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THE TWENTIETH SUNDAY OF ORDINARY TIME – YEAR B                                             18 /19 AUGUST 2012

 I was in London last May. Whilst there, I noticed unusual jets and helicopters flying over London. People said that
 it was because of security for Olympics 2012. Some people were not happy about this visible show of military
 presence. Londoners were complaining about the intolerable noise; some even felt the vibration of the jets.
 Others however justified and defended the fact that security was an absolute priority for the London Olympics
 2012; hence these extra security measures were necessary.

 A few months later, with the spectacular closing ceremony last Sunday, the curtain came down on the London
 Olympics 2012. Those glorious 17 days of Olympics 2012 made history in the world of British and world sports.
 People could hardly believe that they had spent so much of those 17 days, either in front of the TV at home or big
 screens in the parks and beaches or various Olympics stadiums and venues. Anxieties about security and the
 weather turned out in fact not to be an issue and provided a perfect platform for the games. The London Olympics
 2012 ended on a happy note.

 Like me ‘under privileged’, those who watched the Olympics on TV would have noticed one remarkable thing
 exhibited by the competitors during the games, with all due respect to commendable sportsmanship, encouraging
 crowds from the stadium, dedication of volunteers and hospitality of the British. That one thing was the quiet,
 understated public display of faith, in one form or another, by the athletes of the world. From a simple sign of the
 cross before an event to prostration and kissing of the ground in prayer, athletes from varied religious backgrounds
 demonstrated their private and personal relationship with God, in praise and thanksgiving, in the global arena.
 Noting this reality, Bishop Richard Moth of the British Armed Forces recently said: "It’s a sign that faith is not just a
 personal thing, but in a very simple way they are opportunities for us to proclaim the Gospel, to proclaim faith and
 all those things can only be good!"

                                                                                                           Fr. Joseph

                                                   MASS INTENTIONS
 ENGLISH MARTYRS                                       DAYS        ST JOSEPH’S
 Pat Moen RIP                                 6.30 pm  Vigil
 Jacinta Baptiste RIP                         9.30 am Sunday        8.30 am
 Alex Britto RIP                             11.30 am
 Dennis O’Brien RIP                           5.00 pm              10.30 am
 Kathleen Ingram RIP                          9.30 am Monday        8.30 am
 Stenson Family RIP                           9.30 am     Tuesday             7.00 pm     Peter Kerrigan RIP
 Bernard Bradley RIP                          9.30 am     Wednesday           9.00 am     Feliza Villalon Gamorot
 John O’Brien RIP                             8.00 pm     Thursday            9.00 am     Margaret Humphreys RIP
 Donaghue Family RIP                             Friday
                                              9.30 am              7.00 pm
                                                 Saturday         10.00 am
                                           FEASTS OF THE WEEK:
       Mon – St Bernard    Tues – St Pius X   Wed – The Queenship of Mary       Thur – St Rose of Lima
                         Fri – St Bartolomew    Sat – Ss Louis IX & Joseph Calasanz
 Thursday 7- 8 pm                  EXPOSITION OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT              Saturday - 9.30 – 10 am
 Saturday – 5.30-6.15 pm                   CONFESSIONS - SATURDAY                   Saturday - 10.30 – 11 am
                            Responsorial Psalm: “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”
 DIARY:                                                                      A WARM WELCOME TO

 Church Cleaning: Group 2 – 24 August.
                                                                  Seine Caisther Cubilla who is being baptised this
 Counters: 26 August – Mr Thorp, M/M Sheppard.                                      weekend.

 Collection:                                                                           RIP
 12 August                                     £927.66

  “THE RETURN OF CATHOLICISM TO READING”                           Please pray for the repose of the soul of
                                                                  Robert Burns who died recently and whose
     A new book by John and Lindsay Mullaney
                                                                  Funeral Mass will be held on Wednesday,
                                                                           29 August at 9.30 am.
  The book begins with persecution under the Tudors.
  It tells about the work of the French clergy exiled by        FOR INFORMATION - Father Bon will be away
     the Revolution, the founding of the first Catholic       until 26 August and Father John will be away from
   chapel, now demolished, the building of St James           17 August – 2 September. Father Richard will be
    designed by A W Pugin – his first church. It is an         away from 3–16 September. Father Bon is then
   attractive book of 160 pages, illustrated throughout        due to move across to St John Bosco, Woodley,
  and includes many colour pictures. The cost is £10          during the week beginning 17 September. We are
    reduced to £8 for orders received by 7th October.          very grateful to Fr Joseph MHM who is helping to
   To order telephone St James on 957 4171 or Ann                     cover at EM and SJ during August.
              Davis (Bookstall) or the Office.
                                                                                ROOM TO LET
                                                               Joined on to the Presbytery, there is a bed-sit with
        POST CONFIRMATION PROGRAMME                             kitchenette and bathroom. In years past it was
                                                                  used by CRUSE as an office and sometimes
     Dave Hill, the Advisor for Youth Ministry for the           counselling room. In more recent years it has
  Portsmouth diocese, has written a post confirmation                    been rented out as a bed-sit.
    programme and our parish has been selected for
   piloting this. Dave will be involved in the sessions          In September it will be available for rent as the
  alongside some of the confirmation catechists. This          present occupant is due to leave. Do you know of
   programme is open to those who have made their                 anyone who might be interested in renting this
  confirmation this year and last year in both English             space, either to live in or to use as an office
 Martyrs and St Joseph. Application forms along with             space? It would be ideal for someone running
dates are available at the back of the church and should        their own business but who is finding it difficult to
   be returned to the parish office by 6 September for                    operate from their own home.
             those who would like to take part.                       Any ideas, please talk to Father John.

               PASTA AND QUIZ EVENING                                 CAFOD SUPPORTERS’ MEETING
               SATURDAY 15 SEPTEMBER
                                                                 Saturday, 15 September, 10 am – 1.30 pm,
 There will be a pasta evening starting at 7.30pm for all            St Bede’s Primary School, Popley Way,
 parishioners and their families. Money raised is for the        Basingstoke RG24 9DX. Join us for an open
   English Martyrs School building fund. Pasta will be             Q&A session on “All you wanted to know
    cooked by Father John and the quiz will have an              about CAFOD’s international work but were
  Olympics theme. Tickets will be on sale the weekend           too afraid to ask”. The day will also feature an
 of Saturday 25 and 26 August, although please let the          update on Lent 2012 and the upcoming Harvest
   parish office know if you will be away this weekend                                                    rd
                                                                      Fast Day. Please book a place by 3
   and would like tickets. Tickets will cost £6 for adults       September by email
               and £3 for children under 10.                     or phone 01252 329385. Tea/Coffee provided
     PARISH AUTUMN FAYRE – 15 SEPTEMBER                                            LIFT REQUIRED

  We will be needing tombola prizes, toiletries, jewellery,        Are you able to offer a lift to 11.30am Mass
   toys, books, plants, bric-a-brac, etc., and lots of help        for a lady who lives in Westcote Road (off
              on the day! Watch this space!!                      Parkside Road). A rota could be organised if
                                                                    several people can help. Please contact
       Donations for the BAZAAR can be left in the                     either Fr John or the Parish Office.
                 colonnade. Thank you

                     HERITAGE OPEN DAYS                                  PLEASE REMEMBER TO SWITCH
                                                                           OFF YOUR MOBILE PHONE
        St James Church throws its doors open once                          BEFORE MASS BEGINS
 again to welcome visitors on Saturday, 8th September,
 11.00 am – 4.00 pm and Sunday, 9th September, 2–4
         pm – organisation of this event with the
                Archive/Heritage group.

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