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									                                    Facsimile Cover Sheet
      October 5, 2012                    Pages including this cover page:

To:   John                                        From:        Ray Boyd
      JSF Design Group                                         800-224-5264
      Fax    717-560-7990                                      425-349-2400
      Phone 717-560-3450                          Fax          425-349-2483
      E-mail                                      e-mail       Rayb@langworld.com

      Re: Models EHS and ECCO venting requirements


      This Letter is to advise that neither Lang Manufacturing nor Underwriters
      Laboratories will require the above oven model numbers be installed to an
      exterior ventilation system.

      This is not to supersede any state or local installation codes.

      Lang recognizes that many customers in the USA operate these ovens without
      ventilation systems installed.

                                                        Ray Boyd

                                                        Senior Technical Supervisor
                                                        Lang Manufacturing Company

            Lang Manufacturing Company  6500 Merrill Creek Parkway Everett, WA 98203

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