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					INTO Manchester
 Tier 4 Guide for
Who can help with your visa questions
The Admissions Team at INTO Manchester have been trained in the rules
and regulations of Tier 4 visas, so we are able to help you with any questions
you may have.
All the information we give to you can be found on the UK Border Agency
(UKBA) website so if you are ever unsure and want to double check any
information you have been given you can do so.

These lovely people are always happy to help answer your questions?

Nicola Francis                                 He Hui Ling

Admissions Team Leader                         Student Services officer

Keeley Ansell                                  Adrienne Tighe

Student Services officer                       Student Services officer

You can contact us at or make an
appointment with reception
Useful links
UK Border Agency website

You can find all information you need about immigration and Tier 4 visas on
this website.

Tier 4 application form
students/applying-inside-uk/ -

This is where you can find the Tier 4 application form for renewing your visa
along with the information about your photographs and help text to help you
complete the form/

UK council for International Student affairs (UKCISA)

This is a really useful website and makes the immigration rules and Tier 4
rules much easier to understand. You can also call UKCISA for advise on
your immigration status. Please see the website for the details

Video Link Tier 4 application form

Video link for helping you complete your visa application.
This video was made by our Lena our Marketing Officer. It talks you through
the Tier 4 application form step by step so please have a listening when you
are completing your form as it will help you.
Protecting your Immigration Status
There are also some requirements and obligations related to the immigration
rules, and related to your studies and your Tier 4 sponsor, plus some general
good practice for protecting and maintaining your Tier 4 status.

 • Check if you need to register with the police, this will be stated on your
   visa. If you fail to comply with a condition to register with the police or to
   notify them of changes, the UK Border Agency can refuse future
   immigration application or remove you from the UK if you do not comply
   with it properly. You might be barred from returning to the UK for a certain
   period. If you are unsure please ask a member of staff

  • Check your work conditions. This will also be found on your visa.
      – Please do not work if your visa says you cannot.
      – Please do not work more hours than your visa states
      – If you think there is a mistake with your working hours please see
        a member of the Admissions team.

 • Apply for your new visa in time. Every visa has an end date please make
   sure if you have a Tier 4 student visa you apply before it ends. This is
   your responsibility.

 • Do not claim public funds

 • Open a UK bank account that will send you printed bank statements.
   This will help when it comes to reapplying for your visa

 • Keep copies of all your documents

 • If you change any of your details such as your address you must inform
   the UKBA

 • ATTEND YOUR COURSE – If you do not attend INTO may have to
   report you to the UKBA and this could affect your UK immigration status
   in the future.
Working during your studies
If you have a TIER 4 student visa you may be able to work during your

If you study
    • Foundation
    • International Diploma
    • A levels

Working during your studies should be possible for up to 10 hours per week
and full time during holidays.

If you study Graduate Diploma or any English programme you will not be able
to work.

If you have a Student Visitor Visa you cannot work in the UK.

The UK immigration authorities treat work restrictions very seriously. They
can refuse your immigration application, or remove you from the UK, if you
work too many hours or if you do work which you are not allowed to do. You
will have to declare what work you have done on future immigration
applications, and if you have breached the condition, you might be barred
from returning to the UK for a certain period.

Please check your visa and if you are unsure or think there is a mistake
please speak to the Admissions team
Change of circumstances

If you change any of your personal details whilst in the UK. This could be
things such as your address or your name. You need to inform the UKBA

If you have a visa stamp in your passport. You can do this by completing the
Migrant Change of Circumstances form

If you have a Biometric residence permit . You can do this by completing the
Biometric card replacement Form

You must also report your change of circumstance to;

  • INTO Manchester, we need to keep a copy of your current contact
  • the police, if you have a Police Registration Certificate
  • your official financial sponsor, if you have one
  • your home country's Embassy or High Commission, if they require it.

For practical purposes, we advise you also inform your bank, your doctor's
surgery, your insurance companies, and if you have a driving licence the

If you are unsure how to do this please make an appointment to speak to the
Admissions team
Things INTO Manchester need to do to ensure
they remain compliant with the UKBA regulations.
INTO Manchester must report to the UKBA

  • Any Tier 4 students who fail to enrol on time without explanation.

  • If a student misses 10 'expected contacts' on their course of study
    without being granted reasonable permission.

  • Any student for who INTO Manchester withdraw sponsorship for any

  • Any Tier 4 students who stops studying at INTO Manchester
    permanently/temporarily. In these situations INTO Manchester will ask
    students to provide evidence that they are leaving the UK or going to
    study at another college or University

  • Any significant changes to the your situatio. For example, if your
    course length shortens, or you change your course INTO Manchester
    must inform the UKBA

  • If there are any significant changes in our circumstances (for example, if
    we stop trading or become insolvent, substantially change the nature of
    your business, are involved in a merger or are taken over), we must tell
    the UKBA within 28 calendar days.

  • We must also send the UKBA details of any third party or intermediary,
    in the UK or abroad, that helped us students.

  • Report any students we reasonably believe to be in breach of their visa

INTO Manchester must report most changes within 10 working days of the
event in question, and give the UKBA the name and address of any new
institution that the student has joined if we know it.
What Documents INTO Manchester need to keep
  • Copy of all student’s passport pages showing all personal identity

  • Copy of the student’s United Kingdom Biometric Card.

  • A copy of your police registration certificate.

  • Record of the student’s absence/attendance, this may be kept either
    electronically or manually.

  • A history of the student’s contact details (United Kingdom residential
    address, telephone number, mobile telephone number). This must be
    updated regularly.

  • Copies (or originals where possible) of any evidence assessed by you
    as part of the process of making an offer to the student. For example
    copies of references, examination certificates etc.

  • If a student withdraws from their studies we must have a record of why
    they are leaving. Evidence that they are leaving the UK if this is the
    case or a letter from a new college or University that you may be
    transferring to

If you are asked to provide any of these documents please ensure that you
do. INTO Manchester must have copies of these documents in your student
Applying for your visa

The Admissions team understand that applying for your visa can be a
stressful time. However we are here to help.

Here are some tips which you may find useful

  • Give yourself enough time to apply. The UKBA recommend that you
    start getting your documents for your visa application ready around 3
    months before your visa expires. Keep a note in your Diary three
    months before your visa expires so you can start to get your application

  • Don’t panic. If you have given yourself enough time to apply there is no
    need to panic.

  • Complete your form and have your documents ready before you see
    the Admissions team

  • Attend the drop in sessions and check the visa board for up to date

  • If you not sure about anything check the UKBA website or speak to the
    Admissions Team

  • Smile. Smiling is much better than frowning and can make any
    situation seem better. We are always here to help so please don’t

Your visa is your responsibility so you must remember when your visa ends.

We cannot complete your visa forms for you this must be done by you,
however we can check it and help you with anything you are unsure about.

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