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									Article 1: Meaningful, Engaged Learning
Author(s): Jones, B., Valdez, G., Nowakowski, J., & Rasmussen, C.
Publication Name: Designing Learning and Technology for Educational Reform
Publication Date: 1994

I enjoyed reading the article "Meaningful, Engaged Learning". After reading it I realized that I
have been focused on getting through the curriculum and not on letting my students have a "joy
of learning" or preparing them for a career. Some of the points that motivated me the most we
the idea of performance based tasks and the students evaluating their own achievement. I really
would love to have my students more engaged and more in control of their own learning. I
believe when we teach ourselves or when we define our own learning goals that we learn the
most. I really like the fact that true engaged learning involves being collaborative and "valuing
and having the skills to work with others." This prepares the student for a career in the real
world, and aren't we trying to prepare them for their future?

In conclusion, this article impacted me as an education in a very positive way. I look forward to
having my classroom become an engaged learning environment. I think this will become even
more crucial as I begin to receive the smart board and other technology as well as the new math
standards going into effect in Georgia high schools next year.

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