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The Hartley Business Centre, Monkmoor Road, Shrewsbury, SY2 5ST
Telephone: 01743 276900, Fax: 01743 276950

Client’s Details:
Name: _______________________________ Date of Birth: _________________________

Female / Male                                       Ethnicity: ____________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________                  Postcode: ________________

Telephone (Home): ____________________              Telephone (Mobile): ____________________

Email address: ________________________             National Insurance No: __________________

Benefits: ____________________________________________________________________

GP details: __________________________________________________________________

Referrer’s Details:
Referring agency: _____________________________________________________________

Name and position of referrer: ___________________________________________________

Contact address: _____________________________________________________________

Telephone (work): ____________________________________________________________

Reason for Referral:

Paid Employment Support          Support for Voluntary Work        Self Employment Support   

                             Work Preparation        Travel Training 

         Personal Social Development                         Leisure Activities Support 

Personal Information:

Nature of disability and health/medical needs/information:

Personal care needs:

Communication needs:

Criminal Record Checks:

Any previous convictions/convictions pending? Yes / No

If Yes, please specify: ______________________________________________________

Other relevant information:

Risk Assessment

Identify past and potential risks of self harm and/or harm to others/objects, e.g. fire damage,
sexual harassment, drug or alcohol abuse

Referrer’s Signature: ___________________________________                    Date:____________


Current Risk Assessment          Yes/No

Current Support/Care Plan        Yes/No

Signed (provider): _____________________________________                  Date: ___________
Service Users Consent to Disclose Information:

I agree that the information given on this form relating to myself can be disclosed to

Client’s Signature: ___________________________________                   Date: ___________

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