PREWORK DEADLINES

      S-390:        Pre-work must be completed prior to the first day of
      class, February 21, 2006. Pre-work will be reviewed and

      RX-300:        Pre-work must be completed to the best of your
      ability (at a minimum all questions from #1 to #55, and the Fuel
      Model Planning Exercises). Pre-work will be collected March
      27, 2006 by the close of business. Your pre-work will be
      reviewed to ensure it meets NWCG standards. If you need
      assistance completing pre-work study sessions will be
      scheduled during the first two weeks of FUTA to prepare you
      for the burn boss course.

      RX-310:      Pre-work must be completed and brought the first
      day of class March 27, 2006.

      WORKSHOPS:               See enclosed acceptance letter. Most
      of the pre-work includes reviewing the enclosed articles, and
      downloading Behave Plus.
If you have any questions about your pre-work do not hesitate to call Emily Irwin
at 505-842-3455 or 505-259-5863. She will be glad to work with you to answer
all your questions.

If you did not receive pre-work for one of the core NWCG courses listed above,
and you are scheduled to take it, please contact Emily or Nancy immediately.

              Good Luck….look forward to meeting you this spring.

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