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					                               Dee Sailing Club Regatta
                                             Saturday 2nd July 2011
                                                 Notice of Race
                                                    President:       Mr C. P Weston
                                                 Commodore:          Mr C. Thomas
                                      Rear Commodore Social:         Mr I. Mclean
                                     Rear Commodore Sailing:         Mr M. Dodd
                                              Hon. Secretary:        Mr D. Edmundson
                                             Hon. Treasurer:         Mr G. Cooper
                                                     Captain:        Mr E. M. Wearing
                                       Hon. Sailing Secretary:       Mr J. Miller

HW 12:25, HT 8.6 metres

Race No           Classes                                                          Code Flag Start Time

1                 Liverpool Bay Falcon                                             B                  10:50
2                 Hilbre Island One Design                                         C                  10:53
3                 West Kirby Star                                                  D                  10:56
4                 Hoylake Opera                                                    E                  10:59
5                 Seabird Half Rater                                               F                  11:02

6                 Fast Handicap Catamarans (PY<732)                                G                  11:20
7                 Dart 18 Catamarans                                               H                  11:23
8                 Cruiser                                                          J                  11:26

9                 Fast Handicap Dinghies (PY<1032)                                 K                  11:20
                  and Handicap Catamarans (PY>732)

10                Medium Handicap Dinghies (PY 1032 – 1199)                        O                  11:23
                  Inc Firefly Class Open Meeting
11                Slow Handicap Dinghies (PY > 1199)                               R                  11:26

Entrance Fee £7.00. Entries can be made at the Dee or West Kirby Sailing Clubs from 9:00hrs to 10:15hrs on Saturday 2nd July.

Races 1, 6, 7 & 9 -12 inclusive will have two races sailed back to back.
Any class racing in Races 9 - 11 with 6 or more starters will have separate class prizes.

Prize giving at will be held approximately 15:00 in the Dee SC club house.

There will be refreshments after racing and visitors are invited to the after sailing party at 19:30 in the club house. A Minibus will
be running from West Kirby SC.

                       Visitors are very welcome – for further information please contact
                                         Dee Sailing Club: 0151 648 2300

                       Website     www.dee-sc.co.uk                            email honsec@dee-sc.co.uk
                                                                                                                              V1 2011

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