Betty & Richard Speairs Jr by co2Sqr


									                        Betty & Richard Speairs Jr. Fellows

The Betty & Richard Speairs Jr. Fellowship in Botany offers undergraduate students an
opportunity to obtain training in field biology and herbarium curation and to conduct
research in plant taxonomy. The recipient must be a full-time student who exhibits
significant enthusiasm for his or her major and an interest in field biology. He or she must
have the potential and interest to pursue graduate studies and the desire to pursue a teaching
career in secondary schools or at the college level. Receiving a stipend of $1,000 per year,
the recipient will work under the direction of Ronald J. Tyrl approximately 10 hours per
week in the OSU Herbarium and will assist in field biology courses.

                            Martin D. Zocher             1995 (spring)
                            Chris W. Gideon                    1995-96
                            Cheryl McCreary                    1996-97
                            Kim Copeland                       1998-99
                            George Heine                       1998-99
                            Cathy Sonleitner                1999-2000
                            Kyle Brazil                 2000 (summer)
                            Mary Gard                             2002
                            Crystal Small                         2003
                            Audra Liggenstoffer                   2007

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