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									                                           Prefect Application Pack

Thank you for requesting further information for the role of Prefect for 2012/13. We strive for high academic
standards and we are proud of our good reputation in the local and wider community. As a Prefect, you will
have the opportunity to share in the leadership of the school and it is a very prestigious responsibility.

A Prefect is a role-model and will be expected to uphold school rules to a very high standard. Your behaviour,
attitude to work and appearance must be exemplary and we expect our Prefects to represent the school
positively in the local and wider community.

As a Prefect, you will have a number of additional roles and responsibilities including supervising younger
pupils at break and lunch times, guiding visitors around the school and helping out at school events (such as
Parents’ Evenings and Prizegiving).

The role of a Prefect is an important one and, if chosen, you will be accepting a position of considerable
responsibility. Therefore, the candidates carefully selected to be student leaders of Rickmansworth School
must be responsible, diligent, hardworking and ready to represent the school at any given time. The positions
require forward-thinking, confident individuals who will introduce new ideas to the school and maintain the
positive ethos. All positions will act as a link between teachers and students, so you must be an excellent
communicator and a person who is taken seriously and well-respected.

The role of a Prefect is recognised beyond school and it is an excellent achievement to put on your CV and to
mention when completing your UCAS application. Being a successful Prefect demonstrates leadership skills
and commitment to a role.

Application Process

   1. Students interested in the role complete the attached application form and return it to Mrs Barter/Mrs
      Plested by Monday 20th February.
   2. All applications will be put to a vote. Both staff and students will be able to vote by a secret ballot
      coordinated by Mrs Barter/Mrs Plested.
   3. The successful applicants will be interviewed by Dr Burton and Mrs Wilkes.
   4. The final decision will be made by the Senior Leadership Team along with the Year 7 and Sixth Form
      Pastoral Teams. The Prefect team will be decided upon in the first instance and then the specific roles
      will be chosen from the Prefects.
   5. The Prefects will be announced on Friday 30th March.
   6. The roles will begin on Tuesday 17th April.
                                              Role Specification

General responsibilities:

      To be a positive role model and set a good example to all younger pupils.
      To have impeccable dress code.
      To wear your badge every day so that younger pupils can identify you.
      To be a member of the Sixth Form Committee and Sixth Form Social Committee.
      To undertake one break duty and one lunch duty per week (for example, supervising sandwich eaters
       in the Hall) as assigned by Mrs Wilkes and Mr Flanagan.

Specific Roles (These roles will be allocated from the team of prefects):

Head Boy/Head Girl (2 roles)

      To jointly chair the Sixth Form Committee and to assign roles within the committee such as secretary
       and treasurer.
      To represent students on the Board of Governors.
      To deliver speeches at Y11 into Sixth Form evening and at other times if requested by the Headmaster.
      To organise tours for visitors to the school (when required by Mrs Lesslie).
      To read notices in assemblies and to dismiss younger students after assemblies.

Deputy Head Boy/Deputy Head Girl (2 roles)

      To jointly chair Sixth Form Social Committee (which is separate from the general Sixth Form
      To chair School Council.
      To deputise for the Head Boy/Head Girl in their absence.

Y7 Prefects (7 roles)

      To have an assigned Y7 form.
      To attend Y7 form time on Mondays (Y7 long reg.) and help form tutor with their duties.
      To mentor Y7 students when needed.
      To attend Y7 induction day in September.

Other prefects

      To help with tours for visitors to the school.
      To assist at parents’ evenings, directing parents where necessary and helping to serve tea and coffee to
      To help in subject areas, for example, Saturday matches for the PE department or practical lessons in
      To assist Miss Stone in the library when required.
      To assist Mrs Pickford with careers days when required.
                                          Prefect Application Form



Please indicate the roles you would be interested in (you may tick more than one)

Head Boy/Girl         Deputy Head Boy/Girl         Y7 Prefect            Prefect

Why have you put yourself forward for the post of Prefect?

What personal qualities do you feel you would bring to the post of Prefect?

What experiences have you gained (both in and out of school) that have prepared you for the post?
Which of the duties, listed in the job description, interest you most?

If you were to be given the role of Prefect, which specific duties would you be able to offer? (e.g. helping with
Saturday sport fixtures, helping in the Library, etc.)

As part of the application process, both staff and students will have the opportunity to vote for you to go
through to the interview stage. Please use the box below to write an ‘election message’ which will be
circulated to staff and students to help them make a decision. It should be no more than 100 words.

If you feel there is any other information that would support your application, please continue on another

Signed         Student______________________________

               Parent_______________________________                Date_______________________

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