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A letter of appreciation is always a nice touch. It shows people you care and next time something happens or pops up they are more likely to remember you and think of you. It also shows you to be a person of good manners and behaviour. This sample thank you letter is a good example of one. It is personal, warm and kind. It is also short and straight to the point. In this day and age you don't just have to write a standard letter. You could send a thank you email or even a thank you text message. The medium isn't so as important as opposed to the message. The bottom line is that you do one and express appreciation. In this day and age, people don’t do that often enough. They take a lot of things for granted and don't bother saying thank you. Thank yous are overlooked because of how simple and basic they are but its hard to understate the affect they have. As the smallest gestures often do, they can really make really someone special. So given how little effort is required to write a thank you letter and how much of an impact it has, in the future it is something you should do.

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									                             Sample Thank You Letter
    You could enclose a certificate of appreciation (sample follows) with this letter.
            You also might modify it and send it to those unable to attend

Thank you for your service on the ROP Occupational Advisory Committee.
Your contributions and enthusiasm were most helpful and will assist
us in improving our program.

It is a pleasure to have members from the business/industrial community
who are willing to extend meaningful input and to support the occupational
training programs offered by ROP.
Enclosed are the minutes of the advisory committee meeting for your
Again, I want to thank you for your recommendations, time and effort in serving on this
committee. I look forward to your continuing support.

If I may be of help to you or your business, please feel free to call.

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