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									                                                             2012 Diamonds Camp
                                                                   Care Packages

                           Surprise your camper with a little love from home!

Whether your daughter is attending summer resident camp at Camp Crossed Arrows or Camp Cahinnio (or both!),
you can send her a Diamond’s Camp Care Package to let her know you are thinking of her while she is away and
having fun. Each Camp Care Package will include carefully selected items that will help your camper enjoy her stay
even more.

The Camp Care Packages will include:
     Something to Cuddle
     Something to Send Home
     Something to Write Memories
     Something to Light Up the Night
     Something to cool them off
     Something that has 101 uses
     Something to Show off
     Something to Carry
     Plus you may include a personal note to your camper!

Why send a care package? Here are a few reasons:

  -   It shows that someone back home loves and is thinking about them.
  -   For new campers it will help them adjust to the new environment of camp.
  -   For all campers it is exciting to get a surprise.
  -   Lastly, who doesn’t love getting mail?                                                   Only $50
Packages are available in four themes:
Horse Lover - Whether your camper is attending horse camp or just loves horses.
Waterbug - Does your camper always seem to be splashing around in the water?
I Love Camp - For those campers that wish they could be at camp all year round.
Girl Scout Birthday- This year Girl Scouts is turning 100 so why not celebrate in a special way!

Order forms are available on the website or in the council office. Orders need to be submitted the Wednesday two weeks
before the start of the camper’s session. If you have any questions please email

                                                  Order by May 31st
                                                for a 10% discount!
Girl Scouts – Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas
2012 Camp Care Packages Order Form

To complete an order, please fill out the form in its entirety, personalize the “note from a loved one”, and submit
payment to you local council shop. Orders must be submitted the Wednesday two weeks before the start of
the camper’s session.

Purchaser’s Name: _________________________________________________________ Phone #: (____) _____________________

Address: ______________________________________________    City: __________________________ State: ________ Zip: ____________

Camper’s Name: ____________________________________________________________ Camp: Crossed Arrows or Cahinnio

Camp Session Start Date: _____________________     Name of Camp Session: ________________________________________

Packages: (please circle)                 Horse Lover      Waterbug         “I Love Camp”         Girl Scout Birthday

        Price: $50.00 (10% discount if ordered by May 31st) Amount Enclosed: ________________

Method of Payment:       ___ Cash                  ___ Check #_________     ____ Credit Card

Credit Card Number ________________________________________________________________ Expiration Date: ________________

Signature of Cardholder: ___________________________________________________________ Date: ______________________________

All forms of payment will be accepted at the office. Please do not send credit card information in emails or cash
through the mail.

Order yours today and we will take care of the shipping! Packages will be delivered on the second day of camp.

                                              Phone: (800) 632-6894
                                     Diamonds website:

FOR OFFICE USE ONLY          Date purchased:                  Employee taking order:

                             Method of payment:               Date sent to Jonesboro:

Girl’s Name:                                                    Camp:       Crossed Arrows          Cahinnio
Date package shipped:                             Employee shipping package:

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