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									    Addiction Rehab Centers
Addiction rehab centers designed to treat substance abuse addictions, and
provide comprehensive after care program to prevent relapse.

Drug addiction is a chronic disease, that is diagnosable and treatable at every
stage of addiction. Addiction dependency is associated with painful withdrawal
symptoms, and harmful health risks. Early detection and diagnosis is very
important in order to achieve a successful recovery.

In most addiction rehab centers, an assessment program is the first step in
identifying, ruling out and testing for drug addiction. The assessment program can
take up to a week. The patient is also tested for other co-occurring conditions,
such as mental health and physical problems. Depending on the state of the drug
addiction, and other medical problems, the stint at addiction rehab center may
take longer time. The healthcare professionals will assess the patient for other
individual needs, to customize a treatment plan that will be the most effective for
the patient. At the end of assessment, all involved medical professionals:
physicians, psychologists, therapists will go over the findings, and decide on the
next step of a drug addiction treatment. The treatment at addiction rehab center
focuses on the whole individual, mentally, physically and spiritually. Many of
these rehab centers specialize in a specific gender, young adults and adolescents,
homeless and sex orientation.

The comprehensive treatment for drug addiction will be immediately started
after the initial assessment is completed. The patient will be involved in individual
and group counseling, much needed therapeutic activities, explanatory lectures
and learning strategies for after care and relapse prevention. The gender-specific
treatment may address issues in the very comforting, safe and supportive
environment. Gender-separate treatment services are rendered to improve the
development of female or male support system, and focus on related concerns
that are valuable to women or men. Women are more inclined to discuss and
share personal issues in the group of other women, issues like: relationships,
shame, physical image, parenting and sexual suffering. During their stay, the
women will undergo individual counseling, group therapy and family time.
Appropriate addiction related and educational lessons that center 12 steps, post
acute withdrawal, and anger management will be provided.

For men, at the gender-separate addiction rehab centers, the stay may include
the following: anger management, coping skills, discovering compulsive behavior,
addressing control issues, sexual issues, negative compartmentalizing prevention
and isolation.

After completing a treatment at addiction rehab center, the patient should
undergo relapse prevention program. This program focuses on primary causes of
relapse: genetic predisposition, severe post treatment withdrawal, mental health
issue, physical health problems. Another critical element of relapse prevention is
setting up individual goals, assessment of 12 step accomplishments, adopting a
new way of thinking, embracing personal accountability and responsibility,
spiritual and family support.



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