of reference
                     and scope stop and search work requirements.


Meeting has been held with DCC regarding disproportionality and a
revised policy has been drawn up.

Action 1:     Jane Baker to work with the diversity unit to develop a
              problem profile in relation to hate crime.

Bridget Woodhall       To advise ACC Matthews & Robin Agascar of
Nigel Avron            their plans for 2006/7 Minority PCCM & Trust

Raj has received plans from Cheltenham & Tewkesbury and Forest &
Gloucester. C&S plans are being developed.

Action 2:     Bridget Woodhall to advise Raj Patel of C&S plans for the
              2006/7 Minority PCCM & Trust Forums. Raj to collate for
              circulation and advise Robin Agascar.

Nigel Avron            To feedback to Richard Berry their
                       understanding for capturing information under
                       16+1 on the personal descriptive forms

Action 3:     Alex Drummond and Nigel Avron to discuss outside
              meeting their understanding for capturing information
              under 16+1 on the personal descriptive forms.

Graham Ramsay          Assess the CEED trainee scheme regarding the
                       positive action under the legislation for new
                       PCSO recruitment campaign for under
                       represented groups.

Action 4:     Graham to advise Andy Karadia on the CEED trainee
              scheme for positive action under the legislation for the
              new PCSO recruitment campaign for under represented

Julie Gardiner         To update members regarding the consultation
                       to identify issues and barriers to promotion for
                       female officers.

Two sessions have already taken place.

Action 5:     Julie Gardiner to circulate feedback to Trust members
              before the next meeting for discussion at next Trust
              meeting on the issues and barriers to promotion for
              female officers.

Julie Gardiner         Research & present work relating to counting of
                       repeat racist incidents.


Julie Gardiner reported there’s been no progress to date. We are
maintaining the recording of repeat racist incidents but we are not
applying any performance measurement against it.

Action 6:     JG to research & present work relating to the counting of
              repeat racist incidents.

Nigel Avron            Present   proposals     around      local    and
                       independent scrutiny/accountability for stop and

Action 7:     Nigel Avron to circulate report on proposals around local
              and independent scrutiny/accountability for stop and
              search prior to next Trust Board.

Divisions              Dip sample one calendar month of stop and
                       search forms as part of a quality audit and
                       report back.

Although work is progressing in some areas, the ACC requested all
divisions/Op Services provide a briefing at next Trust board. The ACC
was concerned at the accuracy of what is being recorded and signed
off by supervisors.

Action 8:     All divisions & Op Services to dip sample and provide a 5
              minute briefing on the quality of the forms for stop &
              search at next Trust board.

Graham Ramsay          Organise a workshop for diversity champions
                       and the positive action PCSOs to equip them
                       with the knowledge and skills to undertake local

Graham provided an update and advised that the positive action
PCSO’s and staff associations will be involved in the next recruitment

Action 9:     GR & RP to organise a workshop for diversity champions
              and the positive action PCSOs to equip them with the
              knowledge and skills to undertake local initiatives – to
              incorporate this into the next diversity champions

Graham Ramsay          To draft a positive action strategy         and
                       accompanying      communications  plan       for
                       presentation to SOC in July 2006.


Action 10:    GR to draft a positive action strategy and accompanying
              communications plan for presentation to SOC in August

 ACC                    Revisit the issue of a positive action officer bid
                        towards the end of the year. Carry forward Oct

Action 11:    ACC to revisit the issue of a positive action officer bid
              towards the end of the year. (11th October)

 Kim Carter             To complete and update the next meeting
                        regarding  the    procedural     guidance to
                        accompany the disability policy.

Work is progressing. Kim is collating procedures on issues of staff with
disabilities from regional forces. She will bring a full report to next
Trust board.

Action 12:    Kim Carter to provide a full report to next meeting on
              procedural guidance to accompany the disability policy.

 Graham Ramsay          To approach staff associations to organise
                        information for recruitment packs and write to
                        applicants who have not returned recruitment
                        packs to establish reasons.

Recruitment are liaising with staff associations to organise recruitment
packs. Further work to be done on this.

Action 13:    Graham Ramsay to provide an update to next Trust
              board on progress with staff associations to organise
              information for recruitment packs and write to applicants
              who have not returned recruitment packs to establish

 Richard Berry          To provide more detailed information regarding
                        complaints of discriminatory nature. Carry
                        forward to Oct 06.

Action 14:    Alex Drummond to provide more detailed information
              regarding complaints of a discriminatory nature.

 Divisions              To examine the increased trend in Asian people
                        becoming victims of racist offences and report
                        back in detail on what are the offences and


     Updates were given by Bridget Woodhall and Erik Sherwood. Roger
     Clayton will forward his update to ACC Matthews. Raj advised that
     this will be discussed at the next PIC to determine further action.

      Diversity   Unit &    To scope the work relating to migrant workers
      PR                    Carry Forward to Oct 06.

     Work is progressing

     Action 15:   Diversity Unit & PR to update on the work relating to
                  migrant workers.

      Raj Patel             To examine languages against those currently
                            used as standard

     Action 16:   Raj Patel to update at next meeting.

      PR                    Update regarding the LGBT Trust Forum

     Erik Sherwood reported that the recent Trust Forum held at Gloscat
     was very well received. However there was an incident with a Gloscat
     employee and Steve Bean was tasked to write to Gloscat to establish
     what action is being taken with the employee and to staff training within
     Gloscat to overcome diversity issues.

     Action 17:   Erik Sherwood to advise Steve Bean to write to Gloscat
                  to clarify what training are they providing their staff to
                  overcome diversity issues.

      Raj Patel             To prepare a paper for COG outlining the cost
                            implication of the DES

     Action complete

      Raj Patel             To feed back issues faced by visitors to the new
                            HQ complex. Awaiting response from Reliance.
                            Carry forward Oct 06

     With Reliance awaiting a response.

     Action 18:   Awaiting a response from Reliance on issues faced by
                  visitors to new HQ complex.

4.   Staff Association and UNISON Update:
     ACC CS advised members that he is working with the BPA and is
     looking at Service Level Agreements between the BPA and for Force
     to ensure everything is captured.


He will also look at any work plans where the staff associations are
requesting additional funding that will benefit the Constabulary to see if
extra funding could be made available.

Phil Mohamed said the Federation conference room is free and is
available to all staff associations.


No update available.


ACC advised members that Paul Dennis has formally announced his
retirement as Chairman. The Chair and Trust members thanked Paul
for his hard work and invaluable contribution he has made to the BPA
over the last few years and wished him well in the future. Andy
Karadia will take over as Acting chair prior to new chair being elected.
Andy is attending the national BPA conference. Rob Priddy said the
positive action leadership programme was well received.


Bridget Woodhall provided an update covering the recent Tools for Life
programme which received positive feedback. She advised they’ll be
able to cut funding by £2,000 for future workshops. Two people will
represent the force at the International Conference in Canada. The
relaunch of the genda agenda will take place on 30th October which will
include police staff. PWSA is open to all under represented groups.
ACC requested Rachel Jones provides a summary to Trust members
regarding the relaunch of the Genda Agenda.

Action 19: Rachel Jones/PWSA to report back to TRUST the
           implications for the Force following the revised and re
           launched gender agenda – will need to incorporate new
           actions into the DAP.

Rob Priddy explained the need to share the work of the PWSA in terms
of good practice with all the Staff Associations in relation to what works
with under represented groups. ACC agreed for this to be discussed
this at the next USAG meeting.

Action 20:    Rob and Raj to discuss at next USAG meeting a process
              for sharing good practice across all the Staff Associations
              for under represented groups.


No update



      Phil Mohammed raised an issue regarding the backdating of extra time
      to part-time officers who have worked in excess of their contracted
      hours that has not been captured for pensionable pay.

      Action 21:   Phil Mohammed to circulate a force bulletin to inform part
                   time officers of the change to the pension backdated to
                   April 2000.
                   Kim Carter to organise for a workforce report to be run to
                   identify those staff affected since April 2000.

5.1   Operational Sub Group Update:
      Roger Clayton presented the sub-group Highlight Report on behalf of
      Nigel Avron covering:

         the reporting and recording of racist incidents;
         stop & search and account activity; (Rob Priddy)
         county and local hate crime groups;
         community intelligence;
         the community protection team review /action plan as discussed under
          (Appendix A) (Julie Gardiner)
         racially aggravated detection rates
         Terms of Reference for the Ops Sub Group

      DI Bradshaw, PS Gardiner, PC Wright have now formed a Hate Crime
      policy sub group. The hate crime policy to be completed by DI
      Bradshaw by the end of August for submission to FOC on 13

      Trust agreed that in line with the formulation of the new policy the Hate
      Crime action plan would be revised and a new set of actions drawn up.
      It was agreed that the Action plan should be more dynamic. It was
      also discussed and agreed that DI Bradshaw in consultation with
      others be responsible for ensuring that the policy covers internal Hate
      Crime. Robin also mentioned that external consultation should take
      place in the formation of the policy and the action plan. It was agreed
      that this would form part of the process.

      Rob Priddy updated members on the stop & search and account
      activity making particular reference to qualitative issues on stop &
      search. It was agreed to set up an action plan and agree target dates
      with the two ACC’s for discussion and agreement at next Trust Board.

      Action 22:   Rob Priddy to agree action plan with 2 x ACCs with target
                   dates for discussion at next Trust meeting.


Robin Agascar updated members on the structure of the multi-agency
groups at both divisional and county level groups. The County
Strategic group meets quarterly and the working group meets monthly.
Terms of reference are in place for both groups and work is
progressing. The divisional groups are working well however Nigel
Avron is aware that Gloucester has some way to go. It was noted that
the Constabulary hate crime policy links in with the joined up work of
the multi-agency groups.

Julie Gardiner took members through the actions relating to the
Community Protection Team Review recommendations.

Members discussed Community Intelligence. It was raised by Wayne
Wright that in the Forest of Dean it could take 45 minutes to submit a
covert intelligence entry due to problems with IT. Mr. Matthews stated
that the IT issues couldn’t be resolved. Supt Collins suggested that as
IT could not be resolved there must be an interim solution.
Consideration to be given to other means of submitting intelligence.

It was agreed that Det Supt Jones who now leads on Community
Intelligence SCIS to review the current policy on Community
Intelligence, what else can be done to resolve the problem and how
else as an Organisation can we give positive messages to reinforce
the importance of Community Intelligence.

Action 22:   Wayne Wright to meet with John Bond to obtain an
             update and raise issue re the length of time it takes to
             access IT and submit community intelligence.

Action 23:   Sue Bradshaw to invite Det Supt Jones SCIS to next
             Trust meeting to identify some intermediate solutions to
             overcome the IT problems hampering the submission of
             community intelligence.

Members noted the CPT Review (Matrix) and amendments were

Roger circulated the Hate Crime Action plan. Following discussion
Roger proposed that the plan needs to be revised into a more dynamic
and less historic meaningful document. Members supported Roger’s
proposal for the work to be carried out through the Ops Sub Group and
brought back to Trust Board for finalisation.

Action 24:   Sue Bradshaw to include in the hate crime policy and
             training awareness issues for the CPS, custody staff etc

Action 25:   Sue Bradshaw to update the Hate Crime action plan and
             store it on the Y drive for updates


      Action 26:    Nigel Avron Remove the number for repeat racist
                    incidents from the Ops Sub Group report

      The Terms of Reference for the Trust Operational Sub Group were
      noted and amended accordingly.

5.2   Organisational Sub Group Update:
      Graham Ramsay presented the sub-group Highlight Report covering:

         positive action;
         Diversity Action Plan (discussed under item 9 of agenda.

      The ACC was concerned that the Positive Action strategy which was
      agreed at a meeting in March 2006 chaired by the ACC has still not
      been delivered. Following discussion the ACC requested that the Staff
      Associations are involved in the development of a Positive Action
      strategy for the force to include officers and staff. Graham agreed to
      progress this as a matter of urgency through the Organisational Sub
      Group for the next Trust Board in October.

      Action 27:    Graham Ramsay to include staff association
                    representatives in the group working on positive action
                    and delivering the strategy.

      Both the Fairness at work and Respect policies have been approved
      and will be assessed in 6 months time.

      The Personnel Case Conference Group (PCCG) was discussed and it
      was agreed that Trust do not require a report of (PCCG) however
      exception reporting on issues around Trust will passed through to the
      Trust Board as required.

      The work on the Age policy is being lead by Wiltshire on behalf of the
      regional and work is ongoing.

      There is no formal explicit retirement policy on age discrimination.
      Unison and HR practitioners are sighted on this.

      Action 28:    Kim Carter to provide an update on the age/retirement
                    policy to next Trust meeting.

      Discussion took place around employment monitoring data and our
      apparent inability to collect and provide what is required under the
      Race Equality Scheme.

      Action 29:    Graham Ramsey to provide a report to ACC by mid
                    August on our position of what is missing/required.


      Graham Ramsey briefed members on the draft HMIC Baseline
      Assessment. DCC will be doing a response to HMIC but it is unlikely
      the ratings will be changed.

5.3   Diversity Monitoring Report (Organisational):

      Kim Carter presented the organisational report covering:

         Police officer and police staff strength
         Recruitment
         Progression
         Retention
         Grievances
         Complaints

      There is more work to be done in relation to retention. There was no
      employment tribunals held during the period covered.

      Andy Stone requested the report include departments such as CJD
      and Call Management where a high proportion of police staff are

      Action 30:    Alex Drummond to pass on information regarding the
                    themes and use of safe call for inclusion in the monitoring

      Action 31:    Andy Stone & Paul Collins to liaise with Kim to agree
                    information to be included in the report for police staff.
                    Kim carter to incorporate Departmental data into the
                    DMR where levers/ exit data id examined – currently only
                    reports on Divisions

5.4   Diversity Monitoring Report Service Delivery:

      Jane Baker presented the diversity monitoring report covering service
      delivery for the first quarterly period of the 2006/07 financial year (April-
      June 2006) and the full financial year for:

         Background Population Information
         Stop and Accounts
         Stop and Search
         Hate Crime
         Hate Related Incidents

      There has been a gradual increase in stop accounts since the new
      process was introduced in April 2005.


      Discussion took place concerning the levels of disproportionality on
      stop search. It was agreed further work is required to determine the
      levels of disproportionality around operational and non operational
      based stop searches.

      Action 32 : (DMR table 4.1, page 5) to split data down into S&S
                  conducted as a result of an operation and routine
                  discretionary stop searches.

      Andy Stone asked if there is a requirement to report on positive
      disposals breakdown by ethnic group. It forms part of the PIC book but
      does not break down by ethnicity. It was reported the Ops Sub-Group
      were looking at the breakdown of Horts and it was agreed that Andy
      should raise his request through the Ops Sub Group.

      Action 33:   Andy Stone to liaise with Ops Sub-Group to determine if
                   positive disposals by ethnic group could be reported on
                   and to determine what work is involved and report back –
                   eg cautions, PNDs, charging etc.

5.5   A Strategy for Performance in Race & Diversity 2004-
      2009 Action plan

      C/I Priddy presented his Implementation Plan pro-forma for a Strategy
      for Performance in Race & Diversity 2004-2009 Action Plan. The
      Implementation Plan provided progress and target dates against
      specific actions for the Gloucestershire Constabulary.

      The Positive Action Leadership programme produced by Centrex for
      under represented staff was very well received. Another programme
      will be held in November 2006. In addition a SW regional event will be
      held in the future.

      Members noted the action plan.

6.    Complaints Reporting

      A/Det Supt Drummond provided an update on the complaints
      reporting, namely a breakdown of types of complaints regarding racist
      incidents for the Diversity Unit.

      Action 34:   Arrange for the monitoring data around complaints to be
                   broken down further to identify themes and trends.

7.    Race Equality Scheme

      Sgt Gardiner provided an update on the RES. The RES Annual Report
      is in draft pending the employment monitoring data. Once Graham has
      provided the ACC with the report under Action 23, the ACC requested


      a meeting is convened with Julie, Graham, Raj and ACC to agree how
      we will respond in the absence of the employment monitoring data
      being made available.

      Action 35:   ACC, GR, JG and RP to meet to decide how we will
                   respond in the publishing of the RES annual report if we
                   are unable to meet all of the data requirements for
                   employment data

8.    Disability Equality Scheme Update:

      Raj Patel provided an update on the DES. Raj will take over the chair
      of the Disability Equality Working group from Tracey Webb who is
      currently on maternity leave. She asked if people who are members
      of the Disability Equality Working Group could support the work that
      Vivien Yorke is engaged in as regards implications for your own areas
      of business in light of the new DES legislation. The ACC supported
      this request.

      Action 36:   All to consider the DES requirements for their areas of
                   business and ensure that their representatives feed this
                   information into P&R Viv Yorke and RP

9.    Diversity Action Plan

      The Diversity Action Plan was agreed at the last Senior Officers
      Conference. It was agreed at SOC that the DAP would be discussed
      and updated at quarterly Trust PICs prior to submitting to the Trust
      Board for discussion. The first Trust PIC will be held at 0900 hrs on
      11th October prior to the commencement of the main Trust board
      meeting at 10.00 am. The DAP will be owned by the Diversity Unit.
      Leads for each action will be identified by Raj and the ACC and it is
      only those leads who will be required to attend the Trust PIC and
      provide feedback on the action plan for their areas of responsibility.
      The Chief Constable is likely to play an active part in the Trust PICs
      and it will be a key strand of Vision 2010 that is currently being

10.   Any Other Business:

      a) Andy Stone reported that the Victim of Crime leaflets have been
         sent and that there are no foreign language versions and he is
         awaiting an update on whether there will be foreign language

      b) Robin Agascar said the link on Race & Diversity for the Ops Sub
         Group is an old link that just needs to be amended.


11.   Date of next meeting: 11th October 2006 – the Leadon
      Room commencing with Trust PIC



Action No   Lead   Action     Due Date     Status
1.                            11 October
2.                            11 October
3.                            11 October
4.                            11 October
5.                            11 October
6.                            11 October
7.                            11 October
8.                            11 October
9.                            11 October
10.                           11 October
11.                           11 October
12.                           11 October
13                            11 October
14.                           11 October
15.                           11 October
16.                           11 October
17.                           11 October
18.                           11 October
19.                           11 October
20.                           11 October
21.                           11 October
22.                           11 October
23.                           11 October
24.                           11 October
25.                           11 October
26.                           11 October
27.                           11 October



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