Memorial Day Open House Weekend by co2Sqr


									Women’s Renewal Weekend
October 17 - 19, 2008
Join us for a weekend of inspiring activities
 Catch your breath and our fall colors!

Come alone or with friends or relatives!

Activities: Hiking, biking, arts and crafts, rock wall climbing, canoeing, camp projects and
instructional presentations or just relax and enjoy quiet time for reading and reflection

Weekend Schedule:
Friday, Oct. 17:  Check in after 2 pm. Informal dinner served from 6:30 - 8:30pm
Saturday, Oct.18: Breakfast followed by optional group Bible Lesson study or quiet time
                    Indoor and outdoor activities morning and afternoon. Lunch at 12.30pm
                   Dinner at 7.00pm followed by inspirational talk.
Sunday, Oct 19:   Breakfast followed by Christian Science church service and foliage tour.
                   Lunch and check out by 4.00 pm

Fees: Weekend fee includes six meals, all activities and two nights lodging.
Choose from: Single room $199.00, Double room $175.00 or Quad or Triple $139.00

To register:
Complete the form below and indicate if you would like to share a room with another
participant. If you sign up on your own for a quad or triple, you may be assigned to a room
with other people. This event is open to women 14 years and older. Please send the form with
your payment in full to Crystal Lake Camps, 1676 Crystal Lake Road, Hughesville, Pa 17737
You will receive an email confirmation of your registration.

For more information: Call 877-252-5437 or email

Registration Form         CLC Women’s Renewal Weekend                   Oct 17 - 19, 2008
Please register the following for Women’s Weekend 2008:
Participant Name(s) (with date of birth, if under 21).             Contact Information:
1. Name ______________________________________ Address_______________________________
2. Name ______________________________________ City/State/Zip_________________________
3. Name ______________________________________ Home Phone _________________________
Cell Phone ________________________________            Email _________________________________

Room Selection: Please check: Single [ ]    Double [ ]    Triple or Quad [ ]
Sharing a room with_________________________________________________________________

Check for $______________ made payable to “Crystal Lake Camps” and marked “Women’s
Weekend” is enclosed.       Travel Plans: Arrival Day and Time: _______________________

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