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									                            Developments in Aerospace Manufacturing Services

Keeping in mind the present needs and demands the entire global expertise and know-how that is involved in
aerospace manufacturing services calls for an industry expansion in the forthcoming years. Furthermore, the
economic develop also adds to its evolution. It has also been observed that the civil aviation vertical is
astounded by the extent to which travel has evolved. In order to complement this situation, the military and
defense fields too are now focusing on its own requirements. In its totality, the global aviation industry has
exceeded $100 billion USD because of stiff competition with an objective to be the best in the industry.

The aerospace product and parts manufacturing services have undergone several layers of changes.
Formerly, aviation engineers used pen, paper and other effective geometric devices to come up with
innovative aircraft and parts designs. Today with the help of advanced computing technology engineers have
been able to substitute any and every time consuming procedures with the quick and innovative ones. The
modern day software technology has allowed aerospace manufacturing services companies to process and
design aerospace designs efficiently. Simultaneously, it also has testing processes to be conducted.

Keeping in mind the requirements of durability and longevity aircrafts today need to go through certain
inspection procedures. These procedures ensure that the aircrafts perform consistently in harsh weather
beaten conditions and that the body parts needs not wear out. A reason why most aerospace manufacturing
services companies make use of steel and aluminum for aero parts and products.

Today leading aerospace engineering outsourcing companies have ventured into the market and are
expanding their base. These enterprises are completely equipped with the modern state-of-the-art
machinery and other devices that helps them to seamlessly manufacture aero structure components. Every
single aero parts, products and components need to comply with the quality standards. Hence, the machining
technology used is:

·    3/4/5 axis machining centers
·    Assembly and other bench work activities
·    2/3 axis CNC turning and milling, 3 axis vertical turret lathes
Furthermore, the Inspection facility centers are well equipped and assist in the following processes:-
·    Helps to coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
·    Carries out the Leica microscope and Millipore testing for Dirt and chip level content (Clean room)
·    Essential inspection of other instruments / gauges

This apart other facilities that are provided by the aerospace engineering outsourcing companies are as

·    Assembly process
·    Manufacturing process planning
·    Value engineering
·    Reverse engineering
·    Value analysis
·    Tooling design and development
·    CMC program coding
·    Assembly tooling and design

Hence, one can say that the future of the aerospace manufacturing industry is in a developing stage that
fulfills both the needs of the commercial and the defense sector. In addition to that, today's new age
utilitarian models are being introduced into the market that are cost efficient and reduce overheads.

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