There was no formal Secretary s Report and no formal by 630m15kN


									                                      MN Gold Star Mothers
                                       Meeting Minutes
                                        October 2, 2010

The Meeting was held at the Annual Gold Star Families Retreat in Brainerd, MN. The meeting began at

Attendance: LaDonna Blackorbay, Suzanne Nelson, Connie Scott, Betty Opskar, Barbara Farrell.
       Guests: (gold star moms attending meeting to decide if they are interested in joining.)
               Cindy Kaske, Nancy Anderson, Merry Lee Linden.

Treasurer’s Report: There is currently $110 in our checking account. There is one new paid member.
We are currently selling Christmas Cards as a fund raiser.

There was no formal Secretary’s Report and no formal Agenda was followed.

Attending Members discussed frustration with lack of interest from official group members. We are a
service organization but we cannot have projects with so few members regularly attending meetings
and the attending members scattered throughout the State. We are receiving invitations from
organizations to attend functions but most are near the Twin Cities. This makes it difficult for out state
members to participate.
        It was suggested that part of the confusion about being a service organization versus a support
group is due to meeting prior to MN Care Conference Meetings. Connie suggested that we separate our
meetings from the Care Conference. She recommended that we meet quarterly in person on a separate
day from the Care Conference. The proposal that was put to the members was:
        That the MN GSM Chapter meet on a separate day from the MN Care Conference meetings.
The proposal passed unanimously.

Betty Opskar will look for a meeting location for our next meeting. Meeting locations will vary.

The next proposal brought before the membership was:
       The recommended number of meetings from the National GSM office is 5. To meet this
       recommended number the proposal is to meet every other month on the first Saturday
       beginning in November.
The proposal passed unanimously.

Our next meeting will be on November 6. Location and time will be determined at a later date. At the
November meeting we will have nominations for officers. Elections and change of officers will take
place in January.

The meeting adjourned at 5:20pm.

Respectfully submitted by Barbara Farrell, Chapter President

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