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					By R.N. Mishra
  Chief Media
Objectives of IEC/BCC activities
 Communicate issues , activities and schemes
  under NRHM to various stakeholders especially
  rural communities
 Focus on RCH issues ( IMR,MMR,TFR)
 Create demand and utilisation of public health
 Create awareness on population stabilisation and
  gender issues
 Revitalise local health traditions/ promotion of
  healthy lifestyle.
IEC/BCC Approaches

 Identification and prioritisation of central & state BCC
  / IEC activities
 Extension of technical guidance to states in
  undertaking BCC activities – (Establishing guidelines for
  planning and implementing BCC activities)
 MOHFW to focus on advocacy and mass-media (audio-
  visual media, print and other innovative media)
 States to focus on IPC and other on-ground activities
  ( folk media, community media and outdoor publicity)
 Strengthen monitoring and evaluation (inclusion of BCC
  indicators in HMIS)   and media planning and buying
IEC/BCC activities
 Dissemination of health messages through audio
  visual medium ( TV spots, documentaries, talk shows)
 Emphasis on radio programmes especially community
  radio at the state level.( discussions, participatory
  programmes, adverts,sponsored events )
 Focus on print media for information dissemination
  and advocacy ( advertisments, write ups, colums )
 NRHM newsletters( central and state level) in
  different languages ( info dissemination, advocacy,
  encouraging discussions , debates)
IEC/BCC activities
 Interpersonal communication activities (focus on
  information dissemination through couselling, group
  discussions, information sharing through booklets,
  posters, community meetings, VHNDs)
 Mid Media ( banners, posters, sign boards, wall writings,
  bus/ railway panels at the state level)
 Emphasis on community media, traditional media (
  Nukad nataks, puppet shows, folk theatere)
BCC/IEC- plan of action at the central level

• Three basic thematic area’s identified
    (Family planning, Maternal Health, Child Health)
 Advocacy activities ( support to state govts in
    streamlining PIPs, capacity building workshops)
• Effective and penetrative Media plan ( devised
    after situational research and TAM/NRS data)
• Emphasis on TV/ Radio/ Print mediums
•    Audio visual strategy based on quarterly bursts(
    three months to avoid clutter and garner maximum reach)
BCC/ IEC plan of action at the central level
 Print strategy through adverts ( emphasis on branding of
  NRHM, advocacy, information dissemination)
 NRHM newsletters in various languages ( focus on
  learning and providing correct and key information to IEC
  professionals, workers, stakeholders)
 Radio slots for visibility and info dissemination
 Participation at national level fairs for info
  dissemination and branding ( ITPO trade fare, Delhi,
  Republic day tableau, Kumbh mela, red ribbon express)
Budget for IEC/BCC
 Involves only 1% of allocation of total NRHM budget
 Total allocation-186.31 crore
 Proposed budget for T.V- 100 crore ( phase1-22 cr/
  phase 2 - 41.75/ phase 3-36.25 crore )
 Print-
 Radio-
 Advocacy activities-

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