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									                                                  Pre-meeting Reports
                                                   10th January 2006

144. Police. Sergeant Tony Watts, Suffolk Constabulary, introduced himself and gave a brief report on crime statistics for
     the last month as follows. There had been 51 crimes in December of which 10 were criminal damage, 13 violence
     related and 7 dishonesty. The rest were minor incidents, the detection rate was the best in the County and Christmas
     and New Year had been very quiet and trouble free. Overall the situation was very pleasing. He noted the concerns
     of residents and members however that the “boy racers” were getting out of hand again just recently and admitted
     that there had been a lot of reports about this. He reported that the force had been concentrating on Opertaion
     Nightsafe in the lead up to Christmas and to cover the dramatic change in licensing laws at that came into force at
     the same time. This had meant operation Eubank, the clampdown on anti-social behaviour in motor vehicles, had
     been put on the back burner so to speak but he promised this was now being resurrected. The main area members
     asked Sgt Watts to concentrate on was Crown Street Car Park.

145. County Councillors Report. Cllr Ron Ward sent his apologies.

146. District Report. Cllr Hawkins reported that the Greater Gabbard application to site a sub station on the southern
     side of the C228 had been refused. He was unable to give any more details on whether there would be an appeal or
     how the negotiations were progressing with British Energy to put the structure in a more suitable and sensible place.
     Cllr Nunn reported that the plans for an enhanced recycling service for the District were pressing ahead and that
     Leiston could well be included in the first tranche of the rollout in June. Cllr Girling asked that consideration be
     given to ensuring that bins were not forced onto residents who did not want them or, more importantly, were not in a
     suitable property to be able to properly store and manage the bins. Cllr Nunn agreed, that although he was keen to
     encourage as many residents as possible to support the recycling initiative, he appreciated there were particular
     problems and that lessons had been learnt with the brown bins which, hopefully, would mean a more sensible and
     sensitive approach would be taken with this project.
     In reply to Cllr Ginger’s enquiry with regard to the planning application for the site of the Blythburgh Workhouse
     and its burial ground, made at the last meeting, it was reported that the application was being revised to leave the
     sensitive area of the burial ground undeveloped but this had not yet been determined.

147. Public Forum. Mr Lovell was concerned that, where he lived – just outside the Parish Boundary - by Cliff House at
     Sizewell, he saw at least three dustcarts each week but had never been given a recycling bin. He asked whether he
     could be included in the new recycling initiative. Cllr Nunn undertook to take his details and investigate. Mr Jones
     was upset that, having paid £120 annually to be able to park on Crown Street Car Park, he regularly saw a number of
     cars parked on the car park for many hours without paying a penny. Cllr Geater undertook to take this up and try and
     get better warden cover for the site.

   During the above items, with the time reaching 7.30pm, it was proposed by Cllr Ginger, seconded by Cllr Nunn and
                  agreed that Standing Orders be suspended to allow the discussions to be completed.

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                         At a meeting of the LEISTON-cum-SIZEWELL TOWN COUNCIL
                held in the COMMUNITY CENTRE, King Georges Avenue, Leiston, on TUESDAY,
                                           10th JANUARY 2006, at 7:32pm.


                                        Councillor W. H Howard (in the chair)
                                               Councillor D. E. Bailey
                                               Councillor B. A. Barnes
                                              Councillor A. M. Cooper
                                               Councillor J. L. Geater
                                            Councillor Mrs S. M Geater
                                               Councillor C.S. Ginger
                                                Councillor J. I. Girling
                                              Councillor T. J. Hawkins
                                             Councillor T. E. Hodgson
                                                Councillor F. R. Huxley
                                              Councillor Mrs A.V. Nunn
                                                 Councillor A. J. Nunn

148. Minutes. It was proposed by Cllr Huxley, seconded by Cllr Hodgson and agreed that the minutes of the meeting
     held on 6th December 2005 be signed as a true record.

149. Apologies. Apologies were received on behalf of Cllr Mrs May and Cllr Blowers.

150. Chairman’s Communications. The Chairman reported that, since the last meeting, he had attended the
     Presentation Evening at Leiston’s Community High School, the Christmas Social of the Suffolk Regiment of the Old
     Comrades and the Induction of Father Christopher Smith as the new priest serving Leiston and Aldeburgh. He
     expanded further by reporting to the meeting his observations on the comradeliness he had observed between
     students and staff at the High School and how impressed he had been with the success and hard work that had been
     on show at the presentations. He also asked the meeting to look out for someone willing to give a little of their time
     to be secretary to The Old Comrades who were losing the services of their current secretary, Sandra Moore.

151. Town Cleanliness. Members noted the report of the meeting held with Mr Tim Collard, SCS Ltd., on 7 th December
     2005 and heard that, although many of the actions were still outstanding, it was expected that they would be
     completed this month now that the Christmas break was complete. Cllr Ginger pointed out that the ongoing problem
     of parking on the grass sward on the corner of Cross Street/Haylings Road, although discussed at that meeting, had
     not come to any conclusions on what could be done. He asked for this therefore to be included on a future agenda.

152. Dinsdale Road Public Conveniences. Members noted the full report from the meeting between their working group
     and SCDC’s Cllr Sherrie Green which discussed the future of the Dinsdale Road Public Conveniences last
     December. The Clerk reported that, in the follow up, a verbal confirmation had been passed to him by Mr Vest
     (SCDC) that SCDC were happy to offer a three year lease to Leiston-cum-Sizewell for them to operate the loos. This
     would take a little while to be put together though. Members were content that the negotiations had gone reasonable
     well but were wary of taking any action until an offer had been received in writing. Cllr Geater wanted to be sure of
     the revenue cost the loos would place on the Council before making a commitment and members agreed that this
     would have to be sorted out more accurately (rough estimates were in the region of £8,000 per annum) before a lease
     was signed. In the meantime however it was proposed by Cllr Ginger, seconded by Cllr Girling and agreed that, in
     principal, this Council takes over the running of the Dinsdale Road Public Conveniences for a period of three years
     subject to an acceptable and satisfactory lease being drawn up and a detailed and costed offer being made in writing
     by SCDC.

153. Sizewell Stakeholder Group. Members noted the minutes from the Stakeholder meeting of 9 th December and
     received some clarification on some of the items therein. One item members’ representatives at that meeting could
     not answer however was what type of coal was used to get the figures in the Torness Life Cycle Study. The Clerk
     was asked to get a copy of the report to see if this point could be clarified.

154. Standing Orders. Members debated the proposed amendment to Standing Order 15d) put forward at the December
    meeting. Members heard how it had been requested so that Matters Arising could be included on the Agenda once
    more. It was reported that, on training courses, this was very much discouraged (as was Any Other Business) as it
    opened up the meeting to receive items that no one would have had anytime to research or prepare for. All items to

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    be discussed should therefore be properly detailed on the agenda. At the vote there was minimal support for
    amending 15d) so the status quo was maintained. As an addendum Cllr Mrs Girling suggested that consideration
    might be given to possibly moving the final item of each Agenda, Questions to the Chairman, closer to “Chairman’s
    Communications” as this would possibly be more apposite.

155. CCTV Liaison. Members noted that the liaison meeting with the Police and SCDC to discuss CCTV further was
     scheduled for 12th January at Melton Hill. Cllr’s Hawkins, Hodgson and Ginger agreed to attend if circumstances

156. Finance.
      a) Accounts for Payment. On a proposition from Cllr Cooper, seconded by Cllr Huxley, it was agreed that
      accounts presented in the sum of £13,262.64p along with £15,482.89p paid since the last meeting be approved for
         During the above item Cllr Girling declared an interest in cheque 307647, Cllr Howard in 307677 and both Cllr
                                                 Howard and Bailey in 307668

     b) Estimates for 2006/2007. Members referred to the proposed budget for 2006/2007 that they were given in
     December and considered the following points.
          Core Business. Members agreed to accept the deficits estimated for the Film Theatre, Community Centre,
             Allotments and the General Office Account as presented. It was requested that members look at the Film
             Theatre budget as a separate item during the year (before the next budget round) to ensure that best value
             was being achieved.
          Victory Park boundaries. Members agreed to put £6,000 in the estimates to cover the installation of a
             security fence along the western boundary alongside the Scout Hut and Ex Serviceman’s club and to
             construct a new entrance to the park 4 metres east of the current unofficial gap in the fence opposite
             Huntingfield Road.
          Theatre Adapted Toilets. It was agreed to put £12,500 into the estimates for the construction of an adapted
             toilet facility next to the current Ladies toilet (which would require reworking to accommodate it).
          Community Centre adapted Toilets. It was agreed to put £9,500 into the budget to build a dedicated
             adapted toilet in the Community centre and to upgrade the other facilities to modern standards.
          Theatre Lighting Project. Members heard more about the requested Lighting project currently being
             championed by the Film Theatre Support Club and agreed to support the Club in their efforts to secure
             funding for this scheme. They put £1,000 in the budget to be used as necessary to pump prime other
             funding streams if they could be found.
          Play Equipment. Members put £7,000 into the estimates to take the Play Equipment reserve up to £10,000
             which would then be matched by SCDC this year to make some improvements to the small children’s play
             area on Victory park which is currently under equipped.
          Haylings Road Allotments. Members agreed to put £1,500 into the estimates to be used in helping clear the
             fly tipping away that has accumulated over many years on the allotments.
          Partnership funding. £2,000 was set aside to be kept in reserve for any short timescale funding
             opportunities that might arise where partnership funding could attract investment into the Town.
          Grants. Members discussed possible additions to the Council’s preferred charities and organisations that
             they help in year and agreed a total sum to be used for grant aid of £5,000.
          CCTV. Members agreed to put £500 into the CCTV reserve to take that up to £1,000.
          Rural beach Award. Members discussed the various options open to them for continuing to be eligible for a
             Beach Award and decided to put £1,000 into the estimates to be used for water sampling at Sizewell this
             coming summer and for future Beach Award applications.
          Reserves. Members accepted the calculations done by the Clerk which suggested that up to £24,000 could
             be allocated from reserves to offset the Precept. Members agreed to use the full amount.
          Precept. Taking everything just decided into consideration the Clerk informed members that £136,350
             would be needed to carry out all the business and plans of the Council in the forthcoming year. It was
             therefore proposed by Cllr Cooper, seconded by Cllr Hodgson and agreed that Leiston-cum-Sizewell Town
             Council Precept Suffolk Coastal District Council for £136,350 for the year 2006/2007.
          Cllr Girling and Cllr Huxley proposed a vote of thanks to the Clerk for his work in preparing, presenting
             and correlating the estimates in a manner which allowed members to understand and have full control over
             their budget.

          Cllr Ginger declared an interest in all Film Theatre items remaining in the room except for the item regarding
           the Film Theatre Support Club for which he left the room. Cllrs Mr and Mrs Nunn and Cllr Bailey declared
              their interest in the Film Theatre Support Club and Cllr Barnes declared his interest in the Allotments.

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157. Planning Matters

   a) C05/2313/FUL – Erection of single storey side extension to existing bungalow at 11 Garrett Crescent,
                                                                                           RECOMMEND APPROVAL
   During the above item Cllrs Mr and Mrs Nunn declared an interest, left the room and took no part in the discussion or
   b) C05/2242/OUT – Erection of a pair of semi detached dwellings and construction of vehicular access in part
      side garden 2 Abbey Road, Leiston. Members were concerned that the topography of this site made it difficult
      to imagine the effect the elevations of a pair of semis might have. They also expressed concern at the egress onto
      the highway at that position. Overall though they felt that the site was big enough so decided to offer no comment
      and to let the Planning Dept. make a qualified decision on their behalf.
                                                                                                        NO COMMENT
   c) C05/2268/FUL – Erection of additional new dwelling and revised design and siting of proposed dwellings to
      Plots 5 and 6 (revised scheme C05/0317) at St Petroc, Goldings Lane, Leiston. Members have consistently
      recommended refusal of any further development on this site. They noted that this was the third departure being
      requested and it confirmed their fears that the original permission given by SCDC would encourage just this
      scenario. How long before the next request? Members felt that a firm line should be drawn under this site and that
      this should be done by refusing this application.
                                                                                             RECOMMEND REFUSAL
    During the above item Cllr Hawkins declared an interest, remained in the room but took no part in the discussion or
   d) C06/0003/FUL – Erection of first floor extension(s) over existing shop to form self contained flat and
      erection of external staircase over 89 High Street, Leiston.
                                                                                           RECOMMEND APPROVAL

158.County Matters
   a) Community Centre. Cllr Girling requested members support in applying to the County Councillor for a grant
       toward purchasing a new outfit of crockery and place settings for the Community Centre. Members agreed that
       the Clerk could write and request £300 from Cllr Ward’s Locality Budget to be used for that purpose.

159. District Matters
  a) NII/KGA Caravan Park. Members were still not happy with the replies received to their requests for information
        as to why, precisely, there could be no development on the old Caravan Park in King Georges Avenue. The
        Clerk was asked to write to the NII once more with copies to Sizewell Stakeholder group and the District

   a) Household Waste Site. Members noted the letter informing them that the height barrier at the Household Waste
       Site would soon be raised to 2.0 metres.
   b) Sizewell A Site Manager. Members noted the letter informing them of a change of Site Manager at Sizewell A
       and agreed to accept the invitation for Mr Ray Jepps to come and introduce himself at a future meeting.
   c) Highbury Cottage Footway. Members were not very happy with the reply received from Cllr Guy McGregor
       which indicated that priorities were changing and that it was highly unlikely the new footway to Highbury
       cottages would continue to be supported by SCC. The Clerk was asked to write back and ask why, when it had
       been in the budget, what had changed for it no longer to be included. He was also asked to copy his reply to
       Lucy Robinson to ensure the director was aware of our concerns.
   d) Long Shop. Members were pleased to receive the Annual Report from the Long Shop Museum and, on a
       proposition from Cllr Geater, seconded by Cllr Cooper, it was agreed to award a grant of £800 to the Museum
       under section 137 of the LGA 1972.

     During the above item Cllr Hawkins and Cllr Huxley declared an interest, remained in the room but took no part in
                                                 the discussion or vote.

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   e)   CYDS. Members received the letter from CYDS requesting funding and, acknowledging the excellent work they
        do in the town, it was agreed on a proposition from Cllr Girling, seconded by Cllr Mrs Nunn, to award CYDS
        £500 under section 137 of the LGA 1972.

     During the above item Cllr Cooper declared an interest, remained in the room but took no part in the discussion or
   f) Shredder. Members noted the letter from the Allotment Association declining to take over the operation and
       running of the Council’s shredder on Valley Road Allotments. As it had been agreed that this item was no longer
       achieving the aims originally set out for its use members asked the Clerk to dispose of it for the best price
     During the above item Cllr Barnes declared an interest, remained in the room but took no part in the discussion or
   g) The Willows. The Willows is the only mental health resource centre within 26 miles and is operated by East
       Suffolk MIND. Members noted their request for funding and agreed to support this essential service by, on a
       proposition from Cllr Girling, seconded by Cllr Hodgson, awarding them £250 under section 137 of the LGA
   h) Alzheimer’s Society. Members noted the request for funding from the Alzheimer’s Society and, recalling that
       many residents have benefited from the help this organisation provides, on a proposition from Cllr Huxley,
       seconded by Cllr Cooper, it was agreed to grant £50 under section 137 of the LGA 1972.

161.Questions to the Chairman.
   a) Cllr Girling asked the Chairman if he would request that members note the next submission date for the Council
       newsletter (10th March 2006) and ask everyone to do their best to produce an article by then. The Chairman went
       round the table and discussed various items that could be included and asked members to give their articles to the
       Clerk by the due date.
   b) There being no further questions the Chairman declared the meeting closed.

    During the above items, with the time reaching 10.00pm, it was proposed by Cllr Huxley, seconded by Cllr Hawkins
                 and agreed that Standing Orders be suspended to allow the discussions to be completed.

   There being no more business the Meeting closed at 10.05 pm.

                                                                     ----------------------------------------------------- Chair


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