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					Investment Books for beginners
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Investing money is a very crucial decision that each earning member should take. It is indeed
very important to have retirement plans, save for unforeseen, unforgiving circumstances and also
invest rightly to generate more wealth. Here are a few books that will guide beginners to invest
The Intelligent Investor

This is one of the most influential books ever written on the subject of investing. First
published in 1934 by Ben Graham, this work has been considered as "the best investing book
ever written" by eminent investor Warren Buffett.

One Up on Wall Street

One Up on Wall Street is, another great book written for investors. The book, penned by mutual
fund manager Peter Lynch, looks at ways to make money in the market.

The Essays of Warren Buffett
This book has many corporate essays on topics that are relevant for investing.

How to be a Billionaire
In this title, the author mentions and informs you about the strategies adopted by many of
America's billionaires.

Steps to Financial Freedom
Renowned investment expert Suze Orman explains nine steps to put any person on the road to
financial independence. The book is great reference material if you are hoping to buy a book
with a well-rounded approach to bring fiscal responsibility and discipline to life.

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