PAY 105 Biweekly and Monthly Time Entry by 630m15kN


									                                                               Biweekly and Monthly Time Entry
                                                                            Section #: PAY 105

Description          This process describes the steps necessary to enter hours worked and
                     exception time reported for biweekly employees, and exception time for
                     monthly employees

Conditions              Time Entry in conjunction with Pay Edit and Pay Update will process
                         and validate hours entered.
                        For Biweekly employees, the Biweekly Time Entry page is available
                         for data entry for a two week period beginning the last day of the pay
                        Payroll can override the biweekly time entry date to input time for a
                         future pay period through the Override Biweekly Time Entry Date
                         function (see Business Process PAY 115).
                        For monthly employees, the Monthly Time Entry pages will be open
                         for input at the beginning of the pay period.
                        Positive Pay employees (Pay Groups B07 and B08) must have hours
                         worked during the pay period to have pay calculated and receive
                        Exception Hourly employees (Pay Groups B06 and BFX) may be
                         required to submit timesheets and report their hours worked (Regular)
                         as well as any exception time for the pay period. However, if hours are
                         not entered, the employee will be compensated based on their default
                         standard hours and normal hourly rate. This information defaults on
                         their payline when paysheets are created.
                        For Monthly employees, no input is required if the employee does not
                         have exception time to report. The employee will be compensated at
                         their default rate.
Source Documents     Completed and approved timesheets and/or leave forms.

Output Information   Updated Time Entry

   Path              Board of Regents, BOR Time Entry, Biweekly Time Entry or Monthly
                     Time Entry

                        Enter the employee’s EmplID number and Job Record number to
                         access the page.
                          NOTE: If the employee has more than one job record number, it
                             is necessary to input the hours for each job record separately.

                        Pay Period End Date is defaulted on the page.
                        The Account Code information will default from the Department
                         Budget table. Information regarding Hours, Amount or Percent will be
                         displayed for view only.
      Step 2            For Biweekly employees, input all hours worked and/or exception time
                         by week in the Time Entry group box fields. Input the total hours

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                                                                 Biweekly and Monthly Time Entry
                                                                              Section #: PAY 105

                          reported by week.
                           REG hours may exceed 40 hours in a week.
                           Do not enter the Earn Codes OVT, AST, or UNC through Time
                              Entry. The Pay Edit routine will calculate overtime, additional
                              straight time, and uncompensated hours when the process is run.
                               NOTE: See Business Process PAY120 for more information
                                   on the Pay Edit process.
                         For Monthly Employees, input the dates of the exception time reported
                          in the Time Entry group box fields.
                           Dates prior to the pay period begin date may be entered.
                           Dates beyond the pay period end date may not be entered.
                           For multiple periods of time, it is recommended that multiple rows
                               be inserted for the earn code and time appropriate allocated to
                               each period.
                                Do not enter the Earn Code UNM through Time Entry.
                                   Uncompensated time is calculated in the Pay Edit process and
                                   inserted as a negative value on the employee’s payline.
                         See the General Information section for a list of valid Earn Codes by
      Step 3             The sum of all hours entered by week and pay period will be totaled at
                          the bottom of the page.
                         If Pay Edit has not been run, the page created will show:
                           Source: User Entry
                           Status: New
                         Once hours are saved, you will be prompted to enter another EmplID.
                          Entering this EmplID will display a new page for time entry.
General Information      Data for previous pay periods cannot be accessed through the Time
                          Entry pages.     However, this information is available on the
                          M002_Trans_BOR table and can be accessed through the Query tool.
                         By Pay Group, the following earning codes are valid:
                           B06 – Exception Hourly
                               SCK (Sick)
                               VAC (Vacation)
                               JUR (Jury)
                               MIL (Military)
                               FML (Family Medical Leave)
                               HOL (Holiday)
                               REG (Regular)
                               RTP (Retro Pay)
                               CIP (Call-in Pay)
                               HNB (Unscheduled Holiday Biweekly)
                           B07 – Student Assistants
                               REG (Regular)
                               RTP (Retro Pay)
                               CIP (Call-in Pay)
                           B08 – Part-time Staff
                               REG (Regular)
                               RTP (Retro Pay)
                               CIP (Call-in Pay)

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                                               Biweekly and Monthly Time Entry
                                                            Section #: PAY 105

                 BFX – Biweekly Flexible
                   SCK (Sick)
                   VAC (Vacation)
                   JUR (Jury)
                   MIL (Military)
                   FML (Family Medical Leave)
                   REG (Regular)
                   HOL (Holiday)
                   RTP (Retro Pay)
                   CIP (Call-in Pay)
                   HNB (Unscheduled Holiday Biweekly)
                 M01 – Full time Monthly and M03 – Academic Faculty
                   VAM (Vacation)
                   SKM (Sick leave)
                   MLM (Military Leave)
                   FML (Family Medical Leave
                   JRM (Jury Duty)
                 M04 – Part Time Faculty
                   None
                 SUM – Summer Faculty
                   None

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