Moshen Zargar Had Managed To Bring AKZ Management To Top

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					      Janine Zargar And Moshen Zargar Had Managed To Bring AKZ
                         Management To Top
Anyone who holds the responsibility of hospital management must have in-depth knowledge of the problems
that arises in the health care services, the affect of regular stress on the workers and health care
professionals. AKZ management helps the hospitals to make sure that they have arranged the necessary
material resources, and takes care to manage the human resources in a rightful manner. Janine Zargar, a
doctor by profession, understands that unless the management is able to provide the required facilities to
the staff members, it cannot expect getting satisfactory output from them. It is hard for the nurses and
doctors to spend their maximum time amidst the suffering patients who are brought to the hospital in
extreme traumatic conditions. Moshen Zargar, husband of Janine and a qualified chiropractic consultant,
has teamed with AKZ’s venture to make sure that the trio can help the hospitals in handling their
management part.

Any hospital cannot run smoothly without having a strong administration, and a team of qualified
professionals that can handle the stressful situations with an optimistic approach towards the patients and
fellow workers. AKZ management understands that all these qualities can be sowed in the youngsters, who
have just kept their first step in their career as a medical professional. However, the young breed of doctors
is required to be handled with great care, and they must be encouraged to follow the suggestions and
advices from their seniors in a positive way. Janine Zargar takes care of such aspects in hospital
management, and she has a caliber to handle the different kinds of issues in a polite manner. Being a
doctor, she understands the suffering of patients, and its impact on the psychology of their care takers, who
might start blaming the doctors and the non-medical professionals for their negligence, at some instances of
time. All this happens due to lack of knowledge towards the medical circumstances, on the practical
grounds. Moshen Zargar is been equally consistent in fulfilling his duties towards the management of

It will not be wrong to say that Moshen and Janine have always tried being a strong guide force behind AKZ
management’s hospital management crusade. They have always taken care to maintain a calm and cool
atmosphere inside the hospitals, and make sure that they will not let the others stretch the unpleasant
situations for too long. It requires a deep understanding of human nature to be able to handle the frustration
of the patients, their attendants, as well as the hospital staff, so that nothing goes wrong with the condition of
all the patients who are brought to the hospital for providing solace.

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Description: Renowned for her expertise as a health care administrator and team builder, Janine Zargar assists medical organizations to achieve financial success and to deliver high-quality patient care. Since 1998, Janine Zargar has served as Vice President at Doctors United, where she handles public relations matters and aims to create greater awareness about the three Article 28 medical facilities based in Westchester New York and the Bronx.