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									                     What to Expect in 10th-11th at Regents 2012-2013
Chapel is on Friday

Special classes will be Art and Latin and Protocol

History will include:                    AP American History

Bible will include                       Church History II or
                                         Systematic Theology

Science units include:                   Chemistry or Biology *(See Notes)

American Literature books include:
                                         Model of Christian Charity
                                         Self Reliance, Emerson
                                         The Scarlet Letter
                                         Huckleberry Finn
                                         My Antonia
                                         Red Badge of Courage
                                         Great Gatsby
                                         Of Mice and Men
                                         Big Two-Hearted River
                                         Selected poetry and short stories

Language arts skills learned are:        Our Mother Tongue
                                         Diagramming Sentences
                                         Formal Essays:
                                            Types of Proof for Different Occasions

Latin                                    Latin Alive I, II or III

Logic                                    The Art of Argument and The Discovery of Deduction
                                         (Normally taught at the Logic Stage, these students did not have that benefit
                                         since they are new to our school.)

Math skills are found in:                Algebra II
                                         Pre-Calculus or Calculus *(See Notes)

Field trips may include:                 Observation and attendance of a local Political Debate
                                         Fencing Match or Sword Fighting Match
                                         VA Museum of Fine Arts
                                         Library of Congress
                                         National Gallery of Art
                                         Charlottesville Symphony Performance

*Note: as the school continues to grow, our curriculum scope and sequence for the upper grades will change somewhat
year to year as we move towards single grade level classes rather than combined classes to ensure that our current
 students are receiving history instruction and coinciding literature courses in the correct sequence.

For the 2011-2012 school year the School of Rhetoric will be a part-time option only. Students wishing to enroll in
Regents at the Rhetoric School level will be officially home-schooled. We will be able to offer Algebra II, AP American
History, American Literature, Bible (Systematic Theology or Church History II), Grammar and Writing, and Latin I, II or III.
There is a possibility of taking a P.E. credit if needed. Students interested in the SOR option are seeking local coops or
PVCC for their Chemistry, Biology and Pre-Caculus and Calculus. Please call the admissions office for further
**We are in the process of determining whether we can offer music as a fine arts option at the end of the school day.

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