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					10 July 2012


Dear name

Getting involved and volunteering for Crossroads Care Gateshead

We are writing to acknowledge your interest in becoming a Volunteer to support
Crossroads Care Gateshead.
In writing we thought it would be helpful to first explain what Crossroads Care
Gateshead does and secondly what a Volunteer can do for our organisation:
About Us – what we do
Our services are about improving the lives of Carers by giving them a break from their
caring responsibilities. A Carer is someone of any age who provides unpaid support to
family or friends whose health or wellbeing could suffer without this help. They could be
caring for a relative, partner, child or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health
or substance misuse. You can find out more about the services we offer, by reading the
enclosed Annual Report or by browsing our website at:
We are an independent local charity and specialist provider supporting carers and their
families. Our registered office and Care Centre is based in The Old School in Highfield,
Rowlands Gill in the west of the borough. We operate our business within a warm and
friendly environment and a spacious and accessible building with excellent car parking
facilities on site. We employ over 60 staff (office and community based) but are keen
to expand our volunteering opportunities within the organisation.
About volunteering
Volunteers support our organisation by giving their time, skills and expertise without any
expectation of financial reward beyond reimbursement of expenses. Volunteers may
provide additional support to enhance services or to do things we would not normally be
able to do, within the aims of the charity.
If you are interested in volunteering then the first step is to complete the enclosed
Expression of Interest Form for Volunteers, and return it to us. This will help us
identify common areas of interest and understand your skills and experience so we can
discuss volunteering opportunities that may be open within the organisation.
Once we receive the completed form, we will arrange an informal discussion to share
ideas and to discuss options in more detail, including other information we would need
from you, if you were interested in proceeding with a volunteer application. If we were
unable to find a suitable volunteering role within this organisation, then we would
provide you with contact details of other volunteer organisations which provide volunteer
Training in relation to your role would be provided and you would receive support from a
nominated manager. We work within a quality framework of policies and procedures.
All of our staff and volunteers sign a code of conduct on commencement and we work
as a team, supporting one another.
Your contribution however big or small can make a real difference to Carers. So why not
get involved and volunteer your time, meet new people and use your skills for Carers!
Can we once again take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in Crossroads
Care Gateshead and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Please
telephone me direct if you wish to discuss any aspect of this letter and to arrange a
suitable appointment.
Yours sincerely

Katherine Nichols
Deputy Chief Officer
Tel: 01207 549780

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