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                                                     Have Articles Written For You
                                                                   By David Lee

    Having articles written for you and outsourced just makes it easier for you in the long run.

Lets face it folks, when do most of us have the time to sit down and write an article each and every
day? I would gather that most of us would say they don't have the time.

Niche Biz For You is the answer. Article content, Blog design and a little SEO can go a long way when
someone else is doing it for you. Think about the extra time you will have with your family and free time
spending doing what it is that you like to do. Outsourcing is becoming more popular as these tough
times of competition are just getting tougher and tougher.

Page rank, SEO, blog listing.. etc... Lets face it, it is no easy task to take on these projects on an
everyday basis especially if you have more than a few websites to deal with.

Just imagine most of that work being done for you!
That would be nice, would it not?

Give Niche Biz for you a try and see the difference in the amount of time you have left over
in your busy life.
You WILL see a difference.

I find you a great niche market and a product to promote. One with a good commission, and one that
looks like it will convert well into sales for you...

I research two of the most profitable keywords for you to target in that niche. Those that will bring the
most traffic and get the highest conversions.

I write you two unique articles on the two most profitable (most searched least competitive) keywords
in that niche.

I buy you a keyword targetted domain name.

I set you up with Free hosting (so you don't pay a cent for your domain or hosting, forever!)

Write An Article In 3 1/2 Minutes!
Guaranteed! Add your name, small ad and web site link to 199 prewritten articles!
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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

I create you a quality Optimized Wordpress blog for targetting this niche. It comes preloaded with a
great theme and about 15 of the best wordpress plugins and a few little addons courtesy of Firepow -
all designed for the best SEO and greatest ease of use for you and your visitors.

I submit your blog's RSS Feed to 20 RSS Directories giving you some instant backllinks, quick
indexing in Google quick site promotion.

I make a post to the my own network of blogs with a link to your blog! This means your site gets two
high PR backlinks, with the anchor text of the keywords you're trying to target, immediately! (aka, a big
boost for you in the search rankings)

Get it below:

Niche Biz for You

Having articles written for you and outsourced just makes it easier for you in the long run


Cutting edge articles, information, and news related to Christian theology.
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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

                             Benefits Of Article Marketing Series- #7 Create An eBook
                                                           By Jeff Schuman

 If you have written articles in the past, you may be sitting on a gold mine. In this article, let's talk about
using your articles to create an e-book.

Selling ebooks are another way to make money on the Internet. They are also an excellent way to build
your mailing list by giving it away for free.

Have you ever consider writing an e-book? If you have written articles in the past then you may already
have all the content you need to create an ebook already.

Many people think writing an ebook is this big long drawn out process. That may be true when you are
writing a paperback or hardback novel.

On the Internet however, that is not the case. People like to read ebooks that are interesting and

The chapters don't need to be real long, as long as the content is of a high quality. Therefore people
begin to think maybe they could write an ebook of their own.

One little secret is if you have been writing articles in the past you may already have enough content to
write an ebook. Many of your articles could become chapters in your book.

The nice thing about an ebook is you can add links to various products and programs that you sell right
in the context of the book itself. This is another benefit of article marketing that is often overlooked.

As more and more article directories become tougher in what they will approve within an article,
Internet marketers are looking for other ways to sell things. Adding links to products that use sell within
an ebook is certainly one way to do that.

You can also include links to affiliate products you sell and prefer people directly to your affiliate sales
page. Often times you cannot do that in an article directory or in other forms of Internet marketing such
as discussion forums.

You can Google search for words "creating an ebook" and come up with many different easy ways to
do it. As long as you already have the content you might as well use your articles to do your business
some more good.

If you feel like your articles are not exactly what you are looking for to match the theme of your e-book,
of course you can make changes to them because they are your articles. You can also write additional
articles to fill in the gaps for ones need written

In summary, creating an ebook from your existing articles, or by writing articles, is an excellent way to
do article marketing. If you can write articles, you can definitely write an ebook.

The ClipCopy Site
Hundreds of NEWSLETTER FILLERS (articles, jokes, crosswords, quotes, etc) and other resources for publishers.
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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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article discounts on website and blog articles. You will find competitive pricing, testimonials, and
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Library For Islamic Renewal
Offers books and research articles to effect an Islamic Renaissance.
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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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