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									                                                                   Implementation Minutes

                                 Cameron University
              Student Team Notes and Report Follow up for July 1 - 2, 2009
              Open Consulting and Classroom Pilot Preparation Discussion

Registering Students
Facilitator            Sandra Beaulac
Note Taker             Renee Roach
Attendees              Linda Phillips, Renee Roach, Katia Mayfield, Betty Flack, Shelley Lytle, Kelli
                       Peterson, Kelli Simon, Dawne Massey, Aubree Helvey, Brenda Dally, Zoe
                       DuRant, Sherry Hendrix, Julie Duncan

General Consulting Questions
GAPs Identified:
Decisions Made:
Decisions Required:
Other Issues and
Action Items / Assignments
Description                                                           Owner           Deadline
CRP Test plan – a test of how we are going to use the Banner
Questions on the floor –
How do we use the SHRTPOP function?
1. We cannot run a transcript by population correctly.                                                  Formatted: Numbered + Level: 1 +
     Sandra says we should look at the SHRTPOP parameters.                                             Numbering Style: 1, 2, 3, … + Start at: 1 +
                                                                                                        Alignment: Left + Aligned at: 0" + Tab after:
        A. Purge parameter -                                                                            0.25" + Indent at: 0.25"
        B. Selection Term                                                                               Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
        C. Student ID
        D. Level(s)
        E. Advisor ID
        F. Degree Code
        G. Degree Status
        H. Degree graduation date
        I.Several additional parameters are available to choose                                         Formatted: Indent: Left: 0.5"
        from.……                                                                                         Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
        Prior to number 26, we do not want to include in the
        transcript population selection, if enabling population
        selection within SHRTPOP..
     27-30 will allow us to use a population selection that we
        have created in BANNER to run SHRTPOP.
        We create a banner popsel popsel; and then we need to

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                       2009-06-02 CRP Prep and Open Consulting Beaulac                     2009
                          with tracking.docST Note Taking Template.doc
                                                                        Implementation Minutes

        go over the procedures on how to do a population
        selection. We can need to put something in the issued to
        name to designate who is running the group of transcripts..
       Actually run the transcript and say “Y” to the transcript
        population file. There will not be an individual ID &
        Sequence since we are running the job for multiple
       We do not have to use a designated printer if we are using
        the sleep/wake process.

1.2. Katia has a question on the SSB system – she has populated                                  Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
     the SFAROVR table for 200910. Katia set these up, but when
     she goes into the SSB and the override function the only two
     that appear are override all & override special approval.
     Another question would be that is there a way to have more
     than just the 200910 term on the SSB enrollment options?
          Sandra is looking at 200920 term on SOATERM. WE                                       Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 2 + Aligned at:
             have it to allow approval and overrides. Sandra is                                  0.5" + Tab after: 0.75" + Indent at: 0.75"
             going into SSB to see what issues Katia is referring to.
             The term in SOATERM which allows registration is set
             to 200920, the SFAROVR must be created by term.
          Katia will create the codes in SFAROVR and Test.
          Katia successfully tested the override process in
             SSBSandra says

3. Katia has additional questions regarding registration on SSB.                                 Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
   Under Faculty services in add/drop classes. In order forto Katia
   to register a student, she understands that a check box must be
   beside each of the courses in order for her to enroll a student.
   Sandra says that SSASECT must be set up correctly in order to
   enroll the student. The following are forms that should be
   reviewed when encountering registration errors in INB or SSB:
         In SSASECT – Sandra says if we are looking at the
            section enrollment information. Sandra wants to open
            the schedule menu (SSASECT). Now she wants us to
            go to SSADETL. We want to check and see if there
            are any curriculum rules associated with the course.
            Next, she wants us to go to SSARRES – schedule
            restrictions. We are finding that there are campus and
            college restrictions on the SSARRES form. It is set to
            only those students living in Altus as a location code
            may enroll in this class. It also indicates that the
            college must be AS – Arts & Sciences in order to enroll
            in the course. We are not looking at the SGASTDN
            form to see if there is anything unusual coming up here.
            We are looking to see if the student has a campus or
            college associated with them. It will be viewable as
            part of the curriculum as the campus and college
            sections. Because these are the registration
            restrictions set on the course, this particular student
            that Katia is using does not fit into the category (CRN is
            20001 and student ID is 000030XXXX130)

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                         2009-06-02 CRP Prep and Open Consulting Beaulac                 2009
                            with tracking.docST Note Taking Template.doc
                                                                     Implementation Minutes

           SSASECT is being reviewed to determine if section
            enrollment is set, yes it is.
           SGAADVR form would be where we check to see that
            Katia is set up as the student’s advisor. Sandra now
            wants us to go to SCHEDULEA – control form. Now
            we are looking at SFASRPO – student registration
            permit override form. For 200920, there are no
            particular permits that would require an override for this
            student. Katia says she has tried this with more than
            one student and has received the same error.
           SOAROLE – role assignment form where we would set
            up a particular role for an advisor.
           Sandra is looking to see what types of status codes are
            assigned. She indicates we should look is looking in
            the Banner SSB user guide in the registration term
            fields. We would want to look at the 8x version in the
            user guide. Sandra will look at this error by using the
            find process.r.
           We are now going to look at the reason that all courses
            are not listed as a check box for allowing registration on
            SSB. We would look under class schedule in the
            user’s guide. Sandra is going to SSASECT to see if
            there are any issues associated. The call numbers are
            20001 & 20002 for term 200920.
           SOATERM, SFAESTS & SFARSTS to see if we have                                        Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 2 + Aligned at:
            web registration set up.                                                            0.5" + Tab after: 0.75" + Indent at: 0.75"
           We do not currently have this set up for the part of term
            denoted on the class section, so Sandra is indicating
            the RW – web registered to go through the end of time
            for the part of term 16.
           There is an initial set up that must be completed in the
            registrar’s office and then (SOATERM, SFAESTS &
            SFARSTS, SOATERM, max hours, SFARGFE.
           Please refer to the procedures chapter of the Banner
            student Users Guide Registration Chapter for the set
            required for the beginning of each registration term.

3.  Detailed class information will provide pre-requisite                                       Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
4. Katia is also asking: using the waitlist option, if we have
   multiple sessions of a class and a student decides to waitlist. Is
   there a way to block them to register for other sections if they
   are on a waitlist for another sectionsection? The waitlist
   restriction rules are the same as the term restriction rules. Set
   the Duplicate Checking to fatal if students are not allowed to
   register for multiple sections of a class..

                                                                                                Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
5. Renee asks Sandra to please review the time ticketing                                        Formatted: Numbered + Level: 1 +
   procedures.                                                                                  Numbering Style: 1, 2, 3, … + Start at: 1 +
5. Time ticketing may be done by two different methods.                                         Alignment: Left + Aligned at: 0" + Tab after:
                                                                                                0.25" + Indent at: 0.25"

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                         2009-06-02 CRP Prep and Open Consulting Beaulac                2009
                            with tracking.docST Note Taking Template.doc
                                                                      Implementation Minutes

                 o   The first is group controls where weWe would
                     ask a script be run by the IT people. We are
                     looking at the SFARCTT form. For this priority
                     how many people do we have for this group?
                     This would be included on the SFARCTL form.
                     There is no methodology to go out and say that
                     a group is classification of seniors. When we
                     use the time ticketing methodology, it is called
                     group time ticketing. We go to the IT folks and
                     ask to go out and find all of a particular type of
                     classification and assign a group code to the
                     student in order for us to utilize this type of
                     methodology. This was type 1.
                                                                                                 Formatted: Indent: Left: 0.25"
    The second type is in SFARGTC – third party registration time
    controls. This is what we think CU should be using. Priority 1
    for the 200910 term with begin date & time and end date & time
    and the first group we want to register is the Class (we can
    work on what the code is supposed to be). Priority 1 would be
    seniors, We; We could code multiple priorities using this form.

A possible issue is that would be that we may have to use the
student level for graduate students as opposed to the class
indicator. People who are GR & who have a classification of SR
can register on this particular timeframe. Sandra is going to screen
capture this and send it to us.
The next thing we want to check for would be that we have the
control form STVSDAX GTVSDAX (crosswalk validation form). She
wants to go to group to WEBREG and see what the controls are for
deciding time ticketing. We say are we restricting by time ticketing.
No, we were not when we were doing our testing. This says
(WEBMANCONT) Web use management controls – do we want to
use this SFARGTC. This is where we would check system

Betty Flack is asking a question about putting on old Cameron work
to the current record. There is no general student record for this
term that Betty is trying. We are going to SGASTDN to see for
00005XXXXX8655 for Linda FonVille. Do not put a term in the key
block. We can do the student summary dropdown which will
provide a comprehensive list of what is included on SGASTN. The
very first record was 198220. There is nothing prior to this term.
We are looking at 197510. These are old transcripts for student’s
history. These are pulled from the hard copy transcripts. Betty
runs into this error very often. Sandra has a couple of questions.
Sandra is asking about the matriculation date and how we have
determined what this date will be. It should be the first term that the
student actually attended the institution. Currently, in the test
database, we only included the first term that we were live on the
legacy system. Dawne is saying that for the next conversion, we
will be rolling the terms for 197510; however the matriculation term
is 198220 because we are currently pulling that from the
admissions application form. Sandra says this will be ok. Betty
would like to know how soon she can start working on this. When

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                          2009-06-02 CRP Prep and Open Consulting Beaulac                2009
                             with tracking.docST Note Taking Template.doc
                                                                     Implementation Minutes

will the database be available: Betty is making the changes in
TEST in BANNER? She’s only playing in test, but making the
official changes in PPRD. Cameron will tell Betty when the
database is ready for her continued testing.

Kelli Peterson has some questions:

In transfer articulation, there were some error messages: How do
you get out of an error message when it locks up your computer.
The ID number is 00009XXXX6287 and we are in the SHATAEQ
form for Lindsay G. Rhodes. The error was …. Sometimes it
means that someone else is in the exact same form at the same
time. If they are attempting to be in the same record at the same
time. We can go to file exit. There is not a methodology for our
current “FIXLOCK” procedure. The DBA could find out who has the
form locked. We would not want to call unless it is an emergency
type situation. If it is a critical time when we have student’s lineds
up, we would want to contact the network administrator. We would
want to make clear to all advisors who are enrolling that they MUST
shut down (log off) of a particular student when finished or
requesting additional assistance from the registrar’s office so we
may access the student’s records.

How do you delete an attendance period if you accidentally get
more than one of the same period on the students transfer history?
We would go to SHATRNS & SHQTRIT and look at the attendance
period number. When we blow something away, we have to start at
the bottom. (At the lowest sequence of the number). To delete,
choose record remove and save. We would simply choose the
record remove function for all of these types of requests.

SHATATR – Kelli wants to know the high and low. If a class is a
variable level class then use the low and high credit hours.. We are
looking at 003152 – University of Central Oklahoma. We only have
to enter the number of hours in high. If the class was from 1-3
hours, that is when we would use the high and low hours. If it is 2
hours at UCO and 3 hours at CU, we only want to allow the 2 hours
of credit. We want to manually enter the 2 hours in the equivalent
course section in the credits used column. This will auto populate
from the catalog, so we will need to remember to change the credits
used. We only fill in the low to high when there are a variable
number of courses. We will want to make sure and save these

There are some issues on STVSBGI on Vernon College coming
over as a high school. Sandra thinks that the STVSBGI code is
incorrect or the other high school is incorrect in the system.
Cameron will review the data and correct where needed.

Enrollment verifications – SFAMESG – enrollment verification
messages. They may go out during the drop/add period. We can
say, this is of a particular date, but our drop/add period extends
beyond that date. We can create a message that would indicate

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                         2009-06-02 CRP Prep and Open Consulting Beaulac                2009
                            with tracking.docST Note Taking Template.doc
                                                                      Implementation Minutes

that we have not reached our drop/add dates. We could to it for a
particular student ID number, or for a particular request type code.
SFAEPRT – enrollment verification request rules. The student can
request enrollment verification from SSB as well. ON SFAEPRT,
we flip all flags just so we can see what the form does. There are
self-service print options. We can also send out a letter to the
student notifying them that the verification was mailed out. This is
the control form. We are going to SFARQST – and actual
enrollment verification request. In SOADEST – sleep wake would
send the various enrollments, etc to printers. Enrollment
verification is not using sleep/wake right now. If we want it to be
printed to a local printer, this is where we would enter this
information. We are requesting an enrollment verification request
for Linda for 200920. There are various types and c copies that can
be selected. There are various places that we can use on
SOACOMP – we can send to a person that is listed on this form
and we can set up there if needed. The recipient name and
address information would populate. We would need to make sure
this student was EL – eligible to register. We are asking for a bank
request. The number of the request will auto fill. We can look at
the enrollment verification status on SFARQSS. We ran a request
for Darrin Gunter back in April. We can also input the send date.
We have to go to the job submission form (GJAPCTL) and look for
the enrollment verification requests. This will be a SF form, put
SF% in the process and %Enrollment” for the title. The process is
SFRENRL. Do next block, to database to review first if necessary,
put in the student ID in the parameter values, type was BANK,
address type, and we are looking for what fields are required to
enter. Look to see if they have a permanent address. 04 – Select
the credit that we want to print? Do we use Earned or Attempted?
Time status calc credit type for E (earned) or A for (attempted). We
could run for all of the veterans. We would strike “A” for midterm to
include all of the registration. We could set section title and all of
that as Yes just to see what it will look like. We can include a cutoff
term. Save parameter set as, hit save at the top. Then go to output
GJIREVO for 82164. We look at this just like we would a transcript.
Full-time, part time is self reported, so we do not want this coming
from SGASTDN. Use the time status calculation to designate full
/part time status. ?

We could find this in SFRENRL on the user’s guide. It will show
what the request actually looks

SFAEPRT – we can choose what flags need to be flipped. If we
decide to use this, we will need to set up in PPRD. The full or part
time option is self reported. It is not the calculated figure. Time
status will actually do this for us. We have to create a new
sequence number for every request whether it be for an enrollment
or transcript request. Time status rules are set up for determining
the full time/part time status. We need to make sure they are set up
correctly. Time status is on SFAREGS – on the registration form.
SFATMST is the validation table where the rules are set up. This is
correct currently in TEST.

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                         2009-06-02 CRP Prep and Open Consulting Beaulac                2009
                            with tracking.docST Note Taking Template.doc
                                                                       Implementation Minutes

The registration table to be updated each semester on banner
users manual on 12-7 does not include that the SFAROVR form
needs to be created each term. We need to make sure that this is
included at the beginning of each term.

We are now moving on to the CRP test plan.

We want financial aid to look at the output of the Student CRP in
preparation for their CRP. The Financial Aid team will use the
students who have registered for the CRP term. Cameron will
supply the CU Financial Aid office with a listing of students who
were registered in the CRP.

We are looking at having faculty/staff/student workers. We need to
designate a particular person as the contact for each of the areas
for catalog/schedule, admissions, registration, student accounts,
and technical support. We need to make certain that the correct
security is in place for the participants to access forms in INB and
SSB. We need to make sure there are note takers for each area,
not the actual participants. We need to use the SGHE designated
note taking worksheets.

In SSB, the pin numbers and sign-ons should be set up correctly
ahead of time. 201010 will be the term that we use for
the CRP.

We are coming back from lunch.

Discussing items which impact the CRP, open items that still
require additional review:

       Tape load – SOTCNVT – tape code conversion. We are                                      Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
        reviewing tape load at this stage. Frank will be in the
        session tomorrow to discuss status of tape load.

       SAACHKB – admissions checklist rules has not been                                       Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
        created in PPRD. Admissions request codes. This will be
        one of the forms that must be set up for the CRP.

       Establish communication plan. A plan needs to be                                        Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
        established for letter generation.

We are looking over the CU ST AR Test Plan Processes 8.x
document supplied by SGHE:

Each team leader is responsible for reviewing the test plan to
determine which forms should be added to correctly reflect CU
business practices:

Managing the applicant pool – (SPAIDEN, SAADMS, and
SAAQUIK). What will we ask our participants to do: bring new

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                         2009-06-02 CRP Prep and Open Consulting Beaulac                2009
                            with tracking.docST Note Taking Template.doc
                                                                      Implementation Minutes

from the beginning (at the recruit level). We will not utilize the
Process for admitting and registering students. As an institution,
we have decided NOT to use this process.

In order to inactivate a student after they have been dormant for a
year, we will process this on the SGASTDN form and create a hold
to cause the student to no longer be an active student.

What do we want our staff to check as part of the CRP?

Can we use a population selection to inactivate students? Sandra
is saying that we can’t actually use the population selection to
inactivate in a Banner supplied job unless it is specific to
inactivation due to degree status, i.e. graduation..

SGPSTDN – general student purge. Used to purge the general
student records for anyone who has never registered. WE DO NOT

 Discussing Orphan E-term records. This might be in the technical
users guide. These are registration records that do not actually
have any classes included. The record is created when the user
enters the form and saves, or DD/Remove and saves … No classes
are included in the registration form. Be careful when creating
reports to remember orphan ETRM records.

There is a mass hold process that could be run to inactivate
students who had not been active for the last year.

We have to let Doreen know when we will be registering so that
they will be set up for the CRP. Sandra will tell the SGHE team that
the CRP term is now 201010.

Zoe is asking a question regarding the residency status. If we
make the change, it will be an immediate change once you hit
“SAVE”. We will want to test this as a dynamic process that will
make the change and we will see it in the customer service. We
would also want to make sure that was changed in SGASTDN. If it
doesn’t happen immediately, then they may have set up these
processes to happen in batch for the next day. Reviewed the
process and saw the pop up box indicating that the change impacts
fee assessment.

We need access to TSICSRV for query access to receivables
for registration.

Course Catalog – SCACRSE. There are 3 (lecture, lab, internship).
We would not have courses that would fall under more than one
schedule type. But, we will test those that will have more than one
instructional method.

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                         2009-06-02 CRP Prep and Open Consulting Beaulac                2009
                            with tracking.docST Note Taking Template.doc
                                                                         Implementation Minutes

Define repeat rules.

Will we activate a tuition waiver for a particular course? No- we will
not be testing this for the CRP.

Faculty Load – Aubree & Tom will be working on this part.

SCADETL – Fees for a course, yes, we do

We will need to add to course description.

Linda would only set up SMAPRLE & GTVSDAX one time for the
CRP for CAPP prerequisite checking. The set up is included in the
test plan as well as in the TEST database.
SCAPREQ – course pre-requisite restrictions.

SCRBULT – run the bulletin report if necessary, easier to view on

We want to add attributes to the course catalog. Sandra
recommends looking back to the form and what we want the staff to
focus their efforts on.

Class Schedule – establishing a begin CRN on SOATERM. Only
one person will be doing this for the CRP.

Clearinghouse – we will need some clarification on these reports.
We went through this in the beginning, but we need a refresher on
it. Cameron is not a direct lending institution so will not be using
the NSLDS SSCR reporting process. CU will only use the

We may want to create a second worksheet for SSB registration
that would differ from the instructions needed for INB.

Banner web registration for faculty & advisors – team has Googled
and looked for a workbook that may have already been created.
Review faculty workbook created by CU.

We need to check that the pre-requisites for placement are working

There is a form in Banner that will show all of the error messages.
This form is SFARMSG. This is a deliverable, but we can put a
custom message. Linda may want to review this form.

Transcript articulation – we are asking Sandra if we c a feasibly
borrow a catalog from another institution. We want to import the

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                        17fe2cdf-d660-4d52-9e8b-341f8a5d6d9b.docCU ST TR          10/5/20127/6/
                         2009-06-02 CRP Prep and Open Consulting Beaulac                  2009
                            with tracking.docST Note Taking Template.doc
                                                                        Implementation Minutes

transfer catalog data form banner. SHRTCIM 0 transfer catalog
data import. 13-481. Julie & Dawne need to read this information.


Catalog Extract & Load                                                                           Formatted: Font: 10 pt
• Enable clients at ‘sending’ institutions to create an XML
file that contains an extract of their course catalog data
that can be shared with other colleges and universities
—Self-service solution
—Batch process – SCRCATE
—Process level API – sckp_catalog_export.sql
• Reduce the need for clients at ‘receiving’ institutions to
manually enter course catalog data into their own
Banner systems by importing XML files from ‘sending’
—Batch process – SHRTCIM
—Process level API – shkp_trans_crse_import.sql
 Allow clients at ‘receiving’ institutions to copy transfer                                     Formatted: Font: 10 pt
course catalog data from one institution to another (i.e.                                        Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
when two campuses of the same institution are treated                                            0" + Tab after: 0.25" + Indent at: 0.25"
as separate institutions)
                                                                                                 Formatted: Bullets and Numbering
• Enable clients at ‘receiving’ institutions to store more
useful information about transfer courses to aid in the
assignment of institutional equivalencies
Catalog Extract and Load Changed Forms                                                           Formatted: Font: 10 pt
• Transfer Institution Catalog Entry Form (SHATATC)
• Transfer Course Articulation Form (SHATATR)
• Source/Background Access Form (SOASBGA)
Catalog Extract and Load New Processes                                                           Formatted: Font: 10 pt
• Course Catalog Data Extract Process (SCRCATE)
• Transfer Catalog Data Import Process (SHRTCIM)

SHRTECA – transfer equivalency catalog would be where we could
share our information with. If we borrow soon enough, then we
would not override the information anyways.

They would run SHRTECA – the equivalency worksheet in order for
us to borrow their information.

We need to get on the list serve or contact a student directly to see
how that will transfer into our catalog.

July 2, 2009

We will not be using the NSLDS process since CU is not a direct
lending institution..

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                        17fe2cdf-d660-4d52-9e8b-341f8a5d6d9b.docCU ST TR        10/5/20127/6/
                         2009-06-02 CRP Prep and Open Consulting Beaulac                2009
                            with tracking.docST Note Taking Template.doc
                                                                          Implementation Minutes

We are reviewing the recruiting aspect of the CRP test plan.
Sandra is recommending that we create a quick flow for the
recruiting test plan to ensure the attendees know which steps to
perform first. Will they be entering cohorts at the SRARECR
record? No!

SPACMNT –they will record comment type, originator, and contact
date and contact.

Frank will ask all Admissions counselors to run the individual
reports. There will be no new non-banner reports created before
the CRP.

Communication plan – the step by step piece is under the admitting
student tabs.

Katia wants to go back to where the overrides are located
(SFAROVR). SFAROVR. On SSB, when she tried to give an
override, she can only override courses in which she is teaching.
However, would deans/chairs have the capability to override these
through SSB if needed?
Sandra says that if the dean/chair has the students pin, then they
could use the override. Sandra wants to put this question off until
we move a little further today since we will test the processes if we
have additional time..

Linda has a few questions:

    1.    Reserved seating – SSASECT. How do we use the
         reserved seating used? Of the 50 reserved seats, we want
         10 to be in any one of the attributes that are grayed out
         (level, campus, college, degree program, major, minor,
         class, attribute, cohort, admission term matriculation term,
         graduation term, user id or activity date). Linda is thinking
         we might use this to help monitor the Student t Support
         Services courses.
    2. Is it ok that we have catalog created as 200920 since our
         go live term is 201010? Sandra says, “Yes, this is ok
         because it is prior to the go live effective term.” The                                   Formatted: Font: 12 pt, Bold
         class schedule must be created for the
         correct term of registration.                                                             Formatted: Font: 16 pt, Bold

Maintaining student records – end of term processes for CRP. In
the academic history chapter in procedures (Chapter 17-31; we
want to print out) in the user’s guide – we will want to look at end of
term processing. We will not be changing the SHAGRDE or
SOATERM forms as part of the CRP. We will do end of term
processing at the end of the CRP. We do not want other
participants to have access to updating/running this part of the
CRP. Will we have faculty (SSB) and staff (INB) enter grades on a
roster. We will also want to be able to run the report that will show

                         SunGard Higher Education – Confidential & Proprietary    Page 11 of 16
                         17fe2cdf-d660-4d52-9e8b-341f8a5d6d9b.docCU ST TR         10/5/20127/6/
                          2009-06-02 CRP Prep and Open Consulting Beaulac                 2009
                             with tracking.docST Note Taking Template.doc
                                                                     Implementation Minutes

missing grades. We will SFASLST – that will allow grades to be
rolled to history. Will we allow them to roll to history in INB?

Calculate GPA – will we do mid-term grading? We do not think so
at this point according to Aubree.

View the final grades – we can put holds on people so that they
cannot have access to pull up final grades. Review SOATERM for
when to grant access (POT block)

Will we have people change grades in SHATCKN? Yes! Will we
attempt to run the repeat process in SHRRPTS? We still think this
is not going to work for us. These are noted in Yellow on the CRP
test plan.

Will we allow people to view the academic history portion on INB,
SSB for students/faculty? Yes! We want to allow all to be able to
access their academic history.

Will we allow students to request an enrollmentenrollment
verification on the web? We are not for sure at this point.
SFRENRL, SFRSLST, SFRENRL – enrollment verification report,
class roster report and enrollment verification request purge.

Processing transcripts = will we allow people to post comments?
Yes, we will.
Qualifying papers – we will not test this for the CRP.

Non-course activity that we expect someone to complete? Yes –we
will need this for degree audit.

Will we allow transcripts requests to be submitted via SSB & INB?
We are still in the middle of a decision for SSB.

SHRTPOP – we only want a select few to test this so we don’t bog
down the system. We want to keep this as a yellow item.

Veterans reports – yes, we will have someone (Vicki or Alan) test
the veterans information as well.

Academic standing – Sandra needs to do further testing before we
make a final decision on this item. OPEN ITEM for SANDRA.

Will we be testing the sports portion for the CRP?

Auditing and awarding degrees:

Do we want to manually create a SHADEGR? Yes, we will want to
test this as well. Build and review, create and submit via the web
(this hasn’t been decided yet). Review the grad app, update the

                        SunGard Higher Education – Confidential & Proprietary   Page 12 of 16
                        17fe2cdf-d660-4d52-9e8b-341f8a5d6d9b.docCU ST TR        10/5/20127/6/
                         2009-06-02 CRP Prep and Open Consulting Beaulac                2009
                            with tracking.docST Note Taking Template.doc
                                                                      Implementation Minutes

record, and review the student’s academic history (SHACRSE,
Degree records created via SHRROLL or manually create
SHADEGR record. We do want to be able to make changes to the
degree forms.
Are we allowing student to submit graduate applications on the
web? If so set up forms and processes.

SHAMDEG – mass graduation entry form. This form will allow
mass update of their information in history. We may have one or
two people.

SHRDEGS – run degree status update report. We will only have
one created for this.

Commencement (SHRCOMM) report & SHRCATT run
commencement report.

Linda will want to check this validation table that will inactivate the
general student record for those students who have graduated. We
might couldbe able to use this form (SHRDEGS) Degree) Degree
status update report, for inactivatingfor inactivating those students
who have been inactive for a year. This process might be the place
we would want to look to set up the inactive portion of SPAIDEN &
SGASTDN records. This is reading from SHADEGR which is why
we can’t use it to inactivate the admissions records.

We will be using degree works as our degree audit system, but we
will not have this in place until post go-live.

SHADEGR – we are looking at a sample in BANNER. AW –
awarded for the outcome status. We also want to know how we will
know when the Audit has been completed. However, neither
degree works orneither degree works nor CAPP come into
SHADEGR and change anything after the degree audit has been
run. We would have to manually come in and change the status.
To indicate whether the degree audit had been compeltecomplete.
However, there is nothing that will feed back to SHADEGR to
indicate that the degree audit is complete. Sandra will go to the
validation table and create a code that would indicatindicate that the
degree audit had been completed. We could have various levels of
degree audit completion, but we do not currently have this in

Do we want to indicate a degree GPA on the official transcript?
No—we do not currently. We can do this in mass, or by one on
one. We would go to SHADEGR – and flip the applied indicator
flags individually and then select the sigma to calculate the GPA.

There would be an additional step that would show how that would
pull up on the transcript, but we will not use this.

                         SunGard Higher Education – Confidential & Proprietary   Page 13 of 16
                         17fe2cdf-d660-4d52-9e8b-341f8a5d6d9b.docCU ST TR        10/5/20127/6/
                          2009-06-02 CRP Prep and Open Consulting Beaulac                2009
                             with tracking.docST Note Taking Template.doc
                                                                       Implementation Minutes

Billing students and processing payments – we will want to check
with Doreen to see about additional CU testing for the CRP.

Sandra will forward this CRP test plan document to Linda/Sherry,
etc so that we can use it for the CRP. Linda will want to take these
up before people leave for the CRP.

Housing will be covered later per Cameron.

Systems that we are interfacing should be tested during the CRP.

Sherry indicated that there will be additional “mock” registrations
before the go live.

We need to look at the banner baseline diploma to determine if we
want otto use it or not.

We will need to use COGNOS to help run the diplomas. We will not
have this ready for the CRP. We will add this on to one of the
testing sessions before we go live.

How will we stage the room, how will we have note takers, will there
be questions taken for the CRP? How will we want our output to
look? Sandra will work with Linda & representatives during the
CRP so we can move forward during the testing..

There is a word document (planning guide) that was submitted to
Linda prior to this session, i.e. Classroom Pilot Planning

CRP prep continues – dates in the system, we need to pay
attention to the dates in banner. Linda will set up pre=registration
forms that will fall into the new term of 201010. We need to make
sure that all the classes we are using have the correct effective fee
assessment (assessment (SOATERM & next block to part of term).
These have to be set up in part of term, such as 3 days, till the end
of the year, etc. THE SFAESTS & SFARSTS forms will also be a
place where the term information must be set up correctly. Start &
End dates need to be created for the CRP that will be inclusive of
the 201010 term.

We are back to katia’s question on overrides at this point. We are
on page 117 of the faculty advisor workbook. She was looking to
see if there were instructiosninstructions on how to flip the flags. I
will need to print this out. There is also a faculty & SSB usersuser’s
guide. WE would want to search for everything that we have to set
up in GTVSDAX. This is the control form that allows who will do
what and when? See the GTVSDAX handbook for specific
WEBREG and FACREG settings. Delivered in the configuration.
Also review the Users Guides for SSB Student as well as Faculty
and Advisor for settings.

                        SunGard Higher Education – Confidential & Proprietary   Page 14 of 16
                        17fe2cdf-d660-4d52-9e8b-341f8a5d6d9b.docCU ST TR        10/5/20127/6/
                         2009-06-02 CRP Prep and Open Consulting Beaulac                2009
                            with tracking.docST Note Taking Template.doc
                                                                      Implementation Minutes

Sandra is on page 195. GTVSDAX sets this information. We are
looking up prime instructor.

Question regarding COM and adding campus to curriculum:

If a change of major is completed we would have to change the
studentsstudent’s campus. Recruiting & Admissions would not
have to be entered at the SAAADMS that we would enter on
SGASTDN. WE would have to update in order to get the correct
campus in the system. Can we have it in campus, but not restrict
enrollment? Yes! It is used by registration error checking, but we
don’t have to use it. Our program codes are not campus specific.
However, if we ever wanted to limit by campus, it would have to be
entered in SGASTDN. When the decision is updatedmade in
Admissions, the campus will not go over into the SGASTDN record.

Afternoon session 7-2-09

Sandra is responding to the question of :...:”What are the main
issues with using the Student PIN in SSB Registration?
 We do not want the student’s to self=enroll. We would assign an
alt pin. We cwould stop them from registering at all by assigning an
alternate pin which requires the student to unless you get the pin
from the advisor.
It will still be the student’s log-in pin. We do not faculty members or
student workers to be able to log into the student account where
changes can be made. Sandra says the whole purpose of the
alternate pin is so that unauthorized changes may not be made.

Cameron will not be allowing students to self-enroll anytime soon,
so this is why the pin issue is so important to Katia.

Alt pins are student term registration specific. Banner is designed
to have the student pin available to be able to check and see that
there are no unauthorized changes.

PIN number may be considered as a GAP. Sandra wants us to
verbalize this information. CU does not allow students to self-
enroll. Privacy (security) in SSB is the main issue.

Who will assign the alternate pin information? The process is
TREG (SPAAPIN) for alternate personal identification number.

Web drop DW should not have the web indicator flag flipped if we
do not want students to drop on the web. We will need to change
this in PPRD as well. There were some issues with 12-114 of the
Banner Student UersUsers Guide on setting the indicators on
STVRSTS page 1366 so that the web flags will be flipped correctly.

How can we inactivate the old curriculum?
Linda will need to un-flip the flag on SOACURR for primary,

                         SunGard Higher Education – Confidential & Proprietary   Page 15 of 16
                         17fe2cdf-d660-4d52-9e8b-341f8a5d6d9b.docCU ST TR        10/5/20127/6/
                          2009-06-02 CRP Prep and Open Consulting Beaulac                2009
                             with tracking.docST Note Taking Template.doc
                                                                      Implementation Minutes

secondary & locked should not be selected for inactive
majors/minors so that they may not be chosen as an active
curriculaas active curricula. We do not want these program codes
to be used for updating active curriculum. The locked indicator
means that it is ready to be used. We should take off by modules
also on the module control tab. Base curriculum rules,
majors/minors and module control would be what we would want to
change in PPRD.

 Linda is asking if Sandra might know if there is a way in COGNOS
for us to print a sheet for advisors that will provide information
theinformation the advisors indicating all of the transfer
equivalencies. We have this functionality in our current MyCU.
Banner does not currently deliver the transfer articulation worksheet
to be viewable on SSB. However Yes – CU would have to develop
a report in COGNOS in order to pull this information without having
to unroll the coursework from academic history and make it
viewable. .

Deceased indicator is only on SPAIDEN. If there are any funds that
are still in A/R, it will stop the check from being cut. Must work with
all departments when enabling the flag.

No additional questions or concerns were indicated by CU so the
session was complete.funding.

                         SunGard Higher Education – Confidential & Proprietary   Page 16 of 16
                         17fe2cdf-d660-4d52-9e8b-341f8a5d6d9b.docCU ST TR        10/5/20127/6/
                          2009-06-02 CRP Prep and Open Consulting Beaulac                2009
                             with tracking.docST Note Taking Template.doc

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