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									                              Yacht Clubs of Maryland’s
                                   Bay Breeze
                                 September, 2012

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Commodore’s Report                                            Officers for 2013
By Steve Rockel
Terri.Rockel@cna.com0                                         Commodore:                 Janet Yodris
                                                              Vice Commodore:            Cheryl Blakey
 Thank you Sue Haven for hosting our August                   Rear Commodore:            Janice McLamb
Board Meeting.                                                Legislative Affairs:       Lisa Mack
                                                              Treasurer:                 Fred Chew
This will be my last report as Commodore of                   Secretary:                 Sharon Winterling
Yacht Clubs of Maryland. Terri and I greatly                  Chaplain:                  Joan Anderson
appreciate all of the support that we
have received over the years. I would like to                 Board Members:             IP/C Steve Rockel
thank the officers, board members and member                                             P/C Jim Wilson
clubs for their support this past year.                                                  P/C Clint McLamb

At the upcoming General Membership                            Congratulations to all that stayed on board and
meeting, we have the elections for next year’s                those that have stepped up for some new
officers and board members.                                   challenges. Good luck and smooth sailing to
                                                              each every one of you.
Please send us your Commodore’s Ball

With the changing of officers, New                             Vice Commodore’s Report
Commodores, please advise the new editor,                     By Cliff Katzin
Cheryl Blakey (, with
your e-mail address so you are added to our                    Hello everyone!
electronic distribution list.
                                                                This is my last report in the “Bay Breeze,” as I
Mark you calendars!!!! Yacht Clubs of the                     am unable to continue service to this great
Bay 11th Annual Family Picnic, Sunday,                        organization. It is to say the least, very
September 23, 2012, 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm,                        disappointing. The Good News though, is that
Hosted by Eastern Yacht Club.                                 the remaining members, staying, and moving up,
                                                              as well as a number of new officers will form an
I wish the new officers and board members a                   outstanding Bridge. It is a well- intentioned
successful year. Again, thank you to everyone                 group, loaded with enthusiasm, intellect, superior
                                                              leadership qualities, as well as a long track
for a wonderful year.
record of success. We wish them all well.             Report
   Thank you for the support the founding
fathers and mothers of YCM have always                By Janet Yodris
shown me. Faye and Joe (s), Lou and Sis, Jill,
Charlie, Gary, and many more, have always
been great to me.
   A few words about outgoing Commodore,                     This is my last report as Rear
Steve Rockel, aaaannnnddddd his Everything,           Commodore. I just want to say I had a great
Terri. In the years I’ve been around Maryland         time being Rear Commodore for YCM.
Yacht Clubs, no one has endured more good
natured abuse than “Wrong Way Rockel,” but                    The Rear Commodore luncheon was a
through it all, he has remained a friend to all,
                                                      great success due to the clubs who participated
and always devoted more than his “fair share”
of time, effort, and support to all that were in      and I was thankful to them for getting me the
need. He is one of the founders of YCM and            information to put out the Ship’s Log in a timely
labored for a long time without recognition, as       fasion.
he was ineligible to be an officer. The past
year has proven to be a trying one, as several                The Christmas Party at Laurel Park went
serious issues came across his desk. Steve’s          well to the efforts of Terri Rockel and Cathy
leadership qualities were constantly on display       Hellner, who picked up the pieces while I spent
as he dealt with not only the issues at hand,         time with my mom who passed in December.
but, with a lot of emotional personalities as         Heartfelt thanks to them.
well. Steve is blessed to have the support in all
he does of his Everything, Terri. She is always
                                                              The Ship’s Log was an endeavor that I
there to make sure his T’s are crossed, and
I’s dotted, and if that isn’t enough, she does        knew would not be easy; but it was not difficult
the same for all the other officers as well.          due to all people who lent me a hand. Terri
When needed, she’s known to “kick butt.” I            Rockel, Phyllis Murphy, and Faye Broseker.
know of one “accountant” who has the scars to         Thank you is not words enough for me to express
prove it. She has been a Great First Lady to          how you assisted me.
Red Eye YC, as well as YCM . That other first
lady, in Washington, would do well to be more                Thanks to Steve Rockel, who was there
like Terri than the Diva she is. I’ll be willing to   whenever I called him. It was indeed a pleasure
bet that as Steve looks for new challenges,           serving under his command.
Terri’s days as a “First Lady” are not behind
her. Very simply, It is an Honor to serve with
                                                            I am now looking forward to a great
Steve, and Colleen and I are very fortunate to
have Steve and Terri as friends. We wish them         2012-13 season as Commodore.
all the good luck and fortune for the future.
   Please be sure to read the flyer below                     If YCM can do anything for anyone,
regarding our September Membershjip                   please feel free to call or email me.
Meeting at Red Eye Yacht Club on September
26th. Officers, the uniform is “Salt and Pepper.”
.                                                     Janet D. Yodris

Rear Commodore’s Report
                           ****** - Bay Breeze (September, 2012) - ******
                                                     Funeral Home of Bel Air, Inc., 610 W. MacPhail
                                                     Rd. Bel Air MD 21014, on Thursday 1 to 5 and 7
                                                     to 9 PM. A Mass of Christian Burial will be
                                                     celebrated at St. Margaret Church on Friday at 10
Health & Welfare                                     AM. Interment Dulaney Valley Memorial
By: P/C Jill Cashman                                 Gardens. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be
                                                     to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital 262
Health & Welfare-P/C Jill Cashman                    Danny Thomas Pl., Memphis TN 38105 or
                                                     Cancer Lifenet @ Upper Chesapeake Medical
                                                     Center, 500 Upper Chesapeake Dr., Bel Air MD

       A get well card was sent to Fay Lay for her
       shoulder surgergy. She was at the CCC
       Lawn Party and looking good.                  YACHT CLUBS of Maryland’s
       A "thinking of you" card was sent P/C         CHANGE OF WATCH DINNER
       Denny Bergbauer for his good report from
       the doctor. Keep it up.
                                                     Date:          September 26, 2012
       Sad news - Don Antos (P/C Maryland
       Cruising and P/C CBYCA) – Passed over
       the bar - CCC was present at the viewing.     Time:     6:00 pm for dinner;
                                                     7:00 pm for meeting
       Please remember our friends with your
       prayers, calls and cards. They really mean
       a lot when you’re not feeling well.           Place:         Red Eye Yacht Club,
                                                                    2222 Poplar Road,
                                                                    Baltimore, MD 21221
                                                                    (410) 686-5399

Submitted by Kitty Saur                              Dinner Menu: Red Eye’s Famous
Erin Chase, Past Princess from Baltimore Yacht       Steak Dinner with mushrooms and
Club – Erin’s mother, Mary Chase, passed away on
September 8 .
             th                                      onions, baked potato, vegetable,
                                                     salad, dessert for $17.00 pp

                                                     Or your choice of: 1/2 chicken
                                                     option with same sides for $11.00
Mary L. Chase, (nee Paulus); beloved wife of
John A. Chase; devoted mother of Erin, Kelly
and Michael Chase passed away on September 8,        Please have your reservations to
2012.                                                Cliff Katzin at
                                            by Friday,
                                                     September 21, 2012

Relatives and friends may gather at Schimunek        Hope you can join us . . . .
                          ****** - Bay Breeze (September, 2012) - ******
                                                club has done for me. The one thing my
                                                club always reminded me is that this is
                                                all about having fun, and I did just that!
                                                        My family is what keeps me
A letter from the Queen                         afloat. My Mom keeps me prepared and
                                                looking polished (by shortening all of
                                                my gowns by about a foot!) My Grampy
  June 3, 2012 was a day like no other.
                                                makes my not so perfect time
For it was the day I, Lily Vogelsong was
                                                management, practically perfect. My
crowned the 65th Queen of the
                                                Grammy can keep me calm, cool, and
Chesapeake. Throughout my journey of
                                                collected in any situation. However this
being junior princess and princess
                                                does not even begin to describe all that
everyone always said that I would
                                                my family does for me and how much I
become Queen, but I never thought that
                                                love them. They are the light inside of
it would actually happen! I can’t even
                                                me that keeps me shining so brightly.
begin to imagine what my life would be
                                                        Currently, I attend Bohemia
like without the yacht club community. I
                                                Manor High School and am involved in
have been boating since I was eight
                                                many activities: drama club, student
months old, and my life has been routed
                                                council, future business leaders of
in the yacht club community for as long
                                                America, national honors society, and
as I can remember. Among the many
                                                youth group. I am also in the STEM
other things, it has taught me that there
                                                (Science, Technology, Engineering, and
is no limit as to what you can achieve.
                                                Math) academy at my school. This is the
There is always going to be that extra
                                                most challenging program schools offer,
step you can take going above and
                                                where your classes are focusing on these
beyond, and there is no reason not to
                                                four topics. This eliminates my first year
take it. This is the tap-root of my
                                                of college, and is helping me to become
determination, dreams, and success. The
                                                an environmental engineer. Besides all
ways in which this community
                                                of this, I am continuing to raise funds
influenced my life has made me the
                                                for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.
person I am today, and for that I cannot
                                                Also I have been speaking about the Bay
thank you enough.
                                                while promoting involvement in saving
        It was truly an honor to be the
                                                it. I am now a part of the speaker’s
first princess ever representing Top of
                                                bureau for the Chesapeake Bay
the Bay Cruising Association. This club
                                                foundation, and this couldn’t have
may not have had much princess
                                                happened at a better time! If your club,
experience, but it sure is off to a great
                                                or another group would like me to speak
start! Every single person in my club has
                                                at any event please contact me a
given me endless support,
                                                minimum of two weeks prior. It doesn’t
encouragement, and love not only while
                                                matter the age or group size, as I am
I was their princess but my whole life. I
                                                always happy to talk about our Bay.
am truly thankful for everything my
                                                        I would also like to extend my
                     ****** - Bay Breeze (September, 2012) - ******
gratitude to everyone in this community.
Thank you for your support and smiles,
you truly make my job delightful and
honorable. I am ecstatic for this year
that we will spend together! My goal is
to strengthen our bonds that make us
such a tight knit community, so that we
are more efficient in saving our Bay. Be
sure to email me at with YOUR
email so you can stay informed about
how you can efficiently do your part to
save the Bay. Sea you on the Bay!
Love Always,
Lillian Vogelsong

                     ****** - Bay Breeze (September, 2012) - ******
2012 – 20 13 Ball Schedule

      ****** - Bay Breeze (September, 2012) - ******
****** - Bay Breeze (September, 2012) - ******

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