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									  ACIT works with you to provide a customized growth plan that will maximize your
potentials and will help you nail down a position that will lead you to a rewarding and
                                    satisfying career.

ACIT is a training institute which mainly provides CISCO certifications in addition to other
programs. Once a student enrolls for a training program, they not only undergo intensive training,
backed with descriptive course material and training manual there is also a job guarantee at the
end of a CCIE program. There is a huge demand in the industry for CISCO certified jobs. Some of
the jobs which come under this category are CCIE certified jobs, CCNA jobs, CCNP jobs and CCIP
jobs. All of these come under the category of networking jobs. Not only has an experienced person,
even a networking fresher can find his place in jobs for networking freshers. So after the
completion of the training program the student can look for a higher salary bracket with better
skills to compete with other networking certified jobs candidates in the industry.

ACIT has been able to efficiently help many of the companies with their hiring needs by referring
serious quality professionals to their openings. Our students have been great assets to our client
companies and have contributed to their employer’s productivity, reputation.

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Our clients consist of leading MNCs and local based companies both in the IT industry and
non-IT industry. We are the CISCO registered partner and provide training modules to
corporate that are looking at bulk training of their employees in the IT domain. Backed with a
CISCO Certification, our clients are satisfied with the results proven by the trained
employees. There is a vast difference in the output of a trained employee and a complete

Any candidate enrolling for a training program with ACIT can be assured of a networking job.
Our clients also offer placement in their IT division to fill up vacancies with networking
professionals who are given a number by CISCO for the CCIE job. The new recruits with our
clients are trained to better their skills as a networking fresher and carry more knowledge to
deliver and compete and match up with networking certified jobs.

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Students passing out from ACIT are equipped with better knowledge and find a place of
recognition in the IT industry. Those who opt for a networking job have not only found a
position of their choice in the industry but have also scaled up the corporate ladder.

Jobs for CISCO certified candidates are in demand and only growing further. Salaries offered
even for a CCIE fresher are on the higher scale.

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