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					 bioZhena Corporation
            Private Placement Offering
            Strategic Alliance Proposal

                   September 2011

10/4/2012            bioZhena Corporation   1
                 Commercialize in vivo diagnostic devices for:
                                cervical health,
                   fertility and early pregnancy monitoring,
                        and more in women’s healthcare
 Establish a partnership between bioZhena and a major
  corporation with strong market presence and financial position
  private placement equity investment
  to better position bioZhena for corporate alliance
 Implement bioZhena disruptive technology in existing and in
  emerging markets
                            Ovulona™ for women at home
                          Ovulograph™ for healthcare providers

     10/4/2012                    bioZhena Corporation            2
         What does Ovulona™ do?
                   It monitors the exocervix
     and tracks folliculogenesis in vivo (FIV™)
    Folliculogenesis is central to women’s health,
                    and lifestyle

                  Ovulona™ Personal Fertility Smart Sensor
                     Photo of rapid-prototyping model

The Ovulona has an output for optional data transfer to medical professionals
        What Is Folliculogenesis?
The biological foundation of a woman’s well-being
             Unique Technology
              Empowers women
and gives new diagnostic and patient-profiling
      capability to healthcare providers
                  and payers

 10/4/2012        bioZhena Corporation      5
   bioZhena Technology Overview
with built-in cervical cancer screen

  Will improve quality AND reduce costs
  of women’s reproductive and general health
       - Help women to conceive
       - Help plan baby’s gender
       - Built-in detection of pregnancy
         Built-in Early Pregnancy Loss detection (EPL)
       - Forecast Expected Date of Delivery (EDD)
       - Facilitate natural birth control
       - Help manage other conditions such as:
                 Menstrual cramps
                 PMS/PMDD
                 Menopause
                 Screen for cervical cancer, STDs
   10/4/2012                     bioZhena Corporation    6
                                         Different peak sizes show the different
                                       speed of maturation of the egg in different
                                                    menstrual cycles
Unprecedented                              (maturation of dominant follicle)

    wealth of
inherent in the
    signature                              These are follicular waves

 FIV™ cyclic                               preparing for the next cycle.
                                           They relate to how fast the woman
                                           approaches menopause.
      profile                              They disappear upon conception.
                   This is ovarian
                  estrogen signal of                Ovulation is detected as
                     readiness to               estrogen dominance switches to
                       ovulate                      progesterone dominance
                           Try for
What                    either gender

FIV                  For birth control,
does for             avoid insemination
           Try for   during these 3 days
women       a boy

and for                   Try for
                           a girl
                        Absence of the peaks
Ovulona’s               anticipates failure to
diagnostic             Ovulona anticipates LPD =
                       Luteal Phase Defect, which
power will save      often causes failure to conceive
                      – by normal healthy women

cannot be matched
 by ovulation kits
  or by any other
   such product
Friendly Technology

                  From Home
              Healthcare Providers
     Product Features and Benefits
 Unheard of precision of fertile status determination

 Unprecedented user friendliness

 Unprecedented applicability to key health aspects

 Breakthrough diagnostic and profiling technique

 By making the Ovulona a daily companion of every
  woman, we’ll achieve automatic diagnostic screening on
  a massive scale, powerful yet affordable. Everywhere.
   10/4/2012           bioZhena Corporation           11
            Cervical Cancer Screen
Innocuous affordable triage for colposcopy-biopsy

                                                     Billions women globally
                                                     Tens of millions reproductive-
                                                     age women in the U.S. alone

     As the sensor monitors cervical tissues, other STIs will be detected
                                                           STIs = Sexually Transmitted Infections

 Through the HPO axis, other gynecological cancers may become detectable
              HPO = Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Ovarian
                        Target Markets
                • Manage menstrual cramps, dysmenorrhea
                • Sex ed and STD screen

                 • Reproductive management
                 both helping to conceive and to avoid pregnancies
                 • PMS/PMDD management
                 • Therapeutic management
                 including better medication uptake route
                 as well as timing and effect of treatment monitoring

                 • Continued reproductive, therapeutic management
                 • Peri-menopause management

Women worldwide need cervical cancer screening and empowerment
    10/4/2012             bioZhena Corporation                13
                Total Available Market
                Cervical cancer screening is an estimated
                annual $5B US Pap smear test market.

                Worldwide extrapolation: >$100B annually.

                Ovulona™ will save an est. 50% - 90%.
Segments of bioZhena’s target market:
Trying to Conceive Pregnancy Market
 Managing Menstrual Cycle Market U.S.           ~$ 25B
  Birth Control Market
   Managing Menopause Market          World     >$500B
     Cervical Health Screening Market
    10/4/2012         bioZhena Corporation           14
                        Barriers to Entry
 First product prototype already FDA certified for aiding

 Ovulona chip protected against reverse engineering

 Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets

 Ten patent cases in various stages: issued, pending, ready to file

 Patent examples
  Diagnosis of fertility status by folliculogenesis monitoring in the vagina
  Apparatus and method of personal screening for cervical cancer conditions in vivo
  Ready to file:
  Correlation of folliculogenesis menstrual cycle data with symptometric data recorded by end
  users at home
   10/4/2012                           bioZhena Corporation                            15
              Investment Highlights
Key investment highlights of the Company, a Colorado

 Breadth and Depth of Solutions Offering
 Commitment to Cutting-Edge Technology
 Best-of-Breed Technology Partners
 Strong Financial Performance Projected
 Compelling Growth Opportunities
 High Quality and Experienced Organization

  10/4/2012          bioZhena Corporation       16
Proposed Corporate Arrangement
 Strategic Partner                             bioZhena Corporation
  Investor                                        Intellectual Property
                                                      Core Technology
  Board Member
                                                      R&D Development
  Strategic Marketing
                                                   Strategic Marketing
       OEM
                                                      Direct
       Sales Channel
                                                      Sales Channel
       Product Definition
                                                      Product Definition
       Beta Site
                                                   Derivative Product
    Derivative Product                               Manufacture Right
       License Core Technology                       Co-Own if NRE
       Or NRE                                     Manufacture
    Manufacture Right (License)                        Hardware Module

                    Private Investor Partner
      Help position bioZhena for the above corporate arrangement
 10/4/2012                        bioZhena Corporation                      17
            Thank you!

            bioZhena Corporation
            Vaclav Kirsner, PhD

10/4/2012     bioZhena Corporation    18

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