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									How To Eliminate Eye Puffiness
Puffiness around or below the eyes arise in both young and old people, but it
does seem to get more frequent with age since with aging, the tissues and
muscles around the eye weaken and therefore sag. Fat, which helps support
your eyes, can fall forward into the lower eyelids and this causes bags under
the eyes. Despite the fact that puffiness around or below the eye is hardly ever
a sign of a severe disease, it can be a source of misery for individuals who place
significance on looks.

Other causes

Aside from aging, bags under the eyes can also be caused by allergic reactions,
particularly if redness and itching happens concomitantly with the eye bag. The
region underneath the eye can also retain fluid as a result of hormones or
increased intake of salt in your diet. The skin surrounding our eyes is the
thinnest skin in our body, thus fluid changes are apparent in these regions.
Additionally, fatigue, especially from inability to have a long restful sleep, also
causes bags under the eyes.

The position with which you sleep in can also lead to eye bag formation. If you
are a side sleeper or on your stomach, fluid shifts forward and fill out the space
under your eyes. For some individuals, hereditary factors may also be involved.

How to eliminate bags under eyes
Treatment really is determined by what triggered the eye bag. For example, if
the eye bag is caused by fatigue, then you should get adequate sleep, which is
around seven to eight hours for young and old adults. If allergies or infections
are the reason behind the problem, dealing with those will help make your
eyes less swollen. Attempt to sleep face up as well to avoid early morning
puffiness around the eyes .

A cool compress placed around the eye for a couple of minutes can also help
                                          reduce the swelling. Moreover,
                                          reduce your salt intake. Don't just
                                          avoid taking too much table salt, but
                                          also products thatare heavy on salt.
                                          Over the counter products and
                                          therapies, including chemical peels
                                          and laser resurfacing, which help
                                          make the skin firmer can also reduce
                                          the eye bag formation under the
eyes. If your bags under the eyes are severe, and causes you to feel beautiful
or confident, you may go for eyelid surgery wherein the cosmetic surgeon
takes away excess fat or loose skin. Get more articles about cure for

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