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									The Four Stages Of Emotions Following A Break Up
 The Four Stages Of Emotions Following A
                 Break Up
Love is such an amazing emotion that makes life
  meaningful and happy.
When you are in a loving relationship you are on
  top of the world and going through the
  happiest time of your life. But what if that
  relationship turns sour?
  Unfortunately, even the best of
relationships will have some issues and if
they aren't resolved they can lead to the
end of the relationship. A person can go
from being on top of the world to being
on the bottom of the earth when their
relationship reaches break up point.
 When your relationship breaks up, your
heart is broken and the pain you feel is
incredibly sharp and real. Everyone
reacts differently to relationship break
ups and some will cope better than
others. Here are the general stages that
one will experience when going through
a relationship break up.
 Stage One: When your relationship comes
to an end you will feel shock. If you knew
there was trouble and a break up was
heading your way then the shock might not
be as great, but there will still be some
degree of shock. If you were still happy in
the relationship but your partner ended it
out of the blue, then the shock you will feel
will be very strong.
 Stage Two: The second stage of
a break up is when you refuse to
believe that the relationship is
over. Perhaps you have been in
denial that there have been any
problems occurring within your
relationship and don't want to
accept that the relationship is
now over.
You might try to convince yourself that it is
just a temporary setback that you will be
able to resolve. Unfortunately, if your
partner has broken off the relationship
then it might be too late to resolve any
problems that have been building up over
Stage Three: Next you might begin to
experience some depression. Feeling
depressed is a completely normal reaction
following a relationship break up. No-one
enjoys ending a relationship and even if you
are the partner that chose to end the
relationship you will still experience sadness
at the end of this major stage of your life. It
is best to try and move on and keep yourself
busy so you don't spend all your time
thinking about it.
Stage Four: The last stage of emotions
following a break up is acceptance. Although it
can take time to reach this stage, once you
accept that the relationship is over then you
can move on with your life. Be happy that you
were able to experience a loving relationship
for a short time and put the relationship and
the break up down to experience.
This whole experience will make you stronger
and help you grow into the person you are
today. Once you have accepted that the
relationship is over then you can move on and
be open to meeting someone new.

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